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2022-01-13 Hi Sarah,This is about the most ridiculous thing I've heard in a long time. USPS was already really slow but I have noticed recently it has gotten slower, but I thought it was the holidays and covid and a new address all that. It has gotten bad, really bad in the last few months. But it's ON PURPOSE, to save money. Seriously?? To save money?? Oh my god. Anyway, in case you hadn't heard anything about this I thought I would share it with you. I'm sure it has affected you already, especially given that some clients probably think you have control over it. I feel for you, Sarah! It's got to be tough for you at times. Thanks again for the tracking number for my previous order and I thank you so much for giving me some extras. That is so nice of you. The order was supposed to be here today but it's still in transit. That's fine as long as I know it's coming. By the way, do you happen to have the tracking number for the order I placed on the 4th? That would be so great. I hope you are having a good 2022 so far.
Administrator's answer:
Hi, Thank you for your real understanding of your postal service I have many request about when will my order arrive sometimes after only 5 days what a lot of people do not understand even though I do stress it on our website we have no control once the order has been dispatched. This part is under the total control of the postal service. So once again many thanks for your understanding on the postal service and that we have no control once we dispatched orders. Many thanks, Sarah
I ordered and paid on the 23rd of December UK to UK, still haven’t received and no reply to my emails! Please can you let me know what’s happening.
Administrator's answer:
Sorry for any delays but your order has been shipped. Please also check updates on postal services, a lot of backlogs these days due to holidays. Thanks. Admin
It took me over 5 weeks to get a part of an order that was USA to USA which is more expensive but supposed to be faster. I ordered 180 pills and I only received 90. I think there is an issue with the back up pharmacy so I am told. Can I please get the rest of my order? Thank you.
Administrator's answer:
It is being handled and already emailed client. Thanks. Admin
I bought something 17.12.2021 and still i didn't received my package or a mail from sarah. I mailed Sarah three/four times and he didn't respond. I had two orders that was smooth. Idk what happened about this one. I've requested for a tracking number for days, and on the order its saying only "Shipped" , very dissapointed.
Administrator's answer:
Already emailed. Thanks
Btw - My crypto address has changed since last Email so plz email me first Ty!rn-B
Hey Sarah, been waiting for a reply regarding refund re: 061121100374rnCould you shoot me an email when you get a chance please? Xxrn
Administrator's answer:
Replied to email. Thanks
Hello Sarah: Are you no longer accepting MoneyGram payments? It was a really convenient way to pay for products. The remaining options involve bitcoins, online sites that freeze accounts (e.g., Ria), etc. TGM, CANADA.
Administrator's answer:
Replied on email! Thanks. Admin
order number 221121100491 has never been filled/mailed whatever. I have never received a tracking number. Seven days ago Sarah said it would be mailed that day out of back up supply due to inventory issues. Please send at once, it has already been over one month since I place order and paid. Thank you.
Administrator's answer:
Half of the order has been delivered. Will send the rest of it, thank you very much. Happy New Year!
Just wanted to let you know that order 141121100442 arrived (sent Dec 1). Thanks, again, for a great service. By the way the packaging of the product from Bulgaria was extremely discrete! TM, Canada
Administrator's answer:
Hi TGM, thank you very much for letting us know you have received your package. Happy new year! admin.
Her prices are great. Sarah is always great to deal with. The product is all ways legit. I did get a ll once however she honored her guarante and re shipped at no cost to me. The shipping for your items are always very fast and really clever.rnrnI give her a 10 of of 10 score and I will definitely will be a returning customer.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you for sharing your feedback and experience with prs4you. Happy New year! admin
Sarah comes thru again! and not to bad (UK to South USA)considering holidays, I am just impatient, that's where the meds come in.Sorry for all the emails. 5 stars for Sarah and prs
Administrator's answer:
Thank you.
Never received my item,says shipped uk to uk should be 1 or 2 days max. Never had a problem before so pretty disappointed. Craig uk
Administrator's answer:
Sorry for your disappointment but we are checking your order. Rest assure your order will be delivered as soon as possible, Thank you. Admin.
Sorry to keep messaging but I get no reply. RI31219186... is a reship for a usa to usa order right? Because I see it under Order ID: 181121100469. Also do you have tracking for that order (181121100469). And has Order ID: 241121100505 been shipped?rn
Administrator's answer:
Already replied on email. Thanks
They are now refusing to ship orders to the USA, only after collecting my $700. Don’t put product on your website that you are too scared to ship.
Administrator's answer:
Sorry but some items are not available to the US, $700 has been fully refunded to the client. So no worries. We apologize for the other items that are not available to ship to the USA. We have many requests for the other items to ship to the US but as much as possible please order within the USA items listed as USA to USA. Thanks for your continued custom. Admin.
Another one of my orders also arrived (281021100321). PRS lives up to its name! TM, CANADA.
Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived (160921100046). The packaging was EXCELLENT! TM, CANADA.
Yet another speedy delivery EU > EU. I have been a customer for several years now and everything has gone smooth. Even after the payment options changed (no more WU). The one time a package did not arrive, a mail to Sarah and the issue was dealt with promptly, without any hassle.rnGreetings to all.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you so much.
Sarah is a really big help. She makes everything right (but nothing really ever goes wrong really). Great at replying to messages. Thank you so much Sarah
Administrator's answer:
Thank you very much.
Surprise surprised, my order delivered 12 days as of today. Thank you.
No other words to say but Thank you. I have received my order and I am very impressed with the new tricky packaging. I am happy with my order. When can I place my next order please? AZ USA
Administrator's answer:
Anytime your are ready. Thank you so much for your confirmation that you have received your order. Admin.
No other words to say but Thank you. I have received my order and I am very impressed with the new tricky packaging. I am happy with my order. When can I place my next order please? AZ USA
Administrator's answer:
Thank you very much. You can place your order anytime as shipping sometimes have delays. You are lucky to received your order in time. Cheers!
Thank you for your amazing customer service, Sarah is the best, very helpful.rnrn
Just wanted to let you know that my last order (270921100124) was received in approximately 10 business days. TM, Canada.
Administrator's answer:
That's great to know your order arrived safely. Once again, your custom is greatly appreciated. Admin.
Lifetime buyer here, thank you for the discount. Although sometimes there are delays specially these days but I trust pr4you for sorting things out for me. I started to order early and it works for me. customers from Az USA.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you very much. Admin.
Hi Sarah, I need my tracking numbers please for my last two orders. The numbers never populate when/where they are supposed to until after I receive the product most of the time. Due to my change of address issue I really need them asap. Thank you so much. Sarah is great everyone, just so you know.
Administrator's answer:
It's all updated and delivered. Thank you.
Hi Sarah, I need my tracking numbers please for my last two orders. The numbers never populate when/where they are supposed to until after I receive the product most of the time. Due to my change of address issue I really need them asap. Thank you so much. Sarah is great everyone, just so you know.
Administrator's answer:
Updated. Thank you.
Hi Sarah:rnrnThe "prime accounts" feature doesn't seem to be working (i.e., when I click on it, no products appear). Please advise. Thanks, TM, CANADA.
Hello, I recently ordered from your team. Initial service was fantastic, Cart system worked great, initial communication was great. However after payment I was supposed to receive confirmation of payment. I still have received no confirmation. If you guys could update my order, or let me know if you received it I would happily give 5 stars. THank you for your time. Order # is 031021100163
Administrator's answer:
Thank you for your review. If you cannot find our auto emails, please check your spam box as well. We have Re-sent your order details to your email. Many thanks. Admin.
This is the first website of it's kind that you can place an order and have peace of mind. They do a very good job of getting your purchase to you one way or the other. The whole staff is great and I would not hesitate to order from them again.
I ordered recently and it showed up within 7 days (domestic) and everything they said that would be sent, was and in great shape. No complaints so far. Great service all around.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you so much for your time of sharing your feedback. Have a nice day. Admin
I ordered over a month abd a half ago and it never showed up but these are like some of only honest legit people and have always been like family and truly care. Thanks Sara. Much love from US. Most all other sites are scam sites or dont respond and dont care about you or send toxic fakes. Just give them a chance and dont harrass Sara. Shes the real deal!!
Administrator's answer:
Thank you so much, Yes, be good to our Staff, it's not our fault if something happens to your package but we always make it through to you. Admin.
Dear Team, I am happy that I found your website, I was thrilled when my package arrived safely and I like how you pack. I highly recommend this website because they are good and honest people. I put my trust in you that I will continue buying from you as I need your product for my chronic pain, it helps me a lot. Have a good one.
A little late but arrived safely (US to US order). Worth it. Thanks.
Hello:rnrnI just wanted to let you know that order (30072199625) arrived on August 16th. This service is great! TGM, CANADA.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you for your continued custom. Admin
Hello my order number is 19082199844and it was shipped out on Aug19 2021 and once I click the order number I should see my tracking number but nothing is showing. I reta. Email telling me when my order was shipped out but when I click the order number, I do not see a tracking number for this order. Could you help me so I can see my tracking number from your website? I do not see it. Help would be fantastic so I can see my tracking number. Please help. Thank you. Chris Muise
Administrator's answer:
Please check your order details again, it's been updated and also replied to your emails. Thank you. Admin.
Sarah is a very honest person. If you don’t receive your package, Sarah Would try anything so you could receive your funds back. Customs took my package a few days ago and Sarah sent my bitcoin back to me. Thank you for helping. Back then Sarah sent my 300hundred dollars very honest. The I order I’m ordering this time is about 179US dollars. I’m on my waiting for tracking on this order cause it will help me also figure out exactly where it it. That’s my mail goal. Tracking my package so I know where it is. I have received many orders from UK to my country and they always give me my tracking numbers. rnI just want my tracking number for my order. UK always does this but I need Sarah to make sure they send it to my. It’s been more then 48 hours so I am getting a little worried cause I should have had it by now. Please email Sarah about tracking. Thanks Chris muse from cantç
I can say Sarah and team are good to do business with, you don't worry about your money, Sarah assured me that whatever happens with my order, she will take care of it to make sure I will receive it. I placed a small order and 2 days ago, I received it in perfect condition with extra bikini.
My order has been shipped from the UK to UK and it turns up the following day. Excellent service. Thank you.
I've been a long time customer now for at least 5 years. prs4you provides me the medication I needed for my back pain. I just purchased Tapentadol to try. Sarah said this item is very good for pain relief. Fingers crossed, I hope it will work for me. Thank you.
NDD from UK to UK. Thanks prs4you
Administrator's answer:
Thank you for your continued custom NDD Sarah
NDD from UK to UK. Thanks prs4you
Hello another order received shipped 6/16 received 7/9 to usa for anyone waiting a little longer than before just give some extra time it will show,Sarah always comes through,thanks again PRS, will keep ordering in the future!
Administrator's answer:
Thank you very much for letting us know your order finally arrived. Your custom is greatly appreciated. Admin.
Hello: I just wanted to let you know that orders: 07052199129, 08062199303, and 20032198879 have arrived. Also, the delivery date for the most recent order was fairly quick (8 business days). TM, CANADA
Administrator's answer:
Thank you very much for your confirmation. We greatly appreciate your continued custom. Admin
Forgive me I’ve a lot to say. The past 7 or 8 orders were sent on time it was all diazepam. I was impressed with genuine activas diazepam at nearly the start of the orders. But i didn’t want to make a review at that stage. I dabbled in dizzy diazepam and they done nothing at all for me. I’ve been a semi alcoholic, which led to other drugs including Charlie not crack and many other drugs so I unfortunately know what I’m talking about. After the dizzy I went with galenaka which were flat I used to be on the dark web and mostly they were put round with a shiny coat they were full of opioids. Then I dabbled with kern diazepam and sent one in the second order to Wales and the result was explain, which is a trial chemical agent which half-time is 2 hours so no matter how many you take them it still has only a 2 hour half-life so keep away from kern and dizzy and the flat galenaka you will regret it otherwise. The flat galenaka are slightly better but don’t buy them. Then I took a special deal with crescent and activas came to my surprise they looked the part but they were totally fake I only bought 28 so I didn’t make a fuss, they were dark blue and they should be light blue and no bitter sweet taste of actual diazepam, in fact they had no taste at all. And I’ll finish with my current order genuine galenaka diazepam a bit round but no coat and have a flat bit around the centre. I took the last of the kern and then the genuine galenaka and the difference was night and day. On the dark web they call dealers vendors so either you have a few rogue vendors or their very very nieve. I don’t know but all other products on this website are genuine I believe but be very careful about diazepam. I only want genuine galenaka diazepam in future please. Kind Regards lee
Administrator's answer:
Hi Lee, Thank you very much for sharing your reviews and experience. Again, we always warn all other customers to be very careful in buying drugs online. On our website, we have our expert people working with our different pharmacies who always check our products before we put them on our website. Yes, we agree with Mr. Lee that you should always be very careful. Thank you for your continued custom. Admin.
Hey. Ordered to Canada a month ago. Order # 31052199260 . Half of my order arrived in 16 days, but I think the other half is still sitting in customs. I am very happy with what I have received so far and plan to order again soon. Almost felt too good to be true. Hopefully the rest of my first order comes through. Definitely making future orders. Very happy with Sarah. Thanks !
Administrator's answer:
Hi, Thank you very much for taking your time to share your experience about buying from our website. Yes, we are experiencing good delivery rates to Canada these days but we only offer items to our valued clients from Canada that can only be shipped from the UK. You can check our available items that can be shipped to Canada with this link:,TO_CANADA,135,135,135,1 Thank you once again for your great custom. Admin
Hey, I placed an order that was dispatched a month ago (Order ID: 11052199151), but still haven't recieved anything. Have tried reaching out by email but don't get any response. Please help with this issue. I've been a loyal customer for years now and am always happy with your service. But the lack of communication regarding my last order is a little frustrating. PK, USA
Administrator's answer:
Hi PK, We are sorry if you are frustrated but rest assure your order will be completed as soon as possible. In some cases, we are experiencing slow clearance from the customs office and that causes the delivery delays. As you know, we always check your orders to make sure you will receive them. Thank you for your continued custom. Admin.
My order #24042199069 has been stuck at ISC Chicago for almost a month now. I sent Sarah an email regarding this about 5 days. checked my spam folder also and no response there. Im assuming it was seized by customs by now and want to see about getting a reshipment. please help! TM usern
Administrator's answer:
Hi TM, Thank you for your review. We already re-shipped your order and hopefully, you will receive it with no problem this time. Thank you for your great custom. Admin.
Please help! I ordered US to US on Thursday 5-13 and paid through ria on 5-14. It says will ship within 24-72 hrs. It's been 8 days with no tracking, no nothing. My Order is # 13052199165. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Administrator's answer:
For US orders, please don't worry if there is no tracking number, it doesn't mean that your order didn't ship. Sometimes, we update shipping details and emails go to spam boxes. Thank you for your custom. admin.  
Worried about what happened, paid via bitcoin and never received shipping notification going on 2 weeks now. not the usual fast response from admin, in fact no response at all besides a PAID IN FULL email 13 days ago. In all of my multiple past orders, I received shipping confirmation within 7 days at latest. Very sad and worried to pay for other orders now! Was perfect until now.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you for your review, if you do not see any response from admin, please check your spam box as well as sometimes email received in spam box. Thanks. admin. Plus with the problems now (corvid) worldwide, 13 days is not a long time with shipping, please be a little patient, as you know us by now you will receive your order.
Hello:rnrnI just wanted to let you know that order (08032198802), which was shipped on April 12, arrived on May 18. So, if you are reading this message - be patient - your order will arrive. TM, Canada.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you very much for your feedback. Have a great day.
I received my order again, fantastic service, fast and reliable. I will place my next order in the next few days.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you for your custom, greatly appreciated. Admin.
Long time customer here, if tramadol is back, how about the DHC and Codeine? I am in pain and I need it desperately. Thank you for always helping me go through this. IE
Administrator's answer:
Hi IE, please keep your eye on our webpage, they will be back soon, please get well soon. Admin.
Hello, long time happy customer. I see that Uk to Uk tramadol is no longer listed, Will it be back in stock soon?
Administrator's answer:
Yes, it is now back, please check our website regularly to see if your meds are back on stock. Thank you very much for your custom. Admin
I have a big problem have not heard from Sarah email several times ☹️ have not received my order don't know what's going on and my old order ED509758953IN I Need Help and My order was Short
Administrator's answer:
In case you can't see any replies in your inbox, please always check your spam box. Your undelivered order has been taken care off. Thank you very much for your custom. Admin
Hi, received package about 10 days to US super fast and very secure and professional my favorite go to place for any needs can't highly recommend enough! Thanks Sarah and team at prs you guys are great
Administrator's answer:
Thank you so much for taking time to write your feedback and your recommendation. Greatly appreciated. Admin.
I had a big problem after being a customer for over 10 years, I can't pay because they removed the WU on the payment option, I tried worldremit but they cancelled and closed my account. I emailed prs4you (addressed to Sarah), Sarah told me that WU has many issues. Sarah introduced me on how to buy bitcoin using my credit card, I said, I can't do it because I am old and no experience about bitcoin, she was very calm and explained to me how to do it and she gave consideration that she will process my order and when I set all my bitcoin account then I can send the payment, so I was convinced and agreed to do the bitcoin process, she helped me through until I created my account and managed to buy my first ever bitcoin, but bitcoin asked me to wait until my account is verified before I can send payment. Obviously Sarah knows about it, she said, it's OK, no problem, you can wait, your order is on the way anyway so you don;t have to worry about waiting. So I wait, gosh! my order arrived, I then checked my bitcoin account and then I asked Sarah how to send bitcoin, she sent me their bitcoin address, just copied and pasted in on the "Send Bitcoin page", I confirmed and within a few minutes, Sarah said, well done! we have received your payment. Now you can use your bitcoin account to pay your future orders with prs4you. Wow! I think this is better than using cash payment because I now set it all up, the only thing I can do now is just buy bitcoin and pay prs4you straight away. I thought it was very frustrating but Sarah is very helpful. I will place my next order in the next couple of days. Thank you. Happy customer (USA)
Administrator's answer:
Thank you very much for sharing your experience and for continued custom. Have a great day. Admin
Thank you very much for this galenika xanax, I received my first order, I took 1/2 half to test it and it took me about 5-10 minutes and I felt the effect of it. Happy customer from USA (I also added my comment under the product review)
Administrator's answer:
Thank you.
Door to door(US) in two weeks with UK to W/W shipping. Very fair pricing and solid quality. Appreciate the great service you provide.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you for taking time to share your feedback, it's greatly appreciated and thank you so much for your custom. Admin.
I have made multiple orders here. None of them have EVER arrived ed late, except for one that is still sitting in customs which is certainly NOT the fault of this website; that package that got stuck in customs was reshipped and it was delivered less than 2 weeks later. I am a loyal customer and that isn't going to change. And any time I have had questions, they have been answered promptly with exactly what I needed to know. The state of the world right now means that there WILL be random delays in various places and those delays aren't the fault of anyone here at PRS. There is a saying that says "you get what you came for" - here at PRS, that isn't really true. Pricing here is very low compared to most places, but the service and reliability are top-notch.
Administrator's answer:
We greatly appreciated your time for sharing your experience with Your custom is greatly appreciated and we look forward to continue doing business with you. Admin.
I have received multiple orders in a very quick timeframe , I have placed orders from UK to USA and have gotten them delivered in 4 days! The most time I waited was 9 days....I am very very pleased rnrnThank yournUSA customer 3/11/21rnrn
Administrator's answer:
Thank you so much for your feedback and your custom. It's greatly appreciated. Admin
I’ve placed multiple orders so far within the last couple months. Some have landed before others rather quickly while others haven’t arrived yet. Some have showed up as half of the quantity ordered. I’ve emailed Sarah about this, and she said she will look into it and give me updates. I did order a product from a USA to USA for quite a bit more money hoping it would arrive sooner than worldwide products; except it’s nearly been a month and although I’ve received a tracking number for the parcel, the tracking info says the label had been generated but the parcel hasn’t arrived yet to the courier for shipment. So I may avoid future purchases for country to country if expedited shipping is a priority for you as a customer. I understand these products may be coming from anywhere, and it could take a while. The first product I ever ordered was the one I mentioned earlier that had half the quantity and I haven’t received the other half yet, and it’s been over 9 weeks now if I’m not mistaken. Sarah hasn’t responded to those past, but important inquiries, just responded to the new purchases that payment had been received and that the new product ordered was getting fulfilled and getting prepared for shipment. Quality has been good so far so that’s why I continue to order from them. The wait times are unpredictable and delays are long so if I were you, I’d stock up for a while because shipments can take a long time. - (USA customer) 3/6/2021
Administrator's answer:
Hi, Thank you for taking time to share your experience with Your custom is always appreciated. Sarah has been very helpful and if she missed some emails, please be patient she will always get back to you. At this present time specially in the US, we are experiencing delivery delays but we keep an eye on every package. If we miss something, please do not hesitate to resend your emails and we will make sure to respond to you as soon as we can. Once again, thank you for your support. Admin. 
I am here to confirm my order had came, about 9 days which is really fast to us, thanks again, Sarah is really awesome and kept me updated during whole process, very good all around and very helpful, so many scams out there, this is the place to go if anyone is wondering, 10 out of 10 for me thanks again prs4u!
Administrator's answer:
Thank you very much for your time and sharing your experience with We greatly appreciate your custom. Admin.
I had problem with my order but Sarah sorted it out. Today, I received it. Thank you Sarah.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you.
Hi, I had difficulties with the payment but I managed to pay my order with money transfer and it was successful. Thank you Sarah for your assistance. I can see my order now that is now being processed. I am waiting for the delivery and once I receive it, I will write another feedback about my ordered product. Constantin. USA
Administrator's answer:
Thank you Constantin for your review. We will keep you update with your order. Have a nice day. Admin.
I confirm that I received my order and the package was very tight.rnThan you Sarah and Team.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you very much for your confirmation. Have a great day. Admin
Hello: I just wanted to let you know that order 24122098247 has arrived (Feb. 18). TM, Canada.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you very much for your confirmation Mr. TM. Please take care. Admin
Ordered (2) 50 count boxes of cliozerid-2 I received one package today internationally with i half of what I ordered. So I received half of what I ordered, pretty satisfied with the length of time it took to get her.
Administrator's answer:
Hi, Thank you very much for your feedback and your custom. Admin.
I haven't order for a few months in 2020 because of the pandemic and the situation is still tough, on Mid January 2021, I placed my 1st order, I just received it today 3rd February, 2021. Thank you Sarah and your team for your continued honest service. I expected delivery delays due to the new rules on lockdown, but I am very happy that my package arrive successfully. Delivery time is not bad specially this time of lockdown. So I would like to say Thank you to all of you. AZ USA
Administrator's answer:
Thank you so much for letting us know your package arrived safely. Please take care. Admin.
I must say that the PRS4you are honest, I placed my first order and and paid with worldremit, I sent the payment confirmation to Sarah and she marked my order as "paid" even though they didn't received my payment. They sent my order the same day, after 2 days, The worldremit cancelled my payment which I didn't know the exact reason, after 7 days, my order came through, I was surprised. My package stamps were from the UK to USA, royalmail stamps. I emailed Sarah, I told her that my order arrived, she then checked my order and replied me back saying Thank you to me and she asked me to re-send my payment for which way I am comfortable with since Worldremit cancelled my payment. So I asked which way I can send my payment, she suggested if I can pay by WU, I did and it went through. I dealt with different Prs4you online and I can say, prs4you is the best. Thank you and I will continue to be a loyal customer. AG, GA, USA.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you so much for your review. Admin.
Can somebody please help me out with Order ID: 11122098192? The original pack (Shipped 12/14) was seized by Customs, and I made SURE to get the Letter and send all required info and pictures via Email as soon as I could, since PRS' Cast-Iron Guarantee would cover the Order being Re-Shipped. Sarah made sure to let me know that it would be taken care of, and was supposed to give me an update after last weekend, but I haven't heard anything from anybody in over a week now (and there haven't been any updates to the Order when I check it on here either, so I just don't know what to do). You guys have really been great when it comes to EVERYTHING in the years I've been a customer, so I have ALWAYS put 100% trust and loyalty into Sarah/PRS (and still do!). I'm just starting to get a bit worried after not hearing from anybody or being updated on this particular order/situation. If Sarah isn't available for some reason and someone else could help me out, please let me know as soon as you can so I can kick any worry out of my mind. Thank you! S.S. // US
Administrator's answer:
Hi SS, It's Sarah here. I already gave you an update with your seized package which was reshipped a week ago. Please wait for delivery (Fingers Crossed). Thanks. (copy sent via email.)
Thank you PRS4you for reshipping my order, I now received it safely. I recommend prs4you for being honest. Stay safe.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you.
I cannot recommend P.R.S. enough! ... I’ve been a customer for many years, and I have always received my order! Absolutely top service! Be assured. They are the real deal. Great service T.L. UK.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you T.L for your reviews. Hope you have a happy new year. Take care. Admin
We had an order that did not seem to be coming through in the described time period.rnAfter contacting prs4you about this, they quickly took care of it and re-shipped. This re-shipment arrived within 8 days.rnThank you guys!
Administrator's answer:
Thank you for your review. Happy New Year to you. Admin
Hi Sarah:rnrnI clicked on "prime accounts" yesterday and nothing was listed. At your convenience, please advise. TGM, Canada.
Administrator's answer:
Please check again later. Thanks
Just to say I received my order in the 3 days stated, amazing service as usual. I’ve used u guys for ten years now and have NEVER been let down. Just to say thanks again and I hope to use u for another ten years.rnCraigrnU . K .
Administrator's answer:
Thank you for your wonderful review. May you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Hello: I just wanted to let you know that orders 24102097876 and 19102097836 arrived. TGM, CANADA.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you so much for your continued custom. Greatly appreciated. Admin
I have now placed 6 orders with these guys. 4 of them shockingly arrived in 9 days or less (one from UK in 4 days) to the US. The other two, from non-EU countries, a lot longer, like a month and a half, (but hey it's a pandemic and a dysfunctional US), but given how quick anything from the EU seems to ship, and how responsive the customer service is, I'm inclined to permanently order from them. I should also mention that I've used every possible testing kit on everything I've received and everything has always tested positive for only what it's supposed to be. I've never received anything fake or substituted, it's all been genuine and safe.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you for your time to write your feedback, your custom is greatly appreciated. Admin
Sorry for the slight delay in me leaving this review Sarah! Figured since I'm going to plan my next order now, I might as well type this out first 😊.rnrnPlaced an order on 11/20rnThe pack was shipped from the UK on 11/25, and showed up here in the USA on 12/4.rnrnPackaging was great, and the Product is even better than I expected! Oh, and shipping was much faster than expected as well! With how things are in the world at the moment, things are so inconsistent so you never know but this order came super fast. I do still have one EU (to US) order that has yet to hit Customs in the US but I'm sure it won't be much longer. rnrnI've been a long-time PRS Customer, and Sarah is seriously amazing at what she does. Things usually all work out PERFECTLY, but if there ever are any issues no matter how small Sarah always does an amazing job at helping you sort everything out. And on top of the great customer service related to PRS, she's a VERY kind and caring human being which is one major reason PRS has been and will continue to be my GO-TO! rnrnThanks so much for everything Sarah! rnAnd here's to hoping that my Order that was shipped over a Month ago (from EU) hits the US soon 🤞🙏🤞. - JS|USArn
Administrator's answer:
Thank you so much for your time to write a review. Greatly appreciated. Admin
Hi, Just to let you know my order finally reached me. Thanks for the follow up. CA USA.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you so much for your custom. Admin
Hi Prs, My order of tram 50mg arrived a few weeks ago from the Netherlands, Thank you for that. Just a question as I see a tram 100mg saying you can ship this item from the UK? Please confirm if that's OK then I definitely place my order. Thanks. Kent UK.
Administrator's answer:
Hi, Yes, we have Tram 100mg available to ship from the UK to UK and Worldwide.
Best in online market, they are honest and reliable people specially this pandemic time, they help me a lot with my anxiety. sometimes there are delays and sometimes delivered on time but I am confident that I always receive my orders from these people. USA customer since January 2020.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you very much for your feedback, we are happy to hear you are confident with our service. Please take care. No more anxiety.
I love Sarah! She is the best. C
Administrator's answer:
Thank you C for your continued custom, greatly appreciated. Admin
Hello Sarah:I just wanted to let you know that order 01102097737 has arrived. TM, Canada.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you very much as always. We are happy to serve you. Admin
Hi Evryone, my first order experience with prs4you,org, I found this website on IOP, before I placed my first order I emailed Sarah about the product if it's genuine and how long the delivery would be in the UK. She asked me what items do I want to buy? I told her that I want some sleeping pills, she recommend me the zop and Zolp which can be shipped from the UK royal mail and the product is very good because they sold a lot of them, she recons to me that I can buy a small amount of them to see if it works for me, hmm I said OK. so I tried, I selected zop and when I reached the payment option, they only have BTC, Bank Transfer, WU and Worldremit, I chose Worldremit so I can pay with my card, however, this didn't work. I emailed Sarah again about another payment option, she recons WU or BTC, I thought OK, I can pay by WU, So I did pay my order successfully, I sent them the number, she came back to me saying my order has been accepted and being processed. At the end of the day, I received another email saying my order has been shipped on 2020-11-02 - on the 05 of Nov. I received an envelope from the postman, I opened it and I was impressed that it was my order from prs4you. I test the product for a day and it works so I am happy with the results. Instead of emailing Sarah, I decided to write a review. I think prs4you is legit. I will definitely order again as it is very difficult to find a trusted online pharmacy. DD from Berkshire UK.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you DD for your very good review. It's greatly appreciated. Stay safe. Admin.
Apologies this is a very late review. I ordered some tablets on the 21st of July it was during that period that all post was free and it arrived around 9 or 10 days later and the product wasn't up to scratch in my opinion and was short by 60 tabs so I emailed them on the 3rd of August and they got back to me in 2 days and said they investigated it already and confirmed that I was totally right and they sent me a generous 60 tabs that were up to scratch. I then placed my biggest order ever, I had previously spent up to £250 but I knew prs4you you were a very honourable group so I spent over £500 (around $700 American dollars) and everything arrived in 3 or 4 days apart from one product which came from another continent which arrived very quickly even from their taking 8 to 10 days to arrive. I then put in another order on the 8th of October and it was even quicker arriving in 2 or 3 days. And bar the free post one I mentioned at very start other orders were very stealthy packaged. I been a very long term customer going back 6 plus years and sure once in a blue moon like a mixup in the order or not receiving the product at all they come through every single time fixing the problem. So I give them top 5 star reviews. In fact they deserve 3 5 star reviews as I'm talking about my last 3 orders. Thanks a lot prs4you you are honourable stars!!!
Administrator's answer:
Thank you very much for your review and your custom is very much appreciated. Thumbs up to you too. Take care.
Hi, can you help? I paid for order 26102097885 on the 26/10/2020 which I have checked on my Bitcoin app and it is 100% confirmed as sent and Received , I contacted you 2 days ago and you said you have received nothing. This is the way I have paid you for years and I’ve never had a problem until now, can you help? Thanks Craig
Administrator's answer:
We are very sorry but this is the first time BTC payment from you has not been confirmed in the blockchain. Sarah already emailed you multiple times about this issue, we asked you to please contact your BTC provider or send us your payment confirmation or a link related to the payment. If there is no reference confirmation or link, we cannot find your payment. Please check your payment again. Thanks. Admin.
I ordered Tram 100mg and Val 10mg pd with BTC, I have to say I received both items within 3 days UK to UK shipment. Highly recommend prs4you. TT, UK.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you TT for your update about your successful order and thank you so much for your recommendation. Admin.
Hi Sarah and Team, My Zolpidem order arrived safely today, thank you for saving my nights. This helps a lot. MI, USA.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you so much for your confirmation that your order arrived safely. Looking forward for your next order.
Hello Sarah: I just wanted to let you know that my order (01102097737) has arrived. It only took four days! TM, Canada.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you TM for your confirmation that your order arrived. We are happy to serve you. Have a good day. Admin.
After a few days Sarah contacted me with a new shipping number. I should have known that she would make things right - she always does. Prs4u is really the only online Pharmacy that I trust.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you very much for your feedback and your trust. Please let us know once your package arrived. Thank you. Admin.
Greetings Sarah, Do I have a PRIME account? What is a prime account? FM USA
Administrator's answer:
Hi FM, Yes, you are eligible to access PA page. They are the special product listings. You can only access that page once you logged in to your account. Thanks. Admin
Hi Sarah, I havnt used your site for a few years ,However upon return I must compliment on service, received my order within 2 days off paying, and the company was always reliable for years of use previously its nice to see still as reliable.rnMany thanks. rnTracy
Hi Sarah, I havnt used your site for a few years ,However upon return I must compliment on service, received my order within 2 days off paying, and the company was always reliable for years of use previously its nice to see still as reliable.rnMany thanks. rnTracy
Administrator's answer:
Thank you very much for the feedback and greatly appreciate your continued custom.
hi Sarah, I just wanted you to know that order 05102097744rn arrived today after only 8 days! That's premium service. CHEERS FM USA
I have been a customer for over ten years, and generally I’ve been happy with the results. Two weeks ago I placed an order for a product that arrived 10 days later. Unfortunately, the product I received is not the product I ordered, i.e., one is orange the other is white... and they have different names and different manufacturers. To make matters worse, I believe the product sent to me is defective because I have never experienced the symptoms I’ve had this week after taking it. rnrnWhen I contacted Sarah, she said there was no problem because their warranty clearly states:rnrn-If you are not happy with the quality of the received items orrn- if the item you receive is not what your orderedrnrn“We guarantee we will reship your items free of charge or refund your money.“. rnrnIn an email exchange Sarah was more than happy to correct the original mistake and send me the correct medication. After a few days though, she began having trouble with her ‘Suppliers’, and they began asking me for proof that I received the wrong product. This is not the spirit of a warranty and I am insulted. I know it’s not Sarah (she is great) but being insulted by her suppliers is no way to keep customers happy. I hope she resolves this in the next few days as I would like to continue to use this service n the future.
Sandoz Zolpidem is bunk. I spend a lot of money hopefully Sarah will let me exchange it for Hemopharm. Also, do not buy Indian Lypin-10 zolpidem.
Sarah is the best yet! I love this lady! She knows who I am cmcurt. Keep up the good work. TN
Hi havent ordered in a while as ive been working abroad, will you have DHC and the 200mg tramadol avail from UK again, i see one of the comments has asked about DHC and told to log into “prime account” who is this available to? rnRegardsrnCm. UK. Long time customer
Administrator's answer:
Yes, please login to your account and go to Prime Account. Thank you very much.
Hi Sarah: Do you know when codeine will be back in stock? TM, CANADA
Administrator's answer:
Hi, Codeine is in-stock, I see you placed your order and I emailed your order details about 6 x but it seems you are not receiving my emails. Please check your spam box as well. I sent them from 2 different emails. I hope you will see this reply. Many thanks. Sarah
I received my orders from 2 different country's from the EU and both were delivered to my door in CA -USA in less than 2 weeks. PRS4YOU is by far the best online service going right now. PRS4U not only saves me money, but the level of trust I have in Sarah and her team provides comfort knowing I will receive what I order every time. Thanks so much!!
Administrator's answer:
Thank you very much for your great feedback. We hope to serve you more in the coming future. Have a great day. Admin.
Hi Sarah, please can you let me know when dihydracodeine is back for sale as I'm very interested, also xanax 2mg UK pharmacy 140 pounds many thanks Ed
Administrator's answer:
Hi ED, DHC, you can log in to your account and click on the PRIME ACCOUNT. Thank you so much for your continued custom. Admin.
Order # 09092097614, Wow received within 4 days! Spectacular!! Thank You Sarah
Administrator's answer:
Thank you very much for your confirmation that your order arrived safely. Your custom is greatly appreciated. Admin
I started using this site at the end of last year. It has been about a decade since I have bought medication online, and it was so hit and miss. Not only in terms of quality, but also not knowing who was scamming and who was real... I was dreading another chapter of this, having had a great GP who prescribed what I needed without any repressive crap about dependancy... yes, I am dependent on my medication.... funny that. Anyway. She retired, so I was out in the wilds again, and then found this great, as it says in it's name, perfectly reliable service! Sarah is amazing and skillful at communication.... I have received everything I've ordered, and on the 2 occasions during Covid when they didn't make it, they were reshipped and arrived. It isn't cheap, and by the time I've paid PayPal into bitcoin fees, it's even less cheap, but I would rather pay a premium rate and get a premium service, than pay less. I am mainly ordering UK to UK, while what I need is available here, as it is simpler, and the packaging is great. So, thank you Sarah, for coordinating it all, being so professional, and I would recommend this service to anyone! CB/UK
Administrator's answer:
Many thanks CB/UK for your review and for your continued custom. We are happy to continue doing business with you now and forever. We wish you all the best. Admin.
DHC UK to UK. Delivered within 2 days. Thank you for your fast and excellent service. I will definitely buy again. MD UK
Administrator's answer:
Thank you for your confirmation. Take care. Admin
I just received my Zolpidem 10mg order, very well packed from Great Britain to Australia. It was wrapped as a gift on the deion. Thank you
Administrator's answer:
Thank you very much for your confirmation. Have a wonderful day. Admin
My order (08092097606) arrived today. Two days...incredible. TGM, Canada
Administrator's answer:
Thank you TGM, that's the fastest delivery to Canada after a long time. Enjoy. Admin.
Whoah. I didn't expect to get my order so fast. I ordered 9/1 from EU to US and it arrived today, 9/11. Or maybe even yesterday, I don't check my mail every day. In fact, it arrived before the tracking info even updated! I expected it to take at least a month, like this other online service I used first. Pleasantly surprised. Will buy again when they get the Pfizer brand of alprazolam again, and this time a larger order now that I know they're trustworthy to order from.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you very much for your update about your order being delivered. We didn't expect your package to arrived that quick. Please Take care.
I love PRS4you for their continued excellent service. My order arrived in a very tight envelope. Packaging is always great. NY USA.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you very much for your custom. Have a nice day. Admin
Hello, thank you for resolving my order 20072097375 - excellent service as always
Administrator's answer:
Thank you very much for your appreciation. We wish to continue serving you. Admin
Hi, I just want to let you know that my order arrived safely and very discretely. 12 days to Arizona USA from Europe. I will definitely place my next order with in the next paycheck. Thank you prs4you.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you very much for your confirmation that you have received your order safely. Take care. Admin.
I have been advised that my order 20072097375 has been shipped On 27/07/20 but unfortunately it has not arrived yet.
Administrator's answer:
Hi, This order has been sorted out. Please understand that once your order is posted, we have no control over the deliveries. Thank you very much for your custom. Admin.
My order got stuck in customs for 2 weeks, I've been emailing Sarah everyday to check it for me but Sarah keeps saying it will be released soon. I thought no, it's impossible.rnBut surprisingly today, the postman came and handed me a package, I opened it and Yes, it's my order from you. Thank goodness for this. AZ USA.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you for your feedback. Admin.
This is about Order ID: 2907209741 Paid on 7/30, shipped over 3 Weeks ago now, and while I was given a TN at that time...It does register, but all it says is "Order Created" and nothing after that at all. It's very worrying as it was not a cheap order. I've been trying to get ahold of Sarah about it since the 3 week mark passed asking about PRS' Cast Iron 100% Guarantee and have not heard back yet. I have been a VERY loyal PRS Customer for years now, and am starting to get pretty stressed out since Sarah is typically very good getting back to people about issues quickly (especially those who have been long time customers). I really just want to be sure that the PRS Guarantee will cover me for a re-ship for the same product, as the one month mark is coming up soon And I'm sure that other customers or potential customers will also want to know how you handle situations like this, so please don't take this as me being angry or anything. I just want to hear back about this order and this situation. If it was a much cheaper order I wouldn't be so nervous, but it isn't. And since I've been a very loyal long time customer I'm just really hoping you will follow through with your word and the Guarantee you've always had if the pack doesn't end up landing within a certain time-frame. It's all love Sarah/PRS, I'm just concerned and quite anxious being in a spot of unknowns at the moment is all. I DEFINITELY plan to continue purchasing from you and you only, but I definitely want to know that if an issue like this does arise, that you'll be there to help me out. Especially when I've been a long time, very very loyal customer of yours (and you know that). I'm sure you'll make it right, but after not hearing back from you at all for a while I didn't know what else to do but to leave this update up in the blog. AGAIN, TO CUSTOMERS/POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS THIS IS NOT A NEGATIVE REVIEW AT ALL! Sarah and PRS have been ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL to me for years now with no issues until this specific order. And I'm posting this not only to get their attention but to SHOW YOU that SARAH will more than likely make this right. That will give you confidence in her and PRS as a company, knowing that if you end up in a similar situation you will get help (I'm really, really hoping so at least).
Administrator's answer:
Hi, This is all sorted and already replied to the client. If emails are not being replied within the next 24 hours please re-send your emails to make sure we receive them accordingly. Thank you very much and we wish to continue to serve you with the best of our abilities. Admin. 
Hello:Just wanted to let you know that order: 08072097323 arrived (August 21). TM, Canada.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you very much for letting us know you have received your order safely to Canada. Admin.
I am very pleased with my first order, definitely will purchase again, my order was placed on a Wednesday and received it the following Saturday.... 10 days...nicely done😊
Administrator's answer:
Many thanks for your feedback, looking forward for your next order. Have a nice day.
I totally forgot to leave a review for my last order, and better late than never right?Ordered on 5/28, and I got the Shipping Email with Tracking # 2 days later. The pack went out on 6/4, and after a whole lot of waiting because of the Pandemic it didn't end up landing until 6/30. But that definitely wasn't PRS' fault, they all did their jobs at an A1 level! As always Sarah is amazing at what she does, and I'm sure she deals with a lot of BS... MUCH LOVE to her over the years I've been putting orders in. As far as Customer Service goes, I don't think anybody does it better (Actually it was the INSANELY rude attitude I got from someone else that drove me to buy from PRS and I've been a loyal customer since then. Each and every order, all from here). As always packaging of the product I purchased was unbelievably professional. It's one HUGE reason I'm willing to pay a premium on certain products. I know they'll be packaged and sent out with the professionalism of any HUGE business. 100% of the product I purchased was inside, and as always it was 100% AUTHENTIC. Knowing that there are many fakes out there, it really feels good KNOWING the product I receive will be the real deal. I trust Sarah and PRS more than I've trusted anybody else...and I mean going way back. I placed another order on 7/30, and got the Shipping Email with Tracking # THE NEXT DAY which made me extremely happy. Unfortunately even after 10 days, the TN doesn't work anywhere I've tried to plug it in, but Sarah got back to me super quick and let me know that she talked to who she had to talk to and the TN is correct so I'm just going to be patient. I absolutely trust her, and know that there can be issues with TNs all the time. So I'm sure the pack will show up. Just have to be patient and trust, which I do! 2020 has been a crazy year, and there have been mail delays even down to DOMESTIC USA USPS Priority from items I've sold on eBay when being in a "2 day Zone" really meant that Priority would always take 2 days in or out. So no matter what the situation is, I know Sarah is trying hard to show the community that PRS isn't just legit, but they're GREAT, and should be the first place you go to look for an item. I'll definitely be placing another order after this one lands and another after that one lands... KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK SARAH/PRS. And 🙏 and 🤞🤞 that the current Tracking starts to work soon. If it doesn't, here's to hoping the pack lands in a timely manner as I'm sure it will! 👍 JS/SS || USA
Administrator's answer:
Hi JS/SS USA, Thank you very much for your fantastic review, your time and effort to type this long testimony. This will help other consumers not to worry about our products and services because there are many scammers throughout the net and hard to find legit medications. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences from prs4you, very much appreciate. We hope to continue serving your needs. admin.
Hi Sara,rn Well after a few hick ups with the postal service, the re-ship was VERY FAST !! thank you very much ! All even,,,, can't wait to use you again! Thanks Again !!!!rnrn
Administrator's answer:
Hi, We are happy you finally received your order. Many thanks for your confirmation. Have a great day.
I have been using this service for over 10 years now and just wanted to say my packages always turn up even if sometimes a little late. I would say to anyone unsure whether to order that you have nothing to worry about and thank you Sarah for all your help over the yearsrnBest regardsrnEmma uk
Administrator's answer:
Hi Emma, Thank you very much for your review. Your feedback helps us get better. Have a great day.
PRS is RELIABLE! Being in the US there was some recent difficulty with an order and after a few different attempts I am happy to say I finally rcvd my long lost order due to the recent global circumstances. PRS came through and took care of things - they value customer loyalty and it shows!
Administrator's answer:
Hi, Thanks for leaving a review. The team here at PRS4YOU.ORG is thrilled to hear such good feedback, and we’re proud to serve your needs. Have a nice day.
Hi Prs4you, I am very thankful for your help, my order finally arrived in good condition. Berkshire UK.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you very much.
I am from the USA, I was looking for a reliable website to buy sleeping pills, I ended up with, I checked different reviews about this website and I thought I'll try to contact them first, so I inquired about their zolpidem and xanax, Sarah replied and she said, yes, we can send these items from Europe countries, I decided to buy a small amount of zolpidem just over 100 USD on 1st of June and paid it the following day 2nd day of June by BTC, on the 3rd day, I received an email saying that my order has been processed, on the 4th day, I received another email saying that my order has been shipped, uhhmm, I was impressed. on the 10th day, I sent an email to Sarah again, I asked if she can give me a tracking number or check my package status, then Sarah replied that I actually received the tracking number on the email confirmation, however, it says Reference number but I wasn't sure until Sarah confirmed it is a tracking number ended with letters CH, she sent me the link where to track my package which is in Switzerland, the only information I've got was saying "forwarded to the destination" but on usps they do not have any record about the tracking number, I was a little bit worried but Sarah told me, I don't need to worry because I am covered with their 100% guarantee and many packages these days that are sitting down in the US post office due to the current situation, so I was thinking OK, I can wait for few more days, after 20 days, still nothing, on the 25th day, I asked Sarah again to check the status of my package, she sent me the link of the usps saying it is in Chicago customs office, on the 10th of July, my package finally arrived at my post box. I promised Sarah to write my experience once I received my first order, so this is my experience so far with this company. The zolpidem is very good. I will try to order the xanax by next week. Lastly, Sarah is very helpful. Yours truly, DD.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you very much DD for sharing your experience from , take care.
My order (09062097106) has arrived (July 2). The only glitch: I ordered 28 60 mg tablets and received 28 30 mg tablets. Otherwise, great service. TM Canada.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you TM.
Apologies for this late review. I ordered late on the 26th of March on a Friday. They immediately sent me an email saying it would be shipped on Monday and then confirmed it on Tuesday or Wednesday and my genuine ROCHE product can on Friday morning. I have been using prs4you for about 6 years now and they've never let me down. So a 5 star service. You are the best prs4you. Long may it continue, All the best from Lee
Administrator's answer:
Thank you very much Lee for your review, very much appreciated. Stay safe and healthy.
This was my first time ordering & just received it! Very happy & just found my new vendor!rnThank you! rnJ.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you J. Good to hear you are happy with our service and products. Take care.
Hello:rnrnJust wanted to let you know that the reshipped order for # e31a0620 arrived today (June 24). The packaging was great! TGM CANADA
Administrator's answer:
Thank you TGM, so happy that you are pleased and have let me know, many thanks for your continued custom. Sarah.
Hi Sarah i must say that your constant updates to my emails questions and sevice are great, I have and always will be a long time member with your exellent service you are...... Simply The Best Bry UK
Administrator's answer:
Thank you for this great compliment Bry, love this song sarah.
Hello everyone, my first time to write a review here with PRS4you. I have placed many many orders with prs4you about 3 years now and they are always great, Sarah is excellent, if you have questions, just email her and she will always get back to you as soon as she is at work. I live in the UK, most of their products comes from the UK so I am very happy that I always received my goods in good condition and a lot quicker. Please keep UK to UK products. Thank you.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you very much.
PRS has a life long customer here. Sarah is the absolute BEST. Thank you!! TM USA
Administrator's answer:
Thank you TM for your kind appreciation. Best regards, admin.
My last order SHIPPED on 5/1 and landed 5/20. rnThat's not bad AT ALL considering the current situation. Anyways same amazing product, amazing packaging as expected (aka as perfect as it can get), and GREAT customer service from S. Always the best service no matter what your situation is! PRS has both my mother and I as lifer PRS Go-Tos. Thanks S! - JS | USA
Administrator's answer:
Hi JS, Many thanks for your great review about PRS4you, We are happy to serve you and your mom. Stay safe and healthy. Admin.
I am not new to the game.. I placed a small test order. Shipped 24APR, delivered 06MAY. Product was exactly as described. Placed another order 10x the amount of my test order. Shipped 15MAY, delivered 19MAY. I received a different brand then what I ordered. The shipping was crazy fast on second order. If anyone reading has doubts, just place a small order. Remember never pay what you can’t afford to lose. Sarah has been great thus far. I will order again very soon. Thanks Sarah! US, TN
Administrator's answer:
Thank you TN for you kind review we are very happy that you are satisfied with our service. We sincerely appreciate your continued custom. Admin.
Luck isn't on my side. Other customers seem to be receiving orders in 7 to 14 days. However, my second order (12042096740), which was shipped on April 15, also is missing in action. I'll hold off on placing new orders until I find out about the status of this one as well as the one I mentioned in an earlier message (14032096519, shipped in March). TGM, Canada.
Administrator's answer:
Hi TGM, sorry about this delay, we have sent you an email about this, please confirm if you have received any package up to this date. Many thanks and hopefully both orders will turn up soon. Admin.
I have been a regular on this site for more than 5 years putting in dozens of orders. The came through as usual with genuine ROCHE products. I ordered on Friday the 2nd of may and because it was a weekend coming up it wasn't shipped till the 4th of may. In the UK were dont have post on Friday (VE day) but it arrived very well packaged on Monday morning 10th of may recorded delivery also. You can rely for certain with pres4you will come though even with this nightmare covid-19. You're stars yet again pres4you. You even checked if I received my order I did the morning of the email. Hats off to you. Best regards. Lee
Administrator's answer:
Thank you Lee for this kind review, reviews like this give our new clients confidence to place their order and that we are a genuine website. Many thanks Sarah.
I ordered for the first time in Ten years !same service !! excellent~Ordered 5/5/2020 to USA, recieved 5/12/2020, 7 days, Thank You Sara !!!!
Administrator's answer:
Welcome back after all these years and many thanks for your excellent review. Sarah.
Hello, The following order (14032096519), which was placed in mid-March, hasn't arrived yet. Due to COVID-19, is this sort of delay typical or do you think the package has gone missing? (I haven't received any notification from CDN Customs.) At your convenience, please advise. TGM, CANADA.
Administrator's answer:
Hi TGM, We are checking your order and will send you email as soon as we find out about your package. Thank you and we wish you good health. Take care.
Greetings all. I have been working with Sarah and ordering products for YEARS and have been very happy with the product but most importantly the service. I am what you might call a high-maintenance customer doing lost of emails, checks, worries, you name it. I always get great support, kind words and thoughtful replies. The order ALWAYS COMES. even when I worry it won't. I have orders sit "inbound" to customs for anywhere from 1 hour to 30 days, never missed a package. USA to USA is FAST when products are available. The prices are VERY fair. I've been ordering to the eastern part of the US without any issues. I promise you will have a good, safe experience here and do NOT worry! USA
Administrator's answer:
Hi, Thank you very much for your wonderful review. It's our pleasure to give the best products and services to every customers. Stay safe and healthy. Sarah and Team.
Fantastic support from Sarah, I have problem with my tracking number not being updated online, I asked Sarah to check it for me and she replied me saying please wait your order will arrive. I waited for another week, ten I received another email saying please check your PO box, I checked and Sarah was right, packaged arrived. I understand, Sarah has nothing to do with the deliveries but she is very helpful. Thank you. S.C USA.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you. Looking forward for your next order. Keep safe.
Hello PRS4you, I am happy to let you know my parcel arrived, 19 days since I paid my order. Thought I had lost it but s always you came thro, Not so bad considering the virus. GA USA.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you very much for your kind confirmation you have received your order. Stay safe and healthy.Sarah.
I was the customer on the dated on the 22nd of this month in regards to my order on the 16th UK to UK. And it arrived today recorded delivery although I I expected to be informed of this but anyhow I received it in 9 days so I'm happy. I've ordered of this company a dozen times at least and the always come through albeit sometimes it takes a lifetime to receive multiple orders paid for in the same order but as I said they always pull through in all instances going back 5 years. So thumbs up to them. If they cut the time down (I know with these strange times if not possible in some instances) I would definitely buy more. And I will put another order in over the coming days. Thank you pres4you. Best regards Lee
Administrator's answer:
Thank you Lee for your review and your continued custom. Stay healthy and safe. Admin.
Your new way of packaging is the best way ever! Please make it your standard way from all suppliers. I love your innovative creativity. My last order arrived yesterday and I will order again very soon.From your many years customer FM USA
Administrator's answer:
Thank you FM USA we do try our best, happy to hear that you are happy. Your continued custom is greatly appreciated.
I’ve received 2 packages in the past 2 weeks. I’m very pleased with PRS4U. Keep up the good work! Anonymous USA
Administrator's answer:
Thank you Anonymous USA
Great company but uk to uk is painfully slow. Should be 2 days at very worst, still waiting a week later. I honestly hate bad reviews coz i love prs4u. But when u are out of medication its so frustrating. So ive made an appointment for my gp to see if i can get a preion for the meds from now on. Craig m. UK
Administrator's answer:
Sorry Craig M. UK, as you know generally medications do arrive 2 to 3 days UK but coronavirus is causing deliveries worldwide delays, but we do value your continued custom.
Patience has to be a virtue these days with the mail delivery systems across the globe. For USA, right now mail isn't going anywhere fast, at least not wear I'm at. My orders (2) have been stuck in the mail system now for 3 and 4 weeks respectfully. I have EBay packages that have been stuck in the mail system as well, so its not exclusive to PRS4you by any means. I'm wearing my patience hat, but it is slowly slipping from the top of my head and into the crapper. cw USA.
Administrator's answer:
Hi CW USA, Please keep wearing your patience hat as deliveries now are improving greatly, we now have clients in USA receiving within 7 days. Your continued patience is greatly appreciated.
I ordered on the 16th of April and yet to receive a sent email. Has it been sent Sarah? I ordered from the UK and apparently it is a UK supplier...but I paid 15 pounds for the delivery so I expect a tracking number whichwould justify the royal mail price or a sent email at least. So a tracking number would be much appreciated.
I will give them 10 thumbs up great company
I don't want to go to another online pharmacy, prs4you specially to Sarah is very helpful. I have ordered about 5x now in total and I only experienced 1 delivery delayed. Not your fault, it's the situation going on these days. But I am lucky I received my package, very well packed. Thank you. Customer from USA.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you for your confirmation you have received your order. Stay safe.
I placed my order on March 7,2020, processed and confirmed, since then, I kept asking Sarah to check the status of my package and she explained to me that many packages are being delayed due to lock down, if my package get a chance to be boarded on the plane then you will be able to received it. I was so worried as I was running out of supply, but I do understand the situation these days, so I told Sarah I can wait even though it's been over a month. Today, I just want to let everybody know that my package just turned up to my door, I am now relieved, despite of corona virus, prs4you fulfilled my order. Thank you specially to Sarah. Very helpful. B.A. CA USA
Administrator's answer:
Thank you B.A. Stay safe. Your continued custom greatly appreciated Sarah
Having some major issues with our current order,unfortunately. Paid for the order on 3/20 (USA), PAID IN FULL Email on 3/21. We've been waiting on Tracking ever since, and on 3/27 we got an Email from S saying TNs from this area would be sent out the next day, but we're still waiting... Again, unfortunately because everything else has gone so smoothly, and we plan to keep ordering once a week or so. S, PLEASE help us out here, this isn't cool after all of the business we've sent your way. As always you'll stay our go-to, but we just want our TN/to know this order is on the way. - J&S 🇺🇸 USA | ORDER ID - 21032096579
Administrator's answer:
Hi J&S, This order has already been delivered, and confirmed by client. Delivered without USPS update online. But after delivery, I checked on USPS, they already updated the tracking number saying item delivered. Stay safe always.
Hi Sarah,I know there were some issues with order #15032096525. Have not heard back from you through email about if this order has shipped and also with the tracking #. Please let me know! thank you! TM USA
Administrator's answer:
Replied to email. S.
Order was shipped on the 11th,arrived the 23rd... And as always, the product was as expected (perfect in every way). Major props to anybody and everybody working together as PRS. Especially now. As chaotic as it is most places, they're (especially "S") doing an AMAZING job keeping things running smoothly. Heck, just because I've placed many orders here, and wanted to show an act of good faith I placed another order before the one I mentioned up there even landed (just waiting for the Shipping Email/TN which I'm sure will come any day now. As always, VERY impressed. Keep it up all, you will always be our #1 go-to! - J&S...USA
Administrator's answer:
Thank you.
My order was shipped 3/12 and I received it on 3/21. Super fast service during these strange times way to go PRS4U. USA
Administrator's answer:
Thank you.
Order ID: 11022096374 was stolen by customs. I have been told it was reshipped but I don't see any reship date on my order history
I hope the corona virus isn't affecting the mail from the UK to USA, My order on Jan 30 arrived Feb 13 but my Feb 13 order still has not arrived and it is Mar 11. FM USA
Administrator's answer:
Please wait, We will check it again for you. Most of the packages from UK to USA deliveries are too slow these days. Please bear with the post office. Thank you.
Hi Sarah, package arrived! exactly what I ordered and showed up quickly. you've got a loyal customer in me. thank you so much! TM USA
Administrator's answer:
Thank you very much TM. Cheers!
Hello: Just wanted to let you know that my order (21012096282) arrived. TM, CANADA.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you so much for your confirmation. Cheers!
Hi Sarah, I am having issues using my tracking number. No results are coming back. I sent an email with a picture of what comes up when I try to enter it. Any idea what the problem could be? thank you! TM USA
Administrator's answer:
Hi, We will check tracking number for you and will send you updates by email. Thank you.
Tramadol order now delivered. UK to UK, I placed the order on 01.03.20- I received confirmation from prs4you saying they sent my order on the 02.03.20, then I received today 04.03.20 - pretty good.I will place my next order in few days.Thank you.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you for the delivery confirmation. Looking forward for your next order. Enjoy!
Hi, What payment do you accept?
Administrator's answer:
Hello, we accept Bitcoins, ETH, BCH, Western Union, MoneyGram, World remita and Bank transfer. Thank you.
Hi Sarah, could you provide me with an update on order #20022096411 ? Payment went through 6 days ago and haven't received any updates since. I have emailed twice and no response. Would like to know if it has shipped yet. Thank you! TM USA
Administrator's answer:
Hi, It's already updated, I will re-send it to you again. Thank you.
Hi, trying to place orders but it won’t let me get past the confirmation stage, can you help?
Administrator's answer:
Replied to email. Our programmer is currently checking the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please check again later. Thank you.
The Pharmacy mistakenly shipped the wrong item. I notified Sarah, and she immediately responded saying she would re ship the correct item at no charge. I received the correct item in less than two weeks. Talk about integrity and honesty, not many other online services provide this level of service. The folks at Prs4you and Sarah rock. Thank you!! CW - USA
Administrator's answer:
Thank you CW.
Hi Sarah, I now received my order. packed like a document. Thank you
Hello: I am just wondering if there is a shipping number for: 21012096282rnrnThanks, TG, Canada
Administrator's answer:
Already shipped. No tracking Number. Please see shipping Terms. Thank you.
Great products and good service, although a bit expensive. All in all I can only recommend this site. Thank you!
I have received my first order using your service and am very happy with the communication, the patience from Sarah to find a way of paying that worked, and now with the product itself. I will place another order today, so as to keep receiving what I need in a timely manner. The only other thing I would mention is that the packaging is very flimsy. I felt lucky that it had made it through customs, as you only have to touch the very lightly padded envelope with loose sheets of pills inside, to know exactly what it is... I recognise that packing more discreetly involves more costs, and is more labour intensive for your company, but I would have thought it would balance out by more deliveries getting through. Anyway, I'm just making the point. I look forward to a sustaining and continuing use of your service. Thank you again.rnCB/UK
Sarah, I've been trying to contact you regarding my two orders that have been missing for a month now but have gotten no reply from you. Are you not getting my messages? Please respond ASAP. Thank you.
Administrator's answer:
Hi, This message has already been responded and orders are updated. Thank you.
Hello - I purchased over a week ago and don't see my payment is accepted yet and no shipping. please might be able to update? Thanks much
Administrator's answer:
All sorted, Thank you.
Order ID: 20121996109 Status: Paid Date: 2019-12-20 Good day and Happy Holidays! I recently placed an order and paid in full on the 20th of December. You guys are usually give my some type of sign that the item has been put in for shipping within 72 hours. It has been over a week and I have no confirmation that it has been prepared for shipping, or shipped. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, and cheers, from a long time happy customer from the USA!
Administrator's answer:
All sorted and order completed. Thank you.
My recent order (25627) arrived in 7 business days! The packaging was excellent (i.e., really discrete). Please continue shipments using that type of packaging rather than the bubble envelopes used by Singapore Post. TM, Canada.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you very much for your custom.
Hi Sarah! Could u plz email me about 06101995797. I know u had said it was bein reshipped but email bounced when I wrote you! Ty xx BF - US
Administrator's answer:
Emailed sent, TY.
The two meds I REALLY WANT are available but only if I live in the UK. Why the best reserved for UK to UK only? FM USArnrn
Administrator's answer:
Hi, Sorry but because the pharmacy only supplies within the UK. Thank you.
I am interested in ordering Tramadol. However, most of the past orders I have placed were sent via Singapore Post and were seized by Customs. (The problem was the packaging; blister packs placed inside thin envelopes.) Does your service ship Tramadol using other postal services (e.g., UK, Spain, etc.) The packaging from these locations was very discrete (medication placed inside cardboard and shrink-wrapped) and none of my orders were seized. At your convenience, please let me know if there are any pain medications that are distributed using a service other than Singapore Post. Thank you. TM, Canada.
What happened to free shipping? I was going to order Sunday when you had free shipping. I ordered yesterday $20 for shipping? What happened? This is one reason why I have not ordered in months. And what happened to product selection, one pain drug only? It’s like a totally new company took over a few months ago, and they aren’t half as good. Once every few weeks new products were added. Now I check the site and it’s the same stuff day after day. DISAPPOINTED USA
Administrator's answer:
Hi, Free shipping is been ended. However, for you as a regular customer, you still have your 10% discount for lifetime. We have to disregard other items because they are out of stock. YOu can check our items again later as we are currently adding them. Thank you for your time and hope you will place your new order. Best regards, PRS4YOU Team.
Hi Sarah and Team, it was my first time to buy from your website and I am happy to let you know I have received it. 50 tablets 1mg xanax from Germany. The package was OK and took 14 days to arrive. I checked the pills and tried 2 x now and was OK. I will definitely buy from you again. Thank you. HK from MI USA.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you HK. Looking forward for your next order.
Why does the first page on clonazepam say, "free shipping" and a happy face but when you go to checkout it is 15gbp?which one needs to be fixed? Thanks,FM USA
Administrator's answer:
Hi, Sorry we missed to update that. Thank you for your info, we have now updated. Thank you again.
Love these guys! Hey Sarah could you shoot me an email about recent order please!rn(BF from USA)
Administrator's answer:
Email sent. Thank you.
Dear Sarah,rnrnThanks for the so far great service. Unfortunately theres been an issue with my most recent order and I have received only 25% of the shipment and it was also the wrong product. I know you’ll do you best to sort this out. Thanks for looking into this. MC
Administrator's answer:
Hi MC, email sent regarding your order. Thank you.
Thank you Prs4you for over then years of a good relationship I have had with you.rnThere have been some issues, however you have always managed to address these, with your good quality service.rnrnI have no problems in recommending you.rnLook forward to the next ten years
rnThank you PRS4you for over ten years of quality service.rnThere has been times when issues/problems have happened, however you have always dealt with these,in a professional way and with a successful outcome.rnI have never had a reason to complain.rnrnAfter this long period of time being a customer I can only recommend you as a first class service.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you.
I have been a valued customer of PRS4U since 2012. I have always received the best customer service, and fast discrete shipping to the US. They take the time to answer any and all questions I may have, quickly and thoroughly. I highly recommend this company for any of your needs. This is a real review!
Administrator's answer:
Thank you very much.
I have been a valued customer of PRS4U since 2012. I have always received the best customer service, and fast discrete shipping to the US. They take the time to answer any and all questions I may have, quickly and thoroughly. I highly recommend this company for any of your needs. This is a real review!
Administrator's answer:
Thank you very much.
I've had another two orders seized by Customs. The success rate for packages sent via Singapore Post is, in my experience, very low. Putting medication in thin, bubble envelopes is not discrete. (Other companies, now defunct, used to do the same thing.) Recently, I ordered Lunesta which supposedly was being sent from India via EMS. However, it - too - was sent using Singapore Post and, not surprisingly, was confiscated. Perhaps my experience is unique. Have other VIPs/members had the same problems with Singapore Post? TM from Canada
Administrator's answer:
Sorry for the problem you have encountered, we are sorting out your undelivered order. Please note that if an item is out of stock from the other Pharmacy, we have to send via our other Pharmacies. Thank you.
Dear Sarah, I am one of your satisfied customer since 3 years ago, never had a problem with my order with or without a tracking number. I would like to say thank you to all of you. As a confirmation for my recent order, I received my package 2 days ago. Amazing. HK from USA
Administrator's answer:
Thank you HK. Looking forward for your next order. Have great day. Admin.
Dear Admins, Please help me out my order 12091995693 was on 9/12 and I still have no tracking number and no answer to my emails. Please tell me the status so i can stop thinking and worrying about it. Loyal customer for 7 years!! FM USA
Administrator's answer:
Hi FM, Your order has been updated. Please log in to your account. Thank you.
This is my 3rd order from prs4you and it seems OK. The 2nd order was a little bit late, the 3rd one I received them in time. But I think its the post office service. Next time I will order early so it will be here by the time I run out of my supplies. US customer.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you.
Just wanted to let you know that the tramadol sent via Singapore Post is getting seized by Canadian Customs (last 2 out of 3 orders). Why? Because the pills are placed in a thin bubble envelope. (You simply have to touch the package to discern that there are pills inside.) My recommendation is that all medication be placed inside cardboard and then shrink-wrapped. This was the method that Prs4you utilized in the past, and it worked! Seizures by Customs were very rare. EB, Canada
Administrator's answer:
Thank you EB for your recommendation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us. Prs4you Team
Will sandoz ox80 ever be available to USA again? I miss them!!! Thank u Sarah!
Administrator's answer:
Please log in to your account ad check our special offers. Ox80 is listed there. Thank you.
There is an error on your promotion for tapentadol. It says shipped ems from India and India post finally shows it and it is being sent registered mail. I never would have ordered it if I knew that since India has caused us both loss of time and money ( and no order ) unless it truly is ems. Any comment? FM USA
Administrator's answer:
Yes, Tapentadol is sent by EMS India. Register mail cannot be traced. You ca track EMS all the way.
Hello everyone, I would like to share my experience with this company. They are now my supplier for almost 6 Months and I can say that they are real deal. OK sometimes there are delays but I always received my order. The last package has been seized by the customs, I received the letter stated that I have a package contained with Tramadol and I didn't know what to do, I emailed Sarah and prs4you about it. I asked them what do I do with the letter and what's gonna happen with my package? They replied me saying that I must scan the letter and send it to prs4you team and do nothing else, as soon as they received my email with scanned customs letter, they said, OK, we will re-ship you order free of charge, Hmmm, I was relieved. Although I have to wait for another 2 weeks for my re-shipped package to arrive but at least I am not worry about the other package no matter what happen to it. I can confirm that Sarah sent me the re-shipped tracking number and I can see it is coming to my address. This one has been cleared by customs and I have the feeling that this one will arrive soon. I will update as soon as I received the re-shipment. HT CA, USA.
Hi, cant get u by email order was 9 days ago and not shipped can u help ? Order 16081995613rnCm U.K
Administrator's answer:
It's all updated. Please email us at to make sure we receive your emails. Thanks.
I'd like to echo the comments below - I've been using these guys for a number of years now, and they have never let me down once. There's the occasional delay here and there, as with buying anything online, but they are very much the real deal, the medication is legit, and the prices are exceptionally reasonable. I wouldn't consider using anyone else. LJ UK
This is the top! I just received my EU order from Poland to my mailbox in 7 days!!rnThe old record was 9 days. It just gets better and better with prs4you! FM USA
Every person who is skeptical of ordering from here let me ease your mind. I have been a loyal customer for almost 7 years and I ALWAYS get what I order or a reship if it's a mistake from the supplier. AND they are ALWAYS top quality meds in blister packs - no fakes here. Sarah is the most dependable and caring person on the planet and will exceed your expectations! Order now - you will be happy you did... FM USA
I’ve been a customer for two years— great service. Seems to be a hiccup at the moment: an order a month ago went to the wrong country and is stuck there; and latest order nearly two weeks ago still not shipped— help! KS UK
Administrator's answer:
Everything is updated, missing order is in the process of re-shipping. New order already updated with Tracking number. Thank you for shopping with prsyou.
Hello Prs4you, I can confirm that I have now received my sleeping pills, zandoz from Europe, they are very good, thank you for sending me this brand. I will order again soon. GH, US.
Administrator's answer:
Hi GH, Thank you for letting us know you have received your order. Looking forward for your next order. Have a nice day.
Hi, will you be getting tramadol available from the UK again soon?rnThanks. Cm. Uk.
Administrator's answer:
Hi, Hopefully, we can get it back again but at present, still out of stock. Thank you.
Hi Sarah:Do you know if codeine from the UK will become available for shipment to Canada?Thanks, EB
Administrator's answer:
Hi EB, Sorry, COD is still not available and we do not have exact date of availability, we will let you know as soon as it is available, Thank you.
Sorry about my previous comments- I get crazy when I run out... FM USA
Administrator's answer:
That's OK FM, we understand. We are very grateful for your long term custom. Best regards, Sarah
Hi Sarah, just like to say prs4you is the one and only supplier of my medications yu have never let me down I will soon be puting another order in to yoo. BH USA.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you BH for your kind remarks looking forward to your next order.
Never had a bad experience with prs4you, always deliver on time. from UK. Thank you
Hi PRS4YOU, Any chance of getting xanax from Pfizer?
Administrator's answer:
Hi, Thank you for your inquiry. As soon as this item is available, we will let you know. Admin
I am wondering if you can send xanax to Sweden?
Administrator's answer:
Hi, Thank you for your query. Yes, we have xanax from Europe that we can send to Sweden. Please check our website: Thank you.
Hi Sarah, I would like to confirm that my order arrived this morning. Thank you very much for my 10% discount. I will order again. C. UK
Administrator's answer:
Thank you for your confirmation. Looking forward for your next order. Happy shopping!
Hello:rnrnI am just wondering about the status of order 25051995180. rnrnKind Regards, rnTM (Canada)
Administrator's answer:
Hi, Status of your order is shipped. On its way. Tracking number has been sent to your email. Thank you
Hello , My order is Order 27051995192 Paid In Full . Can you check to see if it shipped and provide a tracking by chance? I ordered over five days ago . Thank you !
Administrator's answer:
Hi, Status of your order is shipped. On its way. Tracking number has been sent to your email. Thank you
Perhaps you should change your " WE SHIP WORLDWIDE SAME DAY" I have been waiting 8 days for mine to ship and still not shipped. FM USA
Administrator's answer:
There are shipping changes of each items, please read on shipping terms below each items. Thank you.
Sarah is great.rnI’m missing some items supposedly sent U.K.-U.K. on 1st May but can’t get a reply. I know you’re incredibly busy.
Administrator's answer:
Already replied and sorted all undelivered orders out. Thank you for your continued custom, it's greatly appreciated. Please email us on Thank you.
Thank you for your help, I now received my order in good condition. I have been worried as it was in customs for over a week, then all of a sudden postman turned up, it was my order. I will be placimg my order in a week. CH, USA.
Sarah, I paid for my next shipment 5 days ago and I have not received a confirmation. order number 20041995023. Thanks.
Administrator's answer:
All updated, thanks
Hi, tramadol 50mg from eu has been dropped do u know if u will have this for sale again?rnCm. UK
Administrator's answer:
Will be back soon. OS at the moment. Thank you.
Hi there. Regarding my recent order, I paid for it with Bitcoin straight away, but I haven't got confirmation you got the payment. It's been around 36 hours now. Just wanted to check everything is okay. AM. Ireland
Administrator's answer:
Already been processed. Thank you.
Hey everyone we should all let Sarah know just how much she means to us and how amazing PRS4YOU.ORG is. Can you imagine just how hard it must be to do what she does. And all of it to satisfy her customers. There were indeed customs issues that caused massive backups and is still being dealt with. All That delayed many orders including myself. I had one package take 67days to get to me. So please be kind, let Sarah know how much you appreciate her. Expect delays always and order accordingly if possible.rnrnR.Yrk. AL,USA
Just to inform you I have received my 5th successful order and Sarah sent me an email saying that I have a 10% discount on all my future orders, thank you very much Sarah for giving me discounts. I will definitely place my order in the next few days to come. IL,USA
I just started ordering with P4u in the last month. I placed about 5 orders already and 1 of them has com in and the second one I should have by Friday it before cause it did clear customs. My third order I might see this week in the mail possibly cause I don’t have a tracking for it so I’m hoping this week or next. The one thing that makes comfortable using P4u is if I don’t receive my order, they will send another package for you at no charge. Thats why I feel safe using this company. Sarah is great, she answers my questions for me i a timely matter. Is P4u a little expensive, yes it is but look at what they do for you. Redship your order for at no charge, if it comes comes down to it and they tried everything possible for you to receive your order and they tried everything they could, you will receive a full refund. That’s why i feel safe using them. Thank you for your help. Chris Muies or Kris Mews.
I was very impatient with the delivery and was out of supply, I chase PRS to check my package, they keep telling me please wait as it's in US customs. Huh!, over 20 days in customs, I asked for reshipment as I thought my package will never be released. Surprisingly, the post man turned up today and and asked me to sign my package. I opened it and it was my order from prs that has been shipped from Europe. I am now relieved, Thank you for saving my life. I will place my order later today to make sure I will receive it before I run out of supply. xanax customer USA.
Hi PRS4YOU, Thank you very much for introducing me a new way of payment, I used transferwise and it worked very well. I will use it again in the future orders. I am waiting for my order now to confirm. Thank you. C USA.
Hi Sarah and Team, sorry about my previous emails regarding my order, I run out of my stock so I keep sending you emails asking for the last order I placed in January, normally, order arrive in the US for more or less than a week but this time it was very frustrating. However, I finally received it today so I feel better now. I thought why what is going on with you guys but I now realize my package been sitting in the US post office for over a month. You're right, its the shutdown and the weather caused the delay. It's not your fault, please forgive me for what i have said previously on emails, you always treat me good and I will continue to buy my medication from you as you always help me out. FR USA.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you FR for your continued custom. It's greatly appreciated.
16011994404.Sarah is great and always reply. Ordered 16/1/19 still haven't Received my order. My emails keep coming back delivery a loyal customer and never waited this long... Es. Ireland.
Administrator's answer:
Replied from new email, if you experienced problem with our old admin email, please contact us .at. Thank you and best regards, Sarah and Team.
It appears your mail system is not accepting emails. Trying to send my payment info and I have received 2 delivery failures so far. Please investigate or let me know an alternative address. CW - USA
Administrator's answer:
Sorry for the email problems, we have now updated our admin email which you can see on our webpage. Thank you and we apologize for any inconvenience caused. Admin
Hello: Order 05121894115 was received. However, unlike previous orders, the packaging wasn't very discrete. Typically, Prs4you places medication in cardboard and then shrink wraps the package. With the most recent order, the medication was placed in a thin bubble-wrap envelope. Just a heads up that with this type of packaging, seizures from Customs will likely be more common. Thanks, TGM
Administrator's answer:
Thank you for letting us know you have received your order. For the packaging, we will instruct the packaging department to pack it in discrete package. Best regards, Admin.
Hi Everyone in PRS, I would like to say thank you and have a wonderful New year to all of you who made my year better. Your company was great as I always get the best service, you supplied my meds over the years and I am very pleased with your continued great service. I just want to let you know that the last order I had before Christmas, it was shipped 3 days after but I now received it today. I understand there were holidays and everybody off to work specially post offices that made the delivery delays specially in USA. I am grateful, it came through. SO thank you and sorry for sometimes being impatient. I will place my order as soon as possible so I will make sure I have enough supply for the coming months. Thank you. CN, USA.
I would just like to say that prs has always provided me a good service, with queries replied to and all my orders always arrive. Thanks, TH UK
Hi are you still processing orders
I wish I knew a way to make it better but how does one fix a snail mail and customs problem? I always order early and still I suffer with running out all the time. I know it is not your fault. FM USA
To Prs, sometimes I can't wait for my order for a bit longer time even though I know that when a package is already posted, there is no control on your end. Even though I know you must be busy all the time, I still keep bothering you to check my order. You never put me down, you are amazing people to deal with. I have now received my latest order even it took about 16 days to arrived in the US, I am happy it came through. Thank you for all your help. HP, USA/
Administrator's answer:
Thank you HP.
Order arrived today, Thank you sarah and prs. USA customer
Hello I was wondering if you’re still accepting and processing orders. Thanks
Administrator's answer:
Yes, you can place your order .at. Thank you.
I placed an order today 45z70ot7520 i will pay via bank transfer on tuesday is that ok ?email me if thats ok, pw scotland
Administrator's answer:
No Problem, Thank you.
Hi, I have ordered from you several times and was more than pleased with the whole service and the quality of the products. However I am now a little concerned as my emails to are being returned to me from postmaster with this message: Contact the recipient by some other means (by phone, for example) and ask them to tell their email admin that it appears that their email system is refusing connections from your email server. Give them the error details shown below. It's likely that the recipient's email admin is the only one who can fix this problem....Previous website blogs mention this and answers stat that the problem is fixed but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I hope everything is ok and I will receive my latest order?Mrs KD UK
Administrator's answer:
Hi, If you encounter problems with our admin email please email us at thank you
Btw that was from GJ USA
Once again order arrived fast, one little problem. The product I order was a different brand than normal but it's says on the deion that they may substitute so it's fine but wouldn't want this brand again as I feel it's of lower quality. Prs4 guys are great especially Sarah, new order coming your way next week.
Hello can someone please let me know what is going on with my order no 28091893570 it’s been ages since I ordered. I have now received a email saying the order has been abandoned .rnThanks mk
Administrator's answer:
Hi MK, Your order is abandoned as there is no payment details provided. As soon as we received the payment, your order will be processed accordingly. Thanks
Hi Sarah- my emails are being bounced back. My order seems to be stuck in customs. Can you possibly take a look for me please? Prs4you is the best online service. K- U.K.
Hi R, I just see your comments below about oxy, yes, I am one of the oxy buyer here, I buy bulks every time this item is available as they only have limited stocks, I love it as it is genuine and effective,helps my problem a lot, product comes from the UK pharmacy, 40mg is very good as well, I see they only have 40mg available at this time, if you want 80mg's, check their website all the time. As soon as you see the 80mg's place order immediately as this item finish very quick. Buyers are so crazy with this. L USA.
To the PRS4YOU.ORG TEAM you are the best and amazing. Especially Mrs. Sarah! I just wanted to ask the customers to leave feed back on the product they have purchased on the website and blog. If you click the product you desire you will see a link to user reviews. Please leave a review on how the quality of your product was. It will greatly help others and you in deciding whether or not to purchase. I for one am wanting to know what you guys think about oxyco 40mg by sandoz? The 80mg oxyco was spot on! I hope it will become available again soon. Thank you all for taking the time out to read this and please let PRS4YOU know how greatful you are. There will always be unforeseen problems with occasional orders things cannot always be perfect. So please be patient. Order ahead of time. R.York, Al,USA
Hi there. I was wondering if there's any word on my order yet as it's been over a week now. It's no problem, but if you could let me know what's going on, I'd appreciate it. I have sent several emails - the ones to your address are being bounced back, and the ones to your gmail aren't being answered. LJ. Ireland.
Administrator's answer:
Already Updated. Thanks
Re order 12091893429 In fact this one has also turned up and it’s also the wrong pills. I’ve no complaints about your service- this is clearly an error from your Asian shippers.
Administrator's answer:
order 10081893219. The payment has cleared my account, but the order is still showing as pending on the site. I've emailed you several times. Will my order be shipped soon?
Administrator's answer:
Order is already dispatched. Many thanks.
As a regular and satisfied customer i made an order last friday. Unfortunately, after my payment , i got an e-mail on sunday of microsoft that my payment confirmation-mail was not possible to reach you.The mail-address '' was 'not' reachable. Having a lot of confidence in your service , i hope you can help me. Thanks!!!rnErik
Administrator's answer:
Sorry, had problem with the email provider but All fixed and order already processed, Many thanks.
Hello, I am getting bounce backs for the contact email, and need to provide payment information. Have always had a good experience in the past. Please advise, thank you. HE, USA
Administrator's answer:
Sorry, had problem with the email provider, already fixed. Emails are okay. Thanks
Hello - I haven't been able to connect with email to get my shipping info, been 11 days since I paid and haven't heard anything. Can you please, please just let me know status? Everything I've ever ordered from you has arrived, just need to know current status..BEST
Administrator's answer:
Shipping Updated and also sent by email. Thanks
I love this pharm and the price on certain items. As to shipping to the US, we are at the mercy of the postal system. Received one order from UK in 22 days but on last occasion it took less than 10 days. Very pleased to do business with this great company. Thanks for everything!!! VW~US...
To PRS Team, my order just received today, sorry I couldn't wait for my anxiety order and kept emailing you but I realized your are the best. My order actually arrived within a week from UK to USA. Thank you, I will order again soon before I run out of my meds.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you.
Ordered to UK from Thai, arrived quick and everything correct. Very happy and pleasant surprise as I thought it was too good to be true. Thank you very much :) only tip is I wouldn't use WorldRemit to pay, they want all sorts of ID from you and take your money but disable your account. L from U.K.
Hi sorry to use the blog section but cant get u via email. My ord was shipped on 28/08/2018 25081893326, havent recvd it can you help?
Administrator's answer:
Please check our email. Thank you.
Hi Sarah,rnI have emailed several times over the past 4-5 days regarding my order status and payment. I usually receive a reply but have not heard from you as yet. Can you please let me know when you have a chance if my payment for my most recent order was received? Many thanks as always, your excellent service has never let me down. Best, RS, USA
Administrator's answer:
Hi, Already replied your email. Thank you.
Order ID: 01091893376 - All email your e/gmail Addresses bounce, so how am I suppose to forward you the MTCN Number ?.
Administrator's answer:
Finally received your email and order is processed. Thank you.
I didt pay on online banking...its some problem in this site..step 4 cannot processing
Administrator's answer:
Hi, All okay. Please try again. Thank you.
I ordered Oxys and the next day it was not offered on their home page. I emailed several times and still have not been contacted. Very unhappy customer. A I from California.
Administrator's answer:
Hi A, All your emails has been answered. however, we never receive any response from your end. Sorry if you haven't received our emails back, but none of our emails bounced back to us. We have resent our emails again and we are looking forward for your response. Thank you.
Sarah can you please check order #24071893111 as it has not been delivered.
Administrator's answer:
Everything sorted out and both orders DELIVERED on 20.08.18. Thank you.
Hi, having a problem reaching anyone. Hope all is ok. Waiting on a follow-up response to an email sent a week ago regarding order! Not sure if it’s my end, but could really use help. Be well! -BF - NY USA
Administrator's answer:
Hi, Everything was okay. Last Order delivered and new order is on its way. Thank you.
The mail is fascinating when shipped to USA. From India 95% go NYC customs first, 2 have gone to Chicago customs and 2 have gone to San Francisco customs. From EU, all have gone to NYC customs but my last order from the UK went to Los Angeles then to me with no mention of customs.Yes, there was a tracking number on it, but I did not get it until it arrived in my mailbox! I like Royal mail so will do it again next week. Thank you, FM USA
The mail is fascinating when shipped to USA. From India 95% go NYC customs first, 2 have gone to Chicago customs and 2 have gone to San Francisco customs. From EU, all have gone to NYC customs but my last order from the UK went to Los Angeles then to me with no mention of customs.Yes, there was a tracking number on it, but I did not get it until it arrived in my mailbox! I like Royal mail so will do it again next week. Thank you, FM USA
This is a cracking site, and is very much for real. My order was stopped by customs, but Sarah resent it, and I got the resent parcel no problem. I've been a customer here for a good few years now, and they've never let me down once. Thank you. SC Ireland
Administrator's answer:
Thank you.
I can confirm my order received, shipped from UK to USA. Very quick. happy customer. Robert from USA.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you.
What happened to all the anxiety meds,& when are they coming back? 2 weeks ago there was 47 different products some offered tracking numbers. Now there is 21 to select from with one offering a tracking number. Please let us know when you are back on your feet.rnUSA
Administrator's answer:
Hi, Most of them are now back online. Please check. Many thanks.
Awesome, another order received quickly. Thanks Sarah. GJ USA
Administrator's answer:
Thank you.
If you can offer oxycontin, you must have access to anything! Let me know if you can get me barbiturates, such as seconal,nembutal,amytal, carbrital,butisol, or tuinal. I would spend all my savings on any of these listed. Just email me - this post does not need to be seen at all. Thanks, FM USA
Administrator's answer:
We are doing our best to provide these meds for you. Thank you for your continued custom. Admin.
Hey there, I've emailed you guys a few times about my last order, but haven't heard back. Would really appreciate it if you could give me a shout. SC. Ireland.
Administrator's answer:
Emailed and client confirmed delivery successful. Sending the rest of the orders to complete the whole reshipment. Thank you.
Hello. There was a misunderstanding with my 2nd order about 2 weeks ago. They listened to me and they listened to what I said. They immediately sent me a message back and they fixed the problem. And they are shipping me my 2nd order now. My 1st order was a very good quality product, and they gave it to me very quickly. Thank you to everyone at prs4you for helping me with my order.rnrn Thank you, V.M. USArnrnI made a mistake. I owe them $389.00 USD. But I only gave them $386.00 USD.rnI am very sorry. And I will fix it in any way that you find is the best.rnSo you can tell me how you want me to fix it, and I will be ready to fix it immediately. I can send you $3.00 now or on my next order. That will be fine.
Thanks got the shipping notice. Getting ready to pay for my 3rd order in 2 weeks. I've used a lot of online pharmacies but so far prs has been the best by far. Thanks Sarah. GJ USA
Hi, I received my order in 5 working days to UK. Thank you prs. No matter what others are saying, I am your loyal customer now for over a year. I have no problem with my orders as its always sorted out. Thank you for all your help as always. JJ, S. UK
Last order arrived in 7 days to Us but no update on my new order. Just wondering if it has shipped yet?
Administrator's answer:
Thank you. Last order already been shipped. Already emailed to client. Regards, Admin
This site is reliable and honest with genuine products. No matter what issue you have, it will be fixed! Wrong product shipped to you? They will reship correct product to you free. Your tn was delivered to another country? They will reship to you free. You haven't heard anything for 2 weeks; it's in your mailbox that day! This is the very best it gets online. 5 1/2 year customer. FM USA
You guys are the best, as usual! Thank you, and thank you especially Sarah for always helping with questions!! -BF USA
Dear Prs4you, i just want to let you know, that im really happy with your services.i know that it is not easy this days to operate a such professional and reliable service. i always received what i ordered and it was always top notch quality. little problems are being sorted out always fast and reliable. your name stands really for itself. A Perfect Reliable Service. Thanks from a very happy Customer.
Hi Prs, I know that you are always busy but I am very thankful with your excellent service as you sort things out specially with the delivery that sometimes it takes time to arrive. However, with my 5 successful orders, I only once experienced the delays in delivery but I know it's not your fault. You've been very helpful. I found that you are very reliable vendor. Now Sarah told me that I can have my 10% discount for all my future orders as I have 5 successful orders completed. Thank you for your very generous offers. I will continue buying from you as I am very happy with your service. Happy customer from UK.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you very much for your continued custom, we are happy to serve you always. Cheers! Admin.
Have placed several orders over the past year and I am always impressed with the excellent customer service,variety of products, and other than the holidays, shipping has been faster than I expected!I couldn't ask for a better vendor and I will continue to order from prs4you :)
Administrator's answer:
Thank you very much for your custom, it's greatly appreciated.
My order went to Germany so I know the tn was wrong. I was told it would be "sorted out" but nothing is happening and i have no response from many emails, Please do something soon before I run out. FM USA
Administrator's answer:
Hi, Already sorted and client confirmed it has been already been delivered! Thank you FM USA for your continued custom. Please order as early before running out of stock. Cheers!
Usually awesome service but cant seem to contact admin as order has took two weeks from within the uk. Worrying as i really like this company theyre usually excellent but may have to go elsewhere 😢
Administrator's answer:
Hi, There are delays in deliveries, so please wait. Anyway, The orders are already been delivered. Client placed another new order and it's on the way. Thank you for your continued custom. Admin.
Awesome! my order of xanax delivered. Blue pills from pfizer. Love it. Thank you.
My usual order comes from India to UK, I usually received them with in 2 weeks, if weather is bad, I received them about 3 weeks. Not prs4you fault though sometimes its the weather problem. Thank you prs please don't go away as I rely my meds from you. you guys are awesome. PP UK
Hi guys just wanted to let you know they fixed the problem with my order of xanax i will get the rest soon. Cant tell PRS4YOU how thankful i am. Great service and speedy delivery. RY USA.
Hello the pfizer xanax 1mg i orderd are great thanks for the fast shipping and great quality just hoping the rest of my order arrives i receive 20tablets just waiting on the other 40tabs. Im assuming its part of a 3part shipping or 2part shipping? Great product and quality!!service has been great to!!! If i get the rest of my order i will place a new one the second i do. RY USA
Hello just wanted to say i received my 1st order placed with you guys of pfizer xanax today but only received 20 tablets and im supposed to get 60 tablets? Is there more shipments on the way. Thanks for everything glad to have received some of my order. And it arrived extremely fast thanks for that to. What is a good email to reach you guys at? My order#28031892441 thanks. RY USA
Hoping you guys can add some more brands of pain meds and higher dosages as well! Great site!! BF USA
Hi , I try to make an order by WU. But then i have to send you my MTCN. Unfortunately when i try to mail you , the mail is always rejected. It's impossible to mail you. Can you help me with that. Erik from Belgium
Administrator's answer:
All fixed and order on its way. Thank you.
Always great service. Really appreciate the US to US shipping option. BG USA
It seems that both credit card payment options aren’t working. Any idea when you guys will update to new payment processors?
Has anyone ordered from India to be delivered to the U.K. Please share your experiences with me. Customer service is slow to answer on this site so I decided to try the blog.
Administrator's answer:
Sometimes replies to emails are bounced back. Please use other email address. Thank you.
Good service, the EU Clonazepam is very effective. Delivery was within stated timeframe. Will certainly order again.rnrnIJA UK.
Thank you for your reliable and honest service! I received my order a couple of days ago. About two weeks from the time I placed my order. You guys are awesome.
Hi, I just want to say Thank you for your great service, I run out of my Diaz but finally got my new order. I'm now relieved. Fr
Administrator's answer:
Thank you. Please order early so you won't be run out again. :-)
Hi Admin, My order placed on 2/23 said " will ship in 24 to 48 hrs " but it's been 8 days wih no shipping and no response to emails. This is unusual for you guys so where is my order 23021892216? FM USA
Administrator's answer:
Hi FM, Your order has been shipped and it's on it's way. We have updated your shipping details. If you are not receiving our response. please provide us another email address. We used your 2 emails but bounced back. Thank you. Admin.
I've left several emails to confirm the bitcoin address you told me to send the funds to. Got no confirmation email, but my payment is showing completed. Can someone please contact me and let me know what's going on? Thank you.
Administrator's answer:
Hi, Your order is already shipped and we also updated your shipping details. Not sure if you are receiving our replies. Please check your spam as well. Thanks. Admin
I realized The items comes from different places that is why prs charge different shipping cost which is understandable but buying from them is brilliant,I am happy with it as long as they give my proper medications. I always receive my meds so I have no complain. I see that they added more items which is excellent. HM Netherland
Administrator's answer:
Thank you.
your email isn't working and i need my order 23021892216 correct price to pay fixed! $42 + $16 shipping is $58 NOT $64 Please contact me asap! 6 year loyal customer FM USA
Administrator's answer:
Replied to Email. Please provide us other email to contact you. Thank you.
I am happy that prs4you have different selections of valium and xanax, thank you, I am waiting for my order now. Will update as soon as I receive them. USA customer.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you. Your package is on it's way.
Just to confirm my order has been delivered. Thank you prs for another successful order. SK UK
now you're really on track with a great selection of anxiety and pain meds. keep up the good work! I will order again very soon! FM USA
I've been a customer for a super long time & the shipping was like super $50.00 major high & was not combined. They have been taking a lot longer to respond but they must just be super busy.
Administrator's answer:
Hi, all items comes from different locations so shipping have different costs. If you order an item that ship from the same place then you only pay 1 shipping cost, if you order 2 or more items that ship from different locations then must pay different charges.
Hi , how long is shipment to Belgium? Thanks!
Administrator's answer:
Shipment to Belgium is 5-7 Working days if you order items that ship with in the EU. 10-21 working days if you order items from Worldwide.
Eating xanax pills in the Morning Sun is good idea? How long is shipment to North Korea?
Administrator's answer:
hi, shipping to N.K is about 2-3 weeks. thanks
I am happy that all my 3 order arrived today. Thank you for your good service. will buy again in 2 weeks. L UK
Received my order today! Almost 3 weeks to the day from time of order. Thanks so much! USA
Administrator's answer:
Thank you.
I love the copax xanax 1mg. Have ordered it several times successfully but for order id #09011891957 I got a bunch of blister packs of zolpidem 10mg.Mistakes happen but seems like always when I just ran out of xanax so I am begging for a quick reship of my copax xanax so I don't have to withstand withdrawals for too long. Please reship right away, I beg you. FM USA
Administrator's answer:
Reshipping on its way, Thanks
Hey Guys, just to let everybody know that my order (Soma) arrived this morning. Thank you for the excellent service. LA USA
Reshipped order arrived (January 18th). Thanks. TM, Canada.
Hi prs4you, I am very grateful you have some products from USA to USA, I placed my first order and shipped from USA, I received it after 4 working days before you gave me my shipping details. I was worried but I am now feeling good as I have my order delivered. Again, Thank you. I will order again next week. CA USA
First two orders (shipped via EMS) arrived within the designated time frame. The third order (not shipped via EMS) failed to arrive. Unbeknownst to me, a replacement order was shipped; however, it didn't arrive either. I'm not certain what happened, as I did not receive a seizure order from Customs. In future, it might be useful to furnish tracking details as this would allow the customer to identify whether the product arrived at the destination country; did not make it through Customs; was waylaid during the delivery process, etc. Overall, however, it's a good service; one that I might use again. TM, Canada.
Administrator's answer:
Hi, reshipped is on its way. Thank you.
I got an email on Monday to say my had been shipped, but when I check the order details on your website, there's nothing about it shipping. So I just want to double check it did ship. I've sent several emails asking for clarification. Thanks. LJ UK
Administrator's answer:
Order shipped and client confirmed delivered! Thank you for shopping with us. PRS4You.Org
I've sent multiple emails about my order, which is still unfulfilled after six weeks, but none of the emails have been answered. Can I get some kind of response here? AB Ireland
Administrator's answer:
Emailed answered, sometimes they bounced back. however, client confirmed that the order has been delivered but wrong item received which we sincerely apologized for the mistake, - order reshipped - awaiting for delivery. Thank you for shopping with us.
I love what you call copax consern 1 mg xanax even though they are not as pictured. What I get when I order them are ALMEE-1 manufactured by Jpee drugs in India and they are not sustained release, which is better for me and they are not blue ovals but green and round and very effective. Please keep them on your list forever! Long time customer FM USA
Hi from USA, received my order of clonaz 2mg from Europe, I am very happy with the service and product is great. Live long PRS4You. Bob.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you Bob.
great customer service and products However, I only received half my order! I have enough faith in that costumer service will work diligently to correct the error! PRS CUSTOMER FOR LIFE! JM usa
Administrator's answer:
Full order delivered! Thank you.
Just to update prs, my order arrived today, JJ Autralia.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you.
Hell0 just wondering if everything is OK? no shipping information and been paid up for a week. please and thank you :-) Order ID: 08101791596
Administrator's answer:
Shipping updated. Thank you.
Hi,rnThank you, I got all my order in separate packages and I always order from Prs4you as you have great service but instead of the Xanax Pex-2, I received a bag of loose generic tablets and I don't even know what they are. I hope you can help as I only wanted the Pex-2 and not anything else.rnKind RegardsrnOrder Number - 25091791557
Administrator's answer:
Xanax replaced and client confirmed it was delivered. Thank you.
Everyone needs to know that this site is #1 for everything: customer service is top notch all meds are blister packed and top quality. prices are reasonable and if anything goes wrong they reship you another. LIVE LONG AND PROSPER PRS4YOU and so will I FM longtime USA customer
Dear Admin,rnrnFirst of all, I want you to know how much I appreciate you your great products and wonderful service. I have been ordering each time I get my previous order so I don't run out. It has worked well but yesterday I received the wrong medrn( lorazepam ) instead of the xanax I ordered and must have. I hope you will fix this soon so I don't run out. I can't take lorazepam; It gives me headaches and dizziness. Order#21091791531 Thank you, FM USArn
Administrator's answer:
Reshipping xanax and we apologize for the mistakes. Thank you very much for your continued custom.
You seem like a reputable seller, with good customer service, and a variety of choices like none other. I will update when i receive the product! YY Netherlands.
excellent service once again as usual my order delivered perfectly.rnrnThank you.
I trade (that is, buy and sell bitcoins) anonymously from My last trade with LiviaCoins was completed in 30 minutes.
Thanks as always for your excellent service and product selection! ❤️rn-Happy USA customer
Hi,I have just placed an order but having trouble with the payment options. Can you reply to my email please?Neil
Administrator's answer:
Email replied, payment by bank has been completed and order is in the process for shipping. Thank you for your continued custom.
Excellent products, I bought xanax from EU shipping and received exactly as the photo here. Thank you prs. USA
Amazing !!! !!! !!! Delivery now is super fast and replys to any questions are dealt with fast. 100% genuine product as always. 10 out of 10 excellent company, i just pray that you will be around for a very long time coz i dont know what id do without prs4you. UK
I placed order and prs promised me that if I received my 1 package then I place a another new order then they will give 10% discount automatically. First, I want to say thank you to your great service, my order arrived last friday which was very quick delivery and the package was so impressive, very well packed. As your advice before I run out with my stock, I want to use the the 10% discount you give me. I just place a new order now and I see that the 10% deducted at checkout. Thank you and looking forward to receive this new order. N UK
Administrator's answer:
Thank you for your custom.
Dear Prs4you, I received the ordered items today. Very fast and very satisfied delivery. Thank you very much. I wish a good and pleasant day to you.rnIE.
Hi Everyone, just to let you know i received my order today. Great service once again. Thank you very much. You are highly recommended. K UK
I have received every order, always good quality. Customer service is very responsive and do a great job being fair in any and all situations. I have had to inquire a few times about late orders but they always check on it and get back to you promptly. The best of the best!
Administrator's answer:
Thank you dear. We are happy to serve you.
I am glad to write here as I have received my 3rd time order from prs, everything went through and packaging was excellent. Very discreet. Thank you very much as you have saved my life for providing my meds. UK loyal customer.
I just received half my order. It was exactly what I ordered. Packaging was discrete and no time delay in customs. I thonk I just found my replacement company. ThanksrnBO United States
I just received half my order. It was exactly what I ordered. Packaging was discrete and no time delay in customs. I thonk I just found my replacement company. ThanksrnBO United States
Sorry for being nuisance sometimes as I badly needed my sleeping tablets and I couldn't wait so I have to chase every now and then but I know it isn't your fault, I am writing here just to let you know I received them. Thank you for your patience with me. You are great vendors here. Will definitely order again as early as possible before I run out of my meds. Thank you once again. UK customer.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you for letting us know you have received your order. No problem with being nuisance. Your custom is greatly appreciated. Looking forward for your next order. Have a great day. Admin.
Hi Prs4you, Thank you for updating your website specially the shipping information, I just place another order of xanax pfizer which comes from EU shipping. My last order of Tramadol have been delivered in time. Thank you for that. I Hope my new order will come the same as my last order. I will write another blogs as soon as my new order arrive. CC UK customer.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you very much CC for your continued custom, its greatly appreciated, please check our website regularly for new updates and new products. Many thanks once again and we assure you that your new order will be delivered in time. Best regards, Admin.
I love your new array of choices for xanax! keep it up! FM USA
Why do you charge $23 for ems with tracking and then send it 1st class with NO TRACKING? I never know when it's coming and it only costs 2-3 dollars to ship it this way.You used to send it as advertised but not any more. I despise this! Long time customer USA
Administrator's answer:
All shipping cost and details are now updated. Please check our website regularly for new updates and new products. We will refund your additional postage cost on your next order. Many thanks for your loyal service. Admin
Thank you for resending my order, I want to order again but the item is not listed in your website, please help. Thanks
Administrator's answer:
Hi, Thank you for letting us know you have received your order, currently, your item is out of stock but we will add it on again tomorrow. admin.
Just got my order of xanax thank you all.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you.
I'm not sure about the amount of Subutex you get for 200 bucks is it 7 or 56?
Administrator's answer:
Hi, Please contact us at, please email to us the item you want as subutex is not listed on our website, but we will try to find it for you. Thanks
Many thanks Prs4you received my order after 4 days as this was my first order with your company I was little skeptical at first then decided to try a small order and received as say on your website with in 4 days, product very good. will now place a bigger order as I am now more confirdent. many thanks. RB EU.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you RB for this positive feedback. Admin.
Thank you very much for deciding to do the decent thing. As I've said before, I understand that this business with orders being stopped at Indian customs (Or even if you were just scammed by your supplier), will have cost you a lot of money and I'm genuinely sorry this has happened to you. rnBut as I've also said none of the troubles you have had anything to do with me and therefore I really didn't think I should have been penalised as if it were my fault. In fact I have been very patient, as it's taken over 6 months for me to get my order completed.rnI'm really pleased and pleasantly surprised that you have changed your mind, as I also understand, that you probably get a lot of clients with drug problems trying it on, so to speak. Although I'm sure you can see that has never been what this was about.rnSo once again Sarah, thanks so very much for all your help in this matter and I genuinely look forward to doing more business with yourselves in future. Sincerely,SS
Administrator's answer:
Many thanks for this great reply we really appreciate good comments and the fact that our clients are happy with our service and trust us.
Products are genuine. Website recommended.Cheers!
I found this very reliable vendor, good customer service and products are great - DHC and codeine, received. As promised, I recommend this vendor.
Sarah, thank you for reshipping my order. I will come back soon. MJ USA.
Shipping very fast. NL.
xanax from pfizer 1mg great stuff. Thank you.
Great service, discreet package, Happy customer. Will order again soon. UK.
hello from N USA, I ordered xanax here from pfizer, shipping from EU, delivered after 5 working days, great product and discreet packaging. Over all great service. Thank you I definitly buy again soon.
Received my order DHC, great stuff, fast transaction and shipping. Prs4you is very helpful. Thank you. Will come back again. Staffordshire, UK.
Bring back Live chat! It is desperately needed here. Emails get sporadic responses or none at all. Long time USA customer
Administrator's answer:
Hi, All emails are replied within 12-24 hrs. please check spam in case you can't see in your inbox. Thanks. Admin.
Why are the choices I want the most ( adderall, valium,and ritalin ) at the best prices but I can't have them because you won't ship to usa? Make it so I can order these!! FM USA
Administrator's answer:
Hi, Adderall is now available to ship to USA and of course Valium. Please check again our website as we update everynow and then. Thank you.
I am happy to inform you that I have received my order within 3 working days. Great stuff and good customer service. I will place my order next week before I run out of my stock. Thank you prs4you. UK customer.
I want everyone to know that prs4you is the best site of its type on the entire internet. Honesty, integrity, and genuinely good products are its mainstay! Also, Sarah is the greatest customer service person ever! Do not hesitate to order from here; you will be pleasantly surprised. FM USA
Now you are getting reasonable again. The 100 valium 10mg for $63 is on my list for next order! Get some more similar offers going please! FM USA
Great service! I have received my order, Thanks for reshipping.
I finally got my order from February 5. The Xanax is good quality, but they are TR/ER, but if you chew them, they'll work just like regular IR(instant relief) tabs. Overall I'm satisfied and will continue to order from this site. rn2 year customer,rnA TH USA
I ordered soma which came yesterday. The Xanax I ordered in February should be delivered tomorrow. I've been shopping here for 2 years, and they've had a problem for the last 4 months, but now they are back on their feet. Don't hesitate to order.rnTH. USA
Bring back the alprax o4 restyl xanax - they were great and a lot better price than what you offer now! FM USA
Hi Sarah/Prs4you , I would like to inform you that I have received my order (Xanax), Great product and now I am happy that you are back on your feet again. Will place my order as early as possible before I run out on my current supply. Keep up the good work. USA buyer
Hi Everyone, Glad to see PRS4YOU is back on track, I placed my order back in March and this April they emailed me that they had some problems with the old suppliers, they ask me if I agree to place a new order and then send me the outstanding order by 20% every time I place a new order so I did place a new order then paid it with Money Gram, though i did not received any tracking number but they emailed me again saying that they already shipped my order with additional extras to pay for my outstanding order in March. After 4 days, my package turned up and it was fantastic, I am now more happy because they keep their promised and there products came from UK which I had no problem with customs. I will continue to do business with prs4you. AS. UK.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you.
Surely xanax is one of your best sellers. How can you remove them from the list? Please bring back the xanax!!! FM usa
Administrator's answer:
Xanax is back. Thanks
Thank you for resending my orders, I now received them. USA.
The Altrax is top notch alprazolam.
The Altrax is just as good or better than restyl for 1mg xanax!! FM USA
The new Xanax is spot on. It's by Kelwin Healthcare and is of the same quality as the Restyl. I had been taking the Restyl for 1year when I changed to the new brand with out skipping a beat. But the shipping has gotten even slower. Been waiting to track a 3 week old order.
I have been waiting for my order and finally the postman came and delivered my order and it was from prs4you, I was worried but as always, prs said I will wait, so I wait and finally I have my order, I thought I will find another website to order BUT then thinking the other websites are more worse, I tried other website but they never send my order, UNLIKE this website, even they have problems, they always complete my order with bonuses if there are delays. Shipping sometimes delays but I know it's not there fault, I still recommend this website for their excellent service.JR, UK customer.
Hello, I would like to see roxicet or oxycodone offered here for sale. FM usa
Administrator's answer:
We will let you know as soon as it is available. TY
Hello, it would be nice to bring the restyl as comment below asked. Also, for some reason, my payment was picked up but I have no order. have not gotten any email response and I want my order or a refund immediately. I have waited since jan 11 for something to happen but nothing happens and it is now feb 20. PLEASE help this old man.
Administrator's answer:
Your order has been reshiped and it is now on its way. Thanks. PS. Restyl is out of the market however, we will find them for you. Thanks
Hello, it would be nice to bring the restyl as comment below asked. Also, for some reason, my payment was picked up but I have no order number showing, have not received confirmation, and the fact that my last order took weeks to arrive all worries me. Other than shipping delays I have no problem and will continue ordering from you. I paid for express tracking and I have no knowledge of where my order is other than being able to see the WU payment was picked up. Can you please help with this? I don't mean to pester, it's just been a bad couple months. ThanksrnJen, TX
Please bring back the Restyl 1mg Xanax by Cipla. TH USA
Hi, sorry to use this section but it seems the email server may be down, can you help with a tracking number as i havent heard anything since 06/12/16? rnRegardsrnCm
Administrator's answer:
Email Replied!
hi hope everything is fine out there, just want to let you know, I received my order, thank yuou prs4you. UK.
I have found this website trustworthy because when I first bought a small amount of xanax which is 30 tablets and they sent it to me as they stated on the website. though the shipping was delayed atleast they informed me about the problem.But I didn't mind about that, what is important is they didn't rip me off and I received what I order. UK
I always worried about the tracking number they provided that sometimes I couldn't track but fortunately, I always receive my order in time. It is not prs fault though, it's postal services. UK
Dear PR4U,rnI am a cutsomer from way back with a long history of orders, and I do not I distrurust the site, but I have been havingng major anxieity issues that I do not want to address to my current PCP, as she is very not helpful in these matters. My order was shipped EMS to US but I don’t have a tracking # yet, and I know you’ve had a postal strike there, but could you please let me know what my tracking # is if you have one yet? Order was placed 2016-10-16. I have rec’d email confirmation of order and payment preceipt.rnThank you for all of your help and apologies for being a pest!!rnHuge thanks again!
Administrator's answer:
All updated on database and emails. Thank you.
Tracking number supplied by Prs4you cannot be found. Will the order arrive? JL in UK
Administrator's answer:
Tracking numbers usually updated online after 2-3 days
Hi All, I have been using PR4U since 2009- they have been excellent and when they went down because of the prescribing doctor died around 2012 and they have problem with their suppliers as well, so I switched to another different online Pharmacies, however, I got problems with the other online sellers, they ripped me off, I paid my order and never received it. Since 2 years ago, I have been searching for another source who can supply my medications but it is so difficult to find a trusted one. rnNow, I came back here on this website and found out that PRS4you is accepting online payments as Bitcoins and CC, I placed a new order and paid it with my cc, I received a confirmation from PRS4you that my order is been accepted and is being processed. Fortunately, this is the only online pharmacy that is trustworthy and I do believe that I will receive my order soon. I will write up next blogs as soon as I receive my package. NH USA.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you for coming back. Admin.
Sorry to post in the blog section, but the tracking number I received saying order shipped 10/5 is not found when I try to track it. Can you please re-ship or double check the tracking number to make sure it's correct. I really appreciate your help! Thank you, US
Administrator's answer:
Replied to Email.
Thank you prs4 for my first order arrived. Though it was late for few days, but I still received it in time. UK
First of all p4u is a fantastic company with excellent staff. The problem lies with the uk customs, looks like ive had yet another order held!!! Very annoying but in no way p4u's fault. Will have to find alternative means of getting the meds i require as our customs in the uk hold every order i place now. Extremely gutted as i found p4u an excellent company to deal with, in fact the best on the web. Shame :-(rnCm from the ukrn
Hello! I have been a long time customer & usually get tracking info quite quickly. The order I placed this month still hasn't been updated with tracking info, tho. Can you please help? EB USA
Administrator's answer:
Replied on email
Hi Prs, I want to buy viagra but I am confused in using Bitcoin payment. I want to pay my order with Bitcoin. please help. Many thanks.
Administrator's answer:
Hi, Please check instruction here: Thank you. Admin.
FYI, I am a client for this website many years now since they had the first website till they changed to this new name, I have been buying my pain reliever and on twice my package has been seized, But I had no worries as I know this company can resolve the issues as they did to my 2 packages that was confiscated at customs office. they reshipped my order free of charge so I received the same amount of my medication. They are very reliable online company. Customer service is excellent. Thank you so much for helping my health problems. UK.
I bought valium 10mg from this site and received it for about 2 weeks after they sent me the tracking number. It's worth to wait than to receive nothing. The other pharmacy website ripped me off but this website seems to be honest. Thank you prs for my order. USA.
For the first time i used this company i have my order shipped via ems and i now received my package. Thank you. I will buy again soon.
Hi, I am from USA, I just bought Modalert from prs, they cam though it was a little bit late because it was stuck in customs, they are exactly as there pictures in their website. I found a legit website to order my regular medications. Thank you.
The cialis works good for me. Thank you for resolving my problem. SK, USA
Tramadol are brilliant stuff. Thank you.
Just to let you know my order delivered this morning. Thank you Sarah for helping me how to buy bitcoin, I will place another order soon specially the xanax as I always take them before I go to sleep. JG!
Administrator's answer:
You are welcome JG.
Thank you prs for keeping me alive,my doctor prescribed my medicine for my pain but they are expensive here so I started buying from this company, my tydol pain medication cheaper, this saves me some $$. Thank you as you always send my order out. AJ USA.
I see that Prs is promoting this black ant product on the frontpage, I purchased 30 tabs and my friend tried it and he said it works well. I will order again. JKL USA
Black ant King is working good, Now I have a good play with my gf. will order again as I only bought 1 pack as a test. the result is good though. Thank you prs4you. UK customer
My husband needed viagra so I ordered from prs4you 20 tablets paid it with bitcoins too. I received my order without any problem. I received what I ordered. Thank for your service. I will definitely place another order soon. JL NY usa.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you.
I purchased my regular medication from this website, I used Bitcoin and it was fantastic I bought Bitcoins from coincorner and received it in just few minutes and then paid my order. In 7 days I received my package. Thank you prs4you. USA customer.
I had the same situation from below comment, my order in August took quiet long time to deliver, it was because it was held in customs then I asked from customer service in prs4you, they suggested to change the receiver name but they can resend to the same address I provided them my cousin name and they reshipped it for free of charge,in 5 days I received it so I'm still happy with it. Thank you prs4you for re-sending my order. PM.UK
I used to order very frequently but have not ordered for quite some time due to delivery issues.when ordering I expect it to take 5 to7 days to deliver so I always make sure I have enough medication to do me until my next lot arrived but unfortunately my last 2 orders took 3weeks and 5 weeks which was simply not good enough.colin uk
Hi to all and to prs4you, I am glad to post you a comment on your website, it is because I was away for a month, now I am back and I have my package waiting for me even though there was a delay on the shipping but I have received it. I will place a new order as soon as possible before I run out of my supply. Thnaks. JR UK
I have been ordering from PRS4u for many years, although you may not remember me because I ended up finding a local doctor for a few years so I stayed off drugbuyers and pharmacy watchers too. I wanted to give you major props for getting me my order so fast. I placed it on 8/1/16 and the friendly postman arrived with part of it on 8/8/16 and the rest showed up a couple of days later after customs in NY got their sticky fingers off it! I'm hoping it's that fast again but just in case, I am trying not to expect much. I want you guys to know that without you, I have no idea what I would have this is about a 10 year long thank you. You guys are wonderful!rnrnJen G. USA, TX
Still no tracking number for order placed August 7th #08081689853. Please respond to my emails.
Administrator's answer:
Tracking number updated!
PRS4u is a fantastic company, very proffesional and very reasonably priced. My only problem seems the uk customs are becoming extremely strict now as ive had 2 of my last 3 orders held and the ukbf are the most unhelpfull people in the world if by some miracle you can even contact them. Thankfully prs4u are very helpfull in this situation and always re send your order. Seems really unfair that this great company has to replace held orders foc though. Just beware if ordering into the uk now, NEVER was a problem in the past so seems the uk customs have changed the way the do things now :-(Cm from the Uk (unfortunetly)
Hello,rnI was always ordering from P4U a few years ago. I was able to get lucky enough to find a doctor who wrote me what I needed, but communication fell through someplace and I no longer have this doctor. I wanted to mention how happy I was to see you are still up and doing business. You also still have all the meds I need for the most part. I will be placing my first order after a couple years by Tuesdaay.. I think I have the payment method down. I am so grateful. I watch quite a few boards to see what's out there and lots of scammers have saturated this market. I am on fixed income and absolutely need what I order. I'm proud to say that I have always received all my orders and feel confident that we will be rekindling a great buyer/seller relationship. Thank you for still being there and I look forward to future business!rnrnJGrnUSA
I want to tell everyone what a wondrous,honest site this is! I have had all the best service and get quality products every time for over 4 years. If you could add oxycodone to he list, that would be good. Thank you, FM usa
This is a completely fair and balanced review as someone who has been a customer for about 1.5 years now. First off, the medicinal accessibility this site provides is invaluable to those who need it. Be safe and responsible when ordering certain medications. Here are the stats I've put together for myself:1) here is a link to my order history: 2) On average, I've found that shipping to the Northeast of the United states takes between 6 and 10 days, 7 being the average and this includes weekend days. So a Tuesday ship will get you your order the following Tuesday. 3) here is what to expect - make your order, pay with bitcoin (I've found paxful to be the easiest - you can buy with paypal and be ready to go very quickly, plus PRS4U will give you a BIG bonus). In most cases, within 2 days of sending your payment you will get a shipping confirmation. When you get that, expect about 7 days until you receive the order. I have received EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY ORDERS. I canceled a few because I ordered the wrong thing and one was canceled that didn't ship and it was no problem. A few were delayed, one got lost for about a week, one was routed to a wrong part of the country then came back a couple days later. This is just how shipping works for everything international. Customer service is very responsive and patient - they will work with you. I'll check back and answer questions about my experience if anyone wants to ask anything. - Happy Buyer
Administrator's answer:
Thank you very much, from admin.
i sent my payment through moneygram, my order delivered with no problem.
Hi, I paid my order with bitcoins and got delivered today. package discreet and products are genuine. Thanks to you. uk
Just want to say thank you for my order delivered today. UK
I'm the person just below who thought he was being ignored. As per admin's reply everything was sorted the next day and my order has been shipped. Sorry for the confusion. PH - UK
Another order recieved safely and quickly, superb. Thanks again PRS4u for the great service. rnCraig, U.K
I seem to be having email problems, i got my order number- 28041689052 saying payment had gone through but no tracking number as yet, it has been a week now..!! M.C. UK
Administrator's answer:
Replied to email - Order tracking number updated and re-sent on email. Thank you.
I recently made an order but I had a question regarding the payment process. I have emailed prs4you twice about this but have had no reply. They have taken my money but now they are ignoring me.
Administrator's answer:
We didn't ignore the emails, it was because nobody in the office because of timezone. The following day, everything was answered, order processed and shipped. Thank you for placing your order. Admin
Thank you admin for helping me fulfilling my order. Netherland.
Perfectly discreet package and services, all my queries answered and great people to deal with. USA New customer
Administrator's answer:
Thank you.
Thank you prs4you for completing my order. Will order again soon. USA
Hi, sorry to use the blog section for tracking info but it seems the email system may be down? Order ref 12031688628, anyone having trouble with email? rnUk customer
Fast delivery to US. Only problem, paid double for non generic and received generic anyways. Legit though. Hope to get this resolved but have not heard back from admin yet. Will update.
I paid my order with bitcoins, it was just perfect.
Hi prs4you, thank you, I received my order and this is the quickest delivery, will definitely place my order again. UK
Administrator's answer:
Thank you.
Hi there, once again i received my order thank you very much. UK
Perfectly reliable service 4 you is a nice name, thank you for being there to supply my medical needs. UK customer.
Hi everyone,this ismy first order with this website, I ordered xanax, i emailed admin to check my package which i ordered on the 09 of January, I received a reply from sarah, she said my package will be delivered anytime because it was already cleared in customs, so wait, surprisingly, my package delivered today whihc is exactly what i ordered. thank you that i found a trusted company. i definitely place my order again. usa
Dear all, I bought herbal viagra spray in this website tried 2 sprays and few minutes i felt the effect I'm quiet satisfied than the cialis tabs. I will buy sme more in the next couple of weeks.Thank you for recommending me this new product. TT.
I registered in 2010 and bought a lot of my medications from this company, until now I am an active buyer for my backpain problem,I don't want to buy from any other online pharmacies as this company is honest and trustworthy, I always have my orders delivered, although there were times that delivery delayed but I always have the feeling my package will come through and yes. Thanks for your help pr4u. T, UK
hi pr4 i am very happy with my order i received today. i tought i run out with my med but just in time they arrived, i will place my next order as early as possible to avoid delay in delivery. thamk u once again. netherland happy customer
Received my order again in a timely manner. Furthemore, you don't need customers like the one below complaining of fake posts and bashing a great legal currency bitcoin. Thanks again for your great service and quality products. TH USA
Believe or not, I have been customer of pr4u since 2009 and all my orders were delivered with no problem. I had once that customs confiscated my package but pr4u reshipped in full and I received it. Because I am a long time customer, they offer me a discount so I am happy with it. UK customer.
I don't trust this site because the alleged payment link does take you to Aladdin but what appears in cart bears no resemblance to my order so your either shipping illegally ( hence all customs comments I assume) or these blogs are fake.rnrnI obviously did not proceed with payment then received more emails from different people trying to take me back to Aladdin to pay! rnrnThank god I never entered cc details. Also any site using bit coins in my opinion are suspicious as this is only currency used on the " dark web" - if you in uk and saw panorama you'll know what I mean.
Administrator's answer:
Dear, Thank you for writing blogs. We understand how you feel being a first timer browsing into our website, that what most people do. But we are not posting a fake blogs on our website. Those are from our loyal long time customers. Of course we chose the best payment gateway who do not steal people's money. We are now in business for over 10 years FYI. We wish you good luck and happy new year.
Customs got one of mine was well. They need to change the return address they are using, don't they? Anyway got the replacement order. The package went through CA port instead of NY. Shipping is getting better. Some adderal or Ritalin would be nice. PS DON'T order Pex 2mg they are fake read the deion. Plus India's FDA allows only 1.5mg SR only, a 2mg is not made by any reputable company. TH USA
To pr4u, eventhough my first package hhas been incustoms, you assured me to reship my order, yesterday i received the reshipped package. the first one still in customs and never receive a letter from them, if in case i wll receive it, i definitely pay for it as it worth it as i couldn't buy from any other online pharmacy as i already trust your website, you always there to help me. thank you very mych for your good service, happy customer from usa.
Yes, finally i got mine as well... thanks pr4u, you're a trusted seller. i will order again. UK customer.
I received my replacement order today that was lost/taken by customs. Thanks PR4U! TH USA
Hi - This place has been GREAT over the last year but I haven't heard back on my last order and my account is gone from the website. Anyone else having issues? SV / USA
Administrator's answer:
Replied on email.
Bitcoin is just perfect paymnet. Got my order as usual. LP USA
dear customer service .at. pr4u, i have been a customer for many years and sometimes i experience the delay for delivery, however, i don't blame pr4u for the cause because they have done their part.everytime i placed order, they shipped and provided me tracking numbr, if i coldn't get update from tracking system i contact pr4u to check it for me, they always reply to me, the last order i had last month was in customes for many days i contacted pr4u what to do and they said they will reship my order in full free of charge, i agreed to that, got the new tn, after 6 days i received it, i don't know what happend to the other packagem, i guess its still in customes but i never receive a letter from them whether they destroy or not. Now i want to place more orders to avoid christmas holidays delay. so i will have enough supply over the holiday season, thank you pr4u for supplying my medication fairly enough to deal with them. RK uk
Shipping was a lot faster this time. I ordered Nov 10 and got my package Nov 20 to the USA! Great job shipping department. I also used Bitcoin, I would recommend Circle for setting up a Bitcoin account in the USA. The Restyl 1mg is great quality. Thanks again prescribe4u. TH USA
I rceived my order order today.. thank you admin. Usa.
HI,I have not been able to get through to admin, my emails keep coming back to me.rnI have a tracking number for my order placed on 10-30 and was informed it was shipped.rnBut, when I go to the EMS tracking it says they have no record of the shipment.rnI have ordered from PR4 before and had no problems. Just checking.rnrnJP USA
Administrator's answer:
Replied to emails.
Hi sarah, thnak you for shipping my order, though i was worried cos it was my first time to place my order with you but you ar very reliable, i recived my order with no problem and just in time. regards, K
Thank you for yuour information. Yes, I received mine without updated on tracking system, just yesterday I noticed that they updated online. I kept emailing sarah to check but she kept telling me I have to wait. so i did. finally got it.! thanks.
Hi everyone, I thought I would like you to know that when your package arrives in your local post office, then as soon as you received the notice from post office you need to check your package immediately because packages now are not stuck at the post office after 5 days, they just r-send it back specially here in USA, so therefore, always check your tracking numbers to see if they have any movements,before if a package is not collected within the offered time which is 1month, then that's the time they will return it back to the sender. Now it takes only 5 days in the post office then they send it back once it is not collected with in 5 days. Thanks, usa.
Just to let you know that I got my order, no problem, I can sleep again with my xanax. usa
Hi, sorry to use the blog section to ask for tracking info but it seems the email system must be down, do you have any tracking info for order 23101587525?rnCheersrnCraig uk
Administrator's answer:
Tracking number already updated.
My order has now been delivered. Thank you Sarah, I was worried that's why I kept sending emails, I though I couldn't get my order but finally I got it. it was the tracking system sometimes not giving me an exact update so I thought I have to contact the admin. UK customer
Hi All, Thank you for my order, paid via voucher then received my order with no problem.rnWill surely place my next supply.
I have been worried that I placed an order but tracking number won't work on any of the tracking system, I keep contacting the admin, sarah assured me that if I won't received my order then they will either reship my order or refund my payment, surprisingly, sarah emailed me that I have noticed ffrom the post office, I checked and then I finally got my order. thank you for your help sarah I will soon place my order again as I like the product. Georgia USA
Hllo. I used bitcoin and paid my order thanks i received my order now. UST AU.
I ordered many times nw and I noticed that the rest of the shipping is wuiet slow, but the other package I had, I received it very quick, just in time,,, I will order again on pr4u. Thanks guys for your great service D M from Denmark.
The shipping was a little slow, but the Restyl 1mg is of excellent quality. I will definitely order again.rnT.H. USA
prescribe4u is still going well in business they provide different payment gateway, I created my own bitcoin wallet from blockchain, I purchase bitcoin from circles and paid my order from prescribe4u. job well done. my order on its way. Karl, usa
E-voucher works for me as my payment gateway,thank you pr4u for providing this fantastic payment with extra free pills bonuses. I will also try bitcoin for my next order. UK
I ordered pain meds received my package. thank you prescribe4u jones usa
I received my order today, paid with bitcoin, thank you pr4u. will order again. Netherlands
Thank you prescribe4u I am very happy that I recive my order in time as I run out with my meds I will place a new order again as ealry as posible so will be receiving my next supply before I run out. GK from UK.
Hi Everyone, this is Maxy, Yes, I used Bitcoin with my last order and no problem. If you leave in USA, circle is the best way to buy bitcoin, you only need to create a wallet from the link provided from the instruction then start buying bitcoins. To buy bitcoin needs your account verified with your identification and proof of address. It depends on where you live. all the information you can find on prescribe4u guidelines. hope this helps. I received my order already which I paid by bitcoin, thank you sarah.
Hi has anyone used bitcoins? Dont really know how to pay this way.
Hello! When I placed my order (which met the minimum), I didn't have the 50% additional products added to my order. Can you please adjust my order so that I get 45 of each item that I purchased?rnrnThank you!! EB
Administrator's answer:
50% has been added to this order.
Hello, I have sent multiple e-mails regarding the shipment status of my order, I have received an e-mail stating I paid in full, and I have nothing in return. Are you receiving them? I have not ordered from you guys in a few years, but my account is still active and the payment voucher transaction was easy enough. Bryan - USA
Administrator's answer:
Dear Bryan, yes, replied your email.
Evouch code works perfect for me,i buy my medicine hir an just went trhu the proces of buying e-vouch and got got number then i exjange it with my purchase,paid ems and received my order within 5 working days. thanks sara.
Hello everyone! I ordered bensodiazepam here and paid by credit card it was shipped on 17th of July, today i received. thanks you prescribe4 wade.
dear sarah, firstly i would like to thank you for your help.rni was in chronic pain and was looking for pain medication, i found this site on blogs selling tramadol.i contacted them and Sarah answered me. i ordered small amount to test if they are reliable company paid by credit card and it went through, i was lucky i received my order promptly with no problem, Now i have no doubt to place my next order. page usa
Hi Sara Just like to say i received my order today, excellent packaging and very discreet Also lik too mention your new payment system thought at first WTF butI tried it and it was so easy paid by my debit card no probs, then within minuets received my order confarmation PAID with another 30% more pills free great... will def use again. JKW Scotsman.
Administrator's answer:
Thanks JK all compliments gratefully accepted, have a great day. Sarah.
Got my reshipped order today... thank you for your great services.rnWill order again soon. US
Hi Sarah/Pr4u would like to thank you for reshipping my order, finally, I received it with no problem. Customer from Uk.
I thought I was ignored but was not. I emailed admin several times and Sarah did reply once told me to wait because they have some issues with the shipments, I was worried maybe they couldn't reship my order nor refund my money, I couldn't wait so I emailed Sarah many times, thought she ignored me but the truth is she kept her word. They reshipped my order and finally got it. Will definitely place my order earlier before I run out of my meds because shipping these days is a bit slow. Its not PR4U's fault though :-) Belgium.
PR4U is back and running again. Thank you very much for the new payment method, just paid my order by voucher. Successful! UK.
Shipment sent May 26 -not received as of June 15. Emails not answered since June 10 whereas they are normally answered very propmptly. I suspect the site may not be functioning properly and I had one email sent back with a delivery failure message. Happy to be proved wrong. UK customer.
Administrator's answer:
Site is back and emails fixed. Apologize for the inconvenience.
Excellent customer service, thanks very much for the help. A great service as always!
Love p4u, customer service is second to none! Had an order either held or lost parcelforce cant tell me so p4u reshipped foc, amazing service. 1st class! Thank you once again :-)rnCraig u.k customer
Can you please respond to my tracking request emails? EB usa
Administrator's answer:
Admin Replied to Email.
2015-04-24rnI found the shipping was 1st rate along with the 2 products I ordered. Price was reasonable along with the special offer, which I did appreciate. Your web-site/product line and customer response are 1st rate too. Keep up the good work from a satisfied customer.
Hello! Sarah. Just to let you know I received my orders today, thank you.
These days shipping wasn't good because originating IT was damaged according to the information from PR4U so I couldn't track my parcel. I sent several emails to PR4U c/o Sarah and she replied though keep telling me I have to wait, so I did understand the situation, so I wait.The other day, I asked Sarah to track my package if she can, Surprisingly, she emailed me back, told me that I have notice left, I went to the post office, Finally, I got my my order,,, Thank you Sarah for your help. Customer service is great. (UK)
Even though my order was seized at customs, prescribe 4 u gave me a refund.rn(Take care if you order into Denmark.)rnGood customer service, recommended!rnrnIt could only be better if they imported the medicines themselves to EU, but I guess that's not so easy to do.
savvy tokens best thing ever! I hope P4u is around for many years to come - awaiting order but sure it will arrive as I have always had good experience ordering and receiving on good time. thank you P4u
Hi, I put in my very first order a couple days ago, I'm hoping all goes well. Sarah in admin has been very helpful so far, especially since I'm new to all this. Payment with Savy Coins was really easy. I will update as soon as I receive my pkg.rn Michelle rn USA
Thank youvery much PR4U I was worried for my latest order because I thought it was lost somewhere, I kept tracking my package but no updates on usps for about 6 days since the last updates, Finally, I received my order yesterday, Sarah emailed me about the delays because of bad weather these. Thank you Sarah. Long time customer, USA.
Used this site for years and if anything is lost in the post (rarely happens as they can track orders) they ship out again I'm a professional and have severe anxiety problems aswell as back pain from my job, My GP told me to quite my high earning job to relieve the pain! Thank Goodness for this site!
I was old customer for this site for 5 years until 2012, then when they stop accepting easy payments like visa/debit card, I stopped buying. They helped me a lot in the past. Last Christmas, I was browsing my internet and remeber this site and placed an order and paid by savvytokens then it went through. PR4U have always a Fantastic service. I received my order last Jan. 9 which was excellent packing and the quality is very good. I feel great.Now I am placing my new order and paid successful.Thank you savvytokens for making payment easier. Will become rnrnrn a regular buyer again. USA
Like the last reviewer I was confused by the payment method but once the Savvytokens had been purchased the order was easy to make and so far I have had replies to all email within 24 hours.rnrnI ordered two items, one has arrived, exactly as advertised, well packed and signed for on delivery so that gave me much reassurance. I have started to use the tablets which I have been prescribed in the past and they are equally as effective so many thanks.rnrnOn a less positive side, it would be great to have better tracking information. When I logged into my account on your site today to see what was happening with my second item I was unable to see my 'Order History'. Back to the positive, I have had a quick and informative reply to email sent this morning, I understand that there is a minor problem with the site and am sure my second package will arrive in the next couple of days.rnrnThis is by far the best site for these type products that I have found, I shall use them uniquely from now on, not only excellent quality products but very importantly there is someone who will reply if a problem occurs.rnrnMany thanks to all the team from a UK client.rn
Administrator's answer:
Thank you very much. Looking forward for your future orders. PR4U Team.
I was browsing where to buy pain killers and found this site. I asked many questions before I placed my first order.They replied me until I successfully paid through savvytokens which I was a little bit confused with this payment option but I did it well with the help of the CS. I am waiting for my order to be delivered. London,UK.
Nothing wrong with my order,rnso happy with it. I am new here and placed a test order for xanax, so this is my very first order on prescribe4u, 4 days delivery which I feel great with the service. I will order again soon.Thank you.IR
Hi PR4 Thank you for my order. Received it as usual.Cheers! UK.
Yes, I used Savvy Tokens 5X and never experienced any problem. Very easy just click proceed until you reach finish page. Customer from UK.
Just to update my post of 3rd December. My order arrived this past week,many thanks,NW,UK
Anybody used savvy tokens payment? I am not sure with this payment method.rnPlease help. Thank you. New buyer.
Excellent company, very professional. 100% Genuine product at great prices. Cant fault p4u one bit. rnThanks :-)
Yes, I agree with you there. I am a long time regular customer for PR4U and I always have a good service from them although sometimes my order takes a bit longer to receive but its not PR4U's fault. They are using postal services via register and EMS shipping.I tried these shipping services and I noticed that register mail is sometimes takes longer time and sometimes comes quickly as EMS. But for me I do not have to worry about my order because I know PR4U is real online site. Its not my hubby to write on blogs but when I was reading forums, I thought I might try to share my experience with PR4U. They gave me a lot of Extra free medications so I am happy and continue to buy from them. From USA.
I read negative comments on forums/blogs about prescribe4u, But when I placed a test order a week ago, paid successful by savvy tokens which was easy payment for me and I recieved confirmation that my order is being processed, got tracking number within about 36 hours. I couldn't get tracking info online then I emailed PR4U and they replied that I have to wait as sometimes tracking system isn't updated regularly,So I wait! Surprisingly, after 5 days, the postman turned up and there you go, it was my order from PR4U wrapped very discreet. Then I thought I have to write here to inform everyone that PR4U aren't scam site.
Whyrn are you not responding to my emails and not giving a tracking number?
Administrator's answer:
Tracking updated! Emailed client.
Hi, I have used this site many times previously and received an excellent service. I placed an order on Thursday 28th November and paid using savvy tokens as I have done previously. However,on this occasion I have received no notification that my order has been despatched,and no reply to my 'chat' enquiries. Any word,admin? NW,UK
Administrator's answer:
Updated on email.
Thank you for my orders. arrived safely.Well done! John,USA
Hi Is there anybody used savvytokens payment?
Administrator's answer:
Hi, Yes, 95% of our clients are now using savvytokens as a form of payment. You can check on our webpage regarding savvytokens: Many Thanks for your query. PR4U Admin
Thanks for Savvy Tokens, easy and very quick processing payment method.I definitely use this again for my next order. USA
Wow, incredible service. I ordered on friday and my order arrive the very next day at 10:00 on saturday, less than 24 hrs. Stunning service and great product, i wish more companies were as good as this. Anyone who has doubts about ordering PLEASE DONT. 100% perfect thanks again. rnCraig (uk)
Hi Sarah, good news! I got my regular mail today.I guess I need to chill out because it always ends well.UK
Hi Sarah/PR4U, I recieved my order today (Trika-1mg) and I am very pleased with the quality,it works for me. I will be ordering soon again. Thank you for your help. UK customer
Hi pr4u Thank you so much foryour help. I received my orderrnand Irn amvery pleased.I will post itrn on forums regarding your company and I will definitely order from you again.
My order was shipped on Sept. 8, 2014. Stuck in another country now since Sept. 10, 2014. Have asked for help several times on this order. Did get a response about 5 days ago, but nothing since then.rnrnPlease advise and help!
Administrator's answer:
Email replied and package delivered. Delivery delayed.
Been waiting on my tramadol order that was sent 19 days ago and just found out today package was lost in mail.... Then of another 3 orders i placed 6 days ago 2 of them were shipped yesterday except for the newest tramadol order. Is tramadol out of stock? I am out of my meds and need to Place order elsewear if so. I am now waiting on two seperate tramadol packages . Order ID: 20091484405rnDanielle usarn( i gave a good review last week regarding half my package coming through)
Very Good service! I was worried because I couldn't get any information withmy tracking number I received from PR4U after I completed my order. I thought this is a scam but surprisingly,I was standing at my door and saw a postman arrived and gave me a package, I opened and was amazed,it's my order from PR4U,I like them very much. I will surely order again soon. USA.
Administrator's answer:
Thank You!
I have been waitingrn forrn my order after 5 days they sent my tracking number, I tracked it online and no information at all,I emailed PR4U, they replied saying that I have to wait for few more days, So I wait. After 4 days I received my package conataining my order wit them. So yes, delivery is a bit slow these days but atleast I got my order. I'm happy with it. Cheers! UK customer.
EXTREMELY HAPPY!!! Received first of two orders today that i place 10 days ago. Great product, great packaging. FYI to anyone having issues with tracking... Neither of my numbers showed up on usps till yesterday and they still dont show on original tracking. Had no clue where anything was till yesterday but sure enough, it was delivered today and expecting next one tomorrow. Definitely ordering again!!! Thanks for the great service P4U. rnDanielle
Administrator's answer:
Thank you Danielle for letting us know you have your order as we are worried with the TNs were not updated due some issues that their was a technical problems with the postal tracking system.
hello pr4u, thank you for your great service,I used to pay my latest order with savvy tokens, no too much hassle,got my orderafter 5 days. Cheers! UK.
Hi Sarah, Just received my order in super quick time 2 days unbeleivable, may i thank you for your very efficient service as always over the last 2 years since I have been ordering from you I have had only 2 hickups and you very quickly put them right. many thanks once again and keep up the good work.Marg B UK. PS oh by the way I completed my order this time with your new payment option "SAVVY TOKENS" exellentant very quick very smooth much better than your other options and far less expensive, proberbly thats the reason I got my order through so quickly, i will use this option from now on. Again many thanks, MB UK
Administrator's answer:
Thank you MB glad your please with our service much appreciated. Regards Sarah.
Hi PR4u, received my order today,thank you for your great service, it helps my back pain away, will order again soon. UK
Just recieved my order rapid, only took 3 working days superb service p4u :-) was weary about ordering meds online but you have proved trustworthy and i am now a customer for life. I wasnt able to setup a one card account because they didnt recognise my bank but thats not your fault atall and i was able to pay via paypal which is another 5stars for p4u. Just to say Thank you very much keep up the great work. rnCraigrnU.K rnGlasgowrn:-)
Administrator's answer:
Thank you very much. Sarah, PR4U
Hi all, I paid my order via westeern union, I received email from PR4U that my order has been processed rn after few hours, I received another email telling me that my order has been shipped, In 5 days, I received my order with no problem. Thank you PR4U, excellent!
I have been a regular customer of Prescribe4u for a couple of years now. The service has been excellent,despite obvious delays with delivery distances. It has been brought to my knowledge that it will not now be possible for me to receive Tramadol Hydrochloride due to new regulations. I have used Prescribe 4u as it takes anything up to 2 weeks to get an appointment to see my GP! Could you please clarify the situation.rnrnAlso,if Tramadol hydrochloride is no longer available;then would it be possible for you to deliver Dihydrocodeine,or DF118`s as I have used these in the past for my chronic back condition and they have proved effective alternatives,rnrn Many Thanks,rnrn NW(UK)
Administrator's answer:
Dear NW, Thank you for your email. We have Tramadol available but DHC or DF118 is not available. Please check tramadol here :,Pain,20,20,20,1 also we have codeine 30mg (Narcogin Forte)- Loose pills and Proxyvon (strips) , these are the stronger pain medication we have on our website. Best regards, Admin
I paid express delivery for my order,just arrived yesterday , it took 3 weeks to deliver I thought it was lost somewhere but fortunately they delivered, I even emailed prescribe4u because I was worry as I paid extra for delivery. But I realized it was not pr4u's fault. It is the post office service who delayed my order. I need to order earlier next time. from UK
Administrator's answer:
Thank you!
Just want to say Thank you Prescribe4u for the wonderful service, this is my 3rd order and received with no problem. Will order again soon. Keep up the good work. USA
as advertised and timely thank you. i will use you again for sure....satisfied customer
Is the option to pay through One Card not available? I am trying to submit an order but don't have the One Card option, just moneygram?
Administrator's answer:
OneCard Payment option is available now. You can place your order anytime and pay it with OneCard or Please Email us so we will send you another payment way which is more easier. Thank you. Pr4u Admin
I've ordered from p4u for years, and never had issues. Now I placed my order over 3 weeks ago and have not recieved it, and I paid for the trackjng and the tracking number doesn't even exist.Beginning to think they didn't really send me anything :(rnrnBDK
Administrator's answer:
Order was shipped but lost somewhere. Reshipped free and it was successfully delivered 5/17/2014 12:41:00 PM UNITED STATES 85020 Deliver item (Inb) Air unknown SIGNED BY : BK
It's the Holiday Season in the US and a difficult time for many. THANK YOU, P4U, for providing FAST, RELIABLE service with exceptional customer service. Your products are genuine, safe, and discretely packaged EVERY time. Your company is run by professionals and provide superb service every time. Thank you for your hard work and allowing me to manage my health concerns responsibly and privately. Keep up the good work!!! Best wishes to all~
rnI received confirmation that my order had been processed on October 14 and would be shipped within 24 to 48 hours. Since, then nothing. I emailed to inquire about the status of the order, and did not receive a reply. I stopped using this site when it ran into "difficulties" two years ago (i.e., orders placed but not delivered; etc.). Based on this current experience, it's doubtful I will ever use Prescribe4u again.
Administrator's answer:
Item successfully delivered Accepted Delivered Date received: 2013/10/30 2013/11/06
Have used P4U many times now and have commented before. There have been a couple of times when there have been delays, but when I email about this I always get a reply - although be patient because it can sometimes take a couple of days. Every order I've put in I've received, even when one was stopped at customs they sent replacements free of charge. I've used other similar sites but P4U are the one I will continue to use the most. They're the most reliable, trustworthy and sell genuine products. Thank you again for another swift transaction P4U, you're the best site of this kind. UK buyer.
Got everything now!rnThank you P4U, YOU ARE THE BEST!!
And thank you once again for a reliable and very quick (6 days!) delivery to the UK!
Just to follow up on my comment below - my order has now arrived safely - the problem is that the tracking system isn't working (or wasn't this time) but this is external from P4U who were very helpful, so their service is working just fine!
I've had the exact same experience. Order was processed but got no shipping email. Have emailed P4U and have had no reply which is unlike them. I do hope there aren't more problems as they've been a reliable company in the past who I've put my trust in. I too await a reply.
Administrator's answer:
Replied client to personal contact. Order has been shipped but its the postal services problem, not updating their tracking system. We are hoping the package will show up very soon.
First part of order went quickly. ive used these guys before and there were no real problems. but its been a week now since i got an email saying its been processed but no shipping confirmation email yet. ive emailed the admin address provided a few days ago with no response? please reply soon.
Administrator's answer:
Replied on client personal email.
Just wanted to let you know, that everything worked fine with the Western-Union transfer. Thank You for the good cooperation.
Hi,my package arrived today. Thank you. UK
Once again - thank you for an excellent service to the UK and for answering emails in a helpful and friendly way!
I ordered and I was skeptical. Even though my order took a little longer than expected, it came and was satisfactory. Thank you for your rapid responses and patience with my questtions and answering me promptly. I will order again for sure. You are the best! USA AP
Hi! I'm sorry to bring this problem to the blog, but maybe someone can help me.rnI must be doing something wrong. I entered a request to purchase some anxiety medicine (3) separate times. I get as far as the Medical section of the order.rnI am able to fill that out and then I get a message telling me I will be contacted within 24hrs by e-mail to complete order.rnrnWell I have been checking my e-mail everyday for 3 weeks and no e-mail from you.rnHHEELLPP! Can we figure out this problem?rnrnPlease let me know. TCE/USA
Administrator's answer:
Note: Replied message to client personal email.
Thanks again or a faultless service! P4U are the best and most reliable site of this kind out there.
Just want to say thanks again for a perfect service to the UK!
I was very reluctant to even consider this method of relief at first; however, due to years of chronic unremitting pain to the point that I have been placed on disability at the age of 33 ~ I find I am willing to search for help where ever I can find it. I was amazed at the customer service, the reliability and the trustworthiness I found at P4U and would recommend them highly. My main disappointment has been that they no longer carry DHC or the Co-Codamol Effervescent, something that was the ONLY medication I could take due to stomach issues I have. I'm hoping that someone can tell me if you have any plans to stock this again (soon hopefully??) and if not, if there is a reliable company that does? Thanks so much!!rnrnCK, USA
not sure on what delivery option i should select, can you tell me what the quickest option is please?
Administrator's answer:
The quickest delivery option by postal services is Express Mail Services (EMS), Secondly is by Register Mail.
Another perfect order! Fast and simple! So glad everything is running smoothly again! Can't thank you enough!
I placed my order and paid by Western Union online, submitted my MTCN, my order processed immediately and been shipped. I received my order with no problem. Pr4u is back and running normally again.They offer 30% additional order free of charge. Many thanks for the great service. From UK.
Everything seems to be working perfectly again! I sent money by direct bank transfer and received my order in a few days! Many thanks!
Hello. I have had a life-long problem with narcolepsy and was prescribed Modafinil in 2010. I see it listed as one of your items but hesitate in ordering because I have been scammed twice now by other pharmacy websites. In both instances my credit card information was stolen and used. I did have success with one other company in India but they have since gone out of business. I am in California. Can you assure me my order will be accepted, my credit card info will NOT be stolen and that my order will arrive? Thanks. (You can email me privately if you wish.)
Administrator's answer:
Thank you for contacting us. Yes, sure we guarantee 100% satisfaction. You can visit our website for more details. We will send you also email via your personal email. Best regards, P4U Team
hi want to come back to this great siternany ideas on if you will be stocking kapake againrnrnsamrnkent
Administrator's answer:
Replied to the client personal email.
There was a delay on my order , I think due to it getting rejected by a mail firm somewhere along the line. I emailed P4U and although it took a couple of days to reply they got back to me an arranged to resend my order which then safely arrived soon after. They are a trustworthy company and WILL get back to emails even if it takes a couple of days, I will definitely be putting my faith in them again. Thank you P4U! From a satisfied UK customer.
Dear Prescribe4U,rnrnI was very much fortunate enough to have been able to purchase an order of DF-118 Forte shortly before it ceased being stocked for what seemed to be beurocratic reasons outside your control. I thank you for accepting my CIM payment and sending my order in good faith even though I stupidly forgot to ensure to send payment via Registered Mail.rnrnI eagerly await the return of your supply (I sincerely hope!) of DHC. Competitors sell such products at absolutely ridiculous prices and are not reliable in my book.rnrnBest,rnrnSWKH
I just wanted to say thank you to P4U who have processed my refund by Western union. I was able to collect this today. I'd be very greatful if you could let me know when you will again be stocking DHC as I currently have a life of pain (degenerative disc disease)without out it. Thank you so much P4u team and I hope you are back on track soon!
Hello P4U,rnI would like to say a BIG thank you to P4U for refunding my money after my cash payment went missing.rnThanks again rn
Hello everyone at pfurnThankyou for your e-mail,andyour informationrnI am greatful for keeping me up to date,and will wait (impatiently) until the D.H.C. comes back in stock. Again thanks for all your considerationrn Best Wishes to allrn Jan Williams
Hello, I have been a customer for years and would like to thank you for your wonderful service and products. I appreciate the prompt customer service when I needed it. I am also sorry to see the product I usually order not available anymore - DHC. If you have any plans on re-introducing it to your product line, please let me know. Thanks P4U!
Administrator's answer:
Hi Jan, you are welcome. No problem. If in case , we will get DHC back on stock, we will let everyone knows. Best regards, P4U
Hello, I too, am a long-time satisfied customer and was sorry to hear you no longer carry the DF118. I would also like to know if you will ever be able to sell it again or know of a reliable place I can order from. I would appreciate an email if you do. I also would like you to give me instructions on how to pay you since I owe you money that was returned to me. You were so good to send my order as soon as I mailed the money. I never realized you hadn't received my payment, and I will get it to you as soon as I receive your instructions. Thank you.
Administrator's answer:
Hi Judith,We sent you email on your personal email address. Please let us know if you got it. Thanks, P4U
I too have been a long time customer with P4U. I have also always been satisfied with my orders, and have never once been swindled or ripped-off by P4U. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for P4U's competitors (e.g. the airmail website conglomerate). I remember and long for the days when P4U was able to help me. For me it was their DHC Continus product, which was always high quality and by far the most effective option for my injury. I see that you replied to E through personal email, but I would also like to know the answer if possible. Are there future plans to offer DHC Continus? Are there other options for people like us?
I'm in the same category as E below who commented on the 17th June. I've been a regular customer for a long time, and as a long-term pain patient I relied on P4U as their customer service, delivery speed and prices were all excellent. Though I tended to use the extended-release 'continus' formulation of DHC, I also bought the Martindale for breakthrough pain. Both medications were excellent and I've always had great treatment from everyone at P4U.rnHowever, though I tried to keep up with the multitude of payment methods, and did once against my better judgement send cash, I gave up. Now I know why all of these problems occurred, I've come back to the site, having had trustworthy help in the past.rnAnd now all the medicines I need are gone, and I can send money in a lot of ways, but I'm not prepared to send cash.rnIs this the end for pain patients at P4U? NSAIDs simply won't do. As per below, please email me because I'm sure there are a lot of us with identical concerns to E, and a clear answer would help us find affordable alternatives if P4U is no longer going to stock DHC. Please help us out....rnkindest regards, L, UKrn
Administrator's answer:
Hi Lex, Yes, we have sent you email regarding your question. Please let us know if you received it. Many thanks and best regards, P4U
I have been a customer with P4U for a long time. I've always been satisfied with my orders, so its so sad what happened to P4U some weeks ago, and I sincerely wish them well and really hope full operations will be back very soon. Like many here, I have chronic, intractable pain due to a progressive spinal condition - the Martindale df118 40mg, IR, was a god send and gave me back my quality of life. Now, both are gone. I've tried emailing you P4U, but did not get through. P4U: Could you respond to me here in the forum? My question is: Will you, at some point in the near future, be re-stocking the Martindale df118?rnAnd does anyone here know of an honest site that carries this pain med, until hopefully, P4U re-stock it? Thank you so much. E
Administrator's answer:
Hi E, We are P4U admin, we sent message on your personal email. Please reply once you have received our message. Thank you. Best regards, P4U
After placing my order it was processed quickly but not shipped as fast as normal. I emailed P4U about this and although they took a couple of days to reply I did get an update and another when I asked a week later. There have been delays as we know, but my order was shipped last week and arrived today. It took longer than normal but P4U ARE trustworthy, they do reply to emails and although things are taking a little longer at the moment they're certainly not scammers. Thank you very much P4U! I hope things are back to normal again soon.rn
I have been a customer with you for quite some time. You have always been dependable and a life saver for me. I have been worrying myself to death about how I was going get any pain relief now. I sent a message today that you should have received at 5:30am your time. It was returned to me by the email system and it says your email is no longer valid.(your email address is in my contacts, so it is correct)rn What has happened? Are you gone for good now? Is there another email address that works? Does anyone have another honest site that they order their medication from? You can email me the site address if you don’t want to post it here. Smallfox1 at Thank you P4U you were great and I hope you are again!! T.D.- U.S.A.rn
Administrator's answer:
Hi Tina, Thank you for contacting us here. Your message is very important to us. For your information, we're still on trading so you can place your order and please try to send us your confirmation email to , if you still have any problem in sending emails to the address, you can respond in here. Sincerely yours,P4U
I'd like to thank prescribe4u for the refund I received for two out of stock medications. I believe they have an enormous no. of customers & realise the recent series of events has been a difficult time for them. Well done!!
Firstly I just want to say I'm sorry to hear about your loss and the unimaginable chaos of everything. I have been with you for nearly 6 years (in one form or another) and I have only found you to be honest and swift. You trusted us with the cash payments as well and sent items out before getting the cash. The least we can do as customers is show this in reciprocity now.rnI have only ever bought Kapake off you and I see it isn't listed even as 'out of stock' now..rnPLEASE could you comment on whether you will/are hoping to stock Kapake again in the future? I do hope so. rnThank you so much and best wishes to you all
Are you going to get dhc in stock in the future? I am facing a miserable, painful time if you do not.rnrnRLC in USA
Thought I would add my support! I have been using P4U for ages and never had any issues. I like a lot of people are waiting for my order and have faith it will arrive. My emails have always been answered and I have been kept in the loop. I am glad things are getting back to normal and hope to get my order any day now. Thanks P4U (MR - UK)
I still have faith in P4U. I have been using the cash method and it has worked flawlessly. Unfortunately with the problems in the UK now, with no doctor and no meds, I am left without any relief. I've tried to make another order, but am still waiting for a response to my email. I know you're busy, so I'll be patient.rnrnI am patiently waiting and looking forward to when you are back up and running like normal. Your service is the best and you have never let me down!rnrnGood luck getting things back on track!
Is there any other way to pay other than cash? Your "how to buy" section has instructions on paying with Visa, yet the only option at checkout is to send cash. Hope things get back to the way they were, as you were a great, reliable, honest company. I just cannot send cash. Thanks, T, USA
Administrator's answer:
Hi Teri, Yes, we can accept payment via Western Union, Money Gram and Direct Bank wire transfer. Please contact us at Thank you and best regards, P4U Team
Just wanted to show my support! In recent trouble times, I have had no problems with P4U and have had all my emails that I sent to you very quickly answered back, keeping me updated to the situation. I have had to change my order, which was done very quickly, even though I changed my mind a couple of times to what I would like, you answered my requests very quickly, along with the free extra pills. This is the No1 IOP and can't wait to see you back on top where you belong! Long Live P4U. Ann & Ern
Administrator's answer:
Thank you, P4U
They'll get it up and running again, they're just too good not to. The lenghts they go to to prove a sceptical customer won't get scammed is quite impressive. It just sounds like they've got so much work on and not enough hands. It'll be fine I'm sure.
I would love to know when you are back in business?
Administrator's answer:
Dear Karen, Yes we are getting back into normal operation. You can visit our site and if you are interested to place your order, [lease contact us at Sincerely yours, P4U Team.
Hi,rnSorry to hear that someone has passed. We understand you are having troubles and you have been great about updating your issues but the story keeps changing and a scam has developed here I feel. We have an order from 3/11/12 and have trusted P4U and at this time must ask that you give a straight answer. What is the average shipping time for a (paid) order placed on 3/11/12. Please answer that for you loyal customers that write. Thanks
Administrator's answer:
Hi Casey, We regret to inform you that your order is still out of stock yet your payment has already been received amounting of 111 USD. Please contact us at
P4U is a reliable, online pharmacy! Even though they have had recent problems, they are trying to make it right with their legitimate customers. I had ordered by cash, only to learn of the problems with suppliers and internal conflicts, so I asked for a refund. Although, it took a few weeks, I did receive my money back! I want to thank them for their efforts and say that I will continue to do business, once everything is back on track with them.rnrnleebc
Administrator's answer:
Dear Charles, Thank you very much! we are now getting back in normal operation. you can check our site to check what's new on it. Looking forward from hearing from you. Best regards. Sincerely yours, P4U Team.
Dear P4u,rnrnI would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for my refund. I am the one who wrote the review April 18th.rnrnI received an email from you April 21st with an MTCN# from western union. I did a track and trace and W/U said their was a problem and for me to call them. I called them and they said the city and or state was not right and also there was a problem with my name.rnrnI emailed you back with the information that W/U said was causing the problem with me getting my refund.rnYou emailed me this morning with some more details.rnI went online to w/u web site and it said my money was waiting to be picked up.rnrnSince I have never picked money up before (just sent) I was a little nervous.rnrnWell happy to say everything went ok. had to show my I.D. (no problem) and they printed out a check and then cashed it for me.rnrnSo in keeping my word. I told P4U that if I received my order or my refund, I would tell my review. (good or bad). In the beginning it didn't look good and I did have a few things to say and some advice to give.rnrnBut I am here to say I did receive my refund. I have never been ripped off by4U and as far as I know. there are customers who owe P4U money.rnrnAlso if and when P4U starts to carry the med that I use, I would trust to use them again. I think a lot of the problems the customers has was lack of communication.rnrnI would rather hear bad news than no news and I think there are other customers that feel the same way.rnrnAs far as I'm concerned P4U still has a trusted name. and without that you don't have customers,trust, and respect. Basically you ain't shitrnrnThank you,rnrnK.rnrnrn
When will we be able to pay by card again?????? thankyou
Administrator's answer:
Dear Client, We are very sorry because we don't have a credit card processor. Hopefully, we can sort these things out and we will keep you inform. Sincerely yours, P4U Team.
I am disappointed and saddened by the current problems. I have been a customer for quite a while now, and where I live, only orders sent from UK arrive perfectly without any [customs] problems for some reason. I cannot take any risk getting a shipment from Cyprus or India, etc unfortunately, so I have asked for a refund and P4U are duly processing it, and I should have it soon.They have been very polite and good with responding to all of my emails. I hope they organise UK shipments sometime again in the future, and then I will gladly resume purchasing.rnTo the P4U team - Good luck and thanks anyway for everything. Sorry for all your troubles. D, Ireland
Administrator's answer:
Dear D, Thank you very much for your nice letter.We will keep you inform if there are any better changes so you can purchase from us again. Sincerely yours, P4U Team
I've been waiting on a refund for a month. So many emails went unanswered. Other emails were answered saying a refund will be issued soon. Now, I have asked for my original order of dhc to be substituted with another product. I've been told that re-order has been placed and I am awaiting a tracking number. I am a genuine honest customer who is owed a refund..and I am hoping that I recieve the 50% extra for my month's wait. I realize that this company has had a very hard time. Please realize that we, your customers, have also had a hard time. We work hard for our money. And the worry of being scammed is hard to overcome. I sincerely hope that our faith in your company will prompt you to strive to make things right. Also, to the people who are trying to get over on P4u, and claiming a refund when they are not owed will all come back to you in the end. You are causing all of us unnecessary stress and worry, and I, for one, wouldn't want to deal with the consequences that will come back to you.rnL.M. united states.
Administrator's answer:
Hi M, Thank you for your mail. we sincerely apologize if it takes longer time in replying you. We P4U Team are working round the clock to sort things out especially on outstanding orders. Now , we are getting back in normal operation since our new supplier started to dispatch orders. Don't worry, we don't scammed anyone of you, it only takes time to sort things out. If you have anymore problems, please don't hesitate to contact us at Thank you and have a good day. Sincerely yours, P4U
Could you tell me when you are going to send refunds to the people that cancelled their order?rnrnCould you please tell me if you are going to ever restock pain meds from the UK?rnrnCould you Please Tell me if you are going to stay in business?rnrnCould you please tell me if I can exchange the money you owe me for different drugs?rnrnCould you please tell me if you are going to answer my emails?rnrnCould you please tell me why you told me I was one of your best customers, but you will not talk to me?rnrnCould you please tell me if I did anything to make you upset with me?rnrnCould you please just tell me something?rnrnThank you,rnrnK.
Administrator's answer:
Hi Kathy, sorry if we upset you but we are working round the clock to sort out all the problems. We are on the process of refunding all the payments for all orders that has not ship out. We have a very long list of customers that needs to be refunded so it takes time to finish. Also we are still running the business and yes, you can exchange the items with whatever you want, please go to our site and check what's in their and email to us and we will arrange it with our new supplier for shipment. We apologize for the late response. Best Regards, P4U Team
Please let your customers know what is happening-we will be back with you.JJ-London
I placed my first order using a Post Office Card and they seem to get cancelled when they leave the country, I've no idea whay ?, that's what they're for. I was most surprised to see the goods turn up anyway before I had even paid for them. They suggested I put the cash in an envelope and as I had nothing to lose and didn't want to appear dishonest (my order was for DHC Continus 120mg) except the use of a reliable company that does exactly what it says it will, I sent it by registered post as I didn't want it to get lost and leave me looking like a con man. I am pleased to say they received it and I can now re-order. I have to say I don't like posting cash at all, is there no way you can use paypal or Visa like 4NRX?. Last but not leaset, I hope you got over your recent troubles with a rogue employee. I will be more than happy to deal with you you again when funds allow.... Any chance of a discount ???? Best wishes.... DK United Kingdom.
Still the best, and 100% trustworthy, hurry up and get back to business guys.rnGood luck.
Ok people! I have ordered with P4U for quite sometime now and they havent let me down yet. My orders always arrive on time. I TOTALLY TRUST this company. I have paid with c.c. and my last two orders I have paid in cash. They are trying to fix their current problems and everything will be back to normal very soon I have no doubts. I spent a very long time searching out other companies online and have lost money to them. Once you find a good thing, stick with it. P4U is my perminant home. Thanks for doing honest business P4U! rnrn Jen USA
I would be very interested to know why my blogs have not been added?
Administrator's answer:
Hi, Sorry, we are working round the clock sorting out our recent problems, sometimes, we missed to check the blog site. Thank you for your concern. Best regards, P4U Team
I have always found you very reliable, even when having to send cash to Cyprus. I am dismayed at your current problems and hope things get sorted soon, as awaiting to place an order.rnThere are many loyal customers out here waiting for you to resolve this, please keep us informed. YT, UKrn
Hi all, I have not even ordered anything from these guys yet, just email exchanges and they have been great. I had what I would call 'dizzy moments' whilst filling in my details, sheer lack of concentration on my part, and the email responses I have had from P4U have been exceptionally quick, I mean within the hour, and have always told me very clearly where my stupid mistakes where, although they of course did not call me stupid, far too professional for that. What I require is currebtly out of stock and they also let me know that very quickly as well. All I can say is if this is the standard that P4U work at, I look forward to being a long term customer with them. And P4U, please hurry with my pills, I'm in
I'm so sorry to read about what you're going through at the moment P4U, that one dishonest ex employee has not only caused havoc for you but for all the customers who are left without meds while you sort it out, and i'm sure you will! i have always had excellent service from you, you have trusted me enough to send my order before payment got to you, you have never let me down! and i want you to know that i'm one customer who will stand by you! and continue to enjoy you'r brilliant service.rngood luck P4U. M Jensen cardiff,
I do not understand that in the 20th century you cannot provide a stable payment system? What on earth has caused this utter disaster? I fear that if this does not get sorted soon I can see your business go down the drain.
I really liked this site and was always quick on delivery but im finding using the new payment methods really difficult.rn~Please go back to using visa cards, life was easier then,
Made an order for DHC's and sent payment via registered post as advised. I was told that my order had been accepted and processed, however upon not receiving a shipping email, I received a reply 24 hours later explaining that there was an issue with stock and my order will be postponed until next week. When I asked for an estimated delivery date I was told it will be when PR4U receive confirmation from their supplier, which could be any time. Overall I am really happy with the service that they provide and will continue to use them, however I would have liked to have been warned that they were having stock issues before they completed my order.
Usually they are very good,but I feel letdown this time. I sent my payment on Thursday and they haven't posted my order yet! Can't get an answerabout whats happening either. AY UK
There are at least 4 scam sites that have similar names and identical look to this reputable company and have been fooling people taking there money and disappearing. Even longtime customers in a hurry have accidently been fooled as the site looks exactly the same and the first one instead of org. has really taken a lot of people. there is also a (spelled wrong) out of texas and PRESCRIBE4U.ORG all in caps that is out of Oregon U.S. that I found. So Please make sure you spread the word and that you double check when in a hurry that you are at the right sight. I had been scammed when I was trying to use another rep. pharmacy and ended up directed to a rip off site that looked the same and left one letter out that you did not catch easy in the name. They used same email server and exact same look so even if a site is legit please make sure to double check everything from the spelling of the name to match the site that you researched. Its really a sick world we live in where people take such advantage of people suffering in pain instead of sticking together and fighting against the true enemy the DEA. So beware. I am trying to do a cash order with this site because they are a Victim too and everyone should support them to get through this trying time.
Administrator's answer:
Hi D, Thank you very much for your patronage. Best regards, P4U Team
2012-03-23 According to my order request P4U only takes cash now and not the prepaid cards of any type. One email said to send in cash only, envelope, registerd, etc. Then I received another email saying I can pay via WU!!! I don't know who I am dealing with right now - the real P4U or the scam group. Anybody been told they can use WU (to Thailand) and received their order????
Administrator's answer:
Dear D., We are the real P4U group who are working round the clock to sort out these problems/ issues at present. It's another way of sending payments via WU either in Thailand or in Cyprus. If you have any doubt/queries please contact us via email at Thank you and best regards, P4U Team
I would like to defend P4U - some people are complaining about their new card process (EZPAY). I have sent my card, loaded cash and received my orders as normal. Things have been a little "slower" than normal, but thats to be expected when there's a new process being put in place. I'm sure P4U are working on getting cards back ASAP. rnrnKEEP UP THE GOOD WORK P4U (oh and please speed up my order) lol
Hi,I have used the prepaid card a couple of times and it went fine.Now I find out today that I cant use the card anymore as your only taking cash.Why is this information not on your site?This is getting crazy with payment options changing monthly.You have been good to me over the years but I dont know how much more of this I can take.PJ USA
Hi,I have used the prepaid card a couple of times and it went fine.Now I find out today that I cant use the card anymore as your only taking cash.Why is this information not on your site?This is getting crazy with payment options changing monthly.You have been good to me over the years but I dont know how much more of this I can take.PJ USA
For the first time in 2 years I'm having a REALLY hard time with P4U. I've always loved them but I really wish they would read back THROUGH THE EMAILS when responding to people. There has recently been such a lack of proper communication. If they just took an extra 30 seconds during emails to pay attention to what they've written prior, or who they are writing to, it could save all involved A LOT of stress, time, and probably money. They are VERY GOOD but with a small fix of the little details they could be REALLY GREAT.
I notice there are no comment entries since 2/29/12; that's over 2 weeks. I understand there have been some recent problems and would love to get an update.
Could do with having the global pay website option as waiting for the card and having to send things off is an inconvenience when compared to the online payments. Please bring this back. JC England
Just wanted to say that this company has never failed me.I've been doing the green dot card payment and it works great.Always receive product.Usually it takes about 2 weeks.Thank you so much.P.S. I live in the U.S.
I have had nothing buy great service from p4u. Just placed another order tonight. At the end of the ordering process there was a message about organizational changes..could someone let me know what this means. After seeing these messages about a rogue website..I would like to know all is still well with this site, as I don't see any reviews or messages from any customers since last month. Thanks!
This site has been very good to me and until recently emails were always answered. I sent an email with a question to the usual admin email, from the email account that I always use for this site. I received an error message stating that my email was delayed. I then received an another error message stating that the email could not be delivered. I copied & pasted my original email w/ question on another account and re-emailed my question. I never heard back. Therefore, I am not able to place an order... since I had a question. :(
Administrator's answer:
Hi, if your emails are bouncing back, their must be a problem with the server but we are still operating and answering emails everyday, if we don't have response to your email, that means we haven't receive your message, please double check the address where you send to. Thank you and best regards, P4U Team
best IOP site out there, top quality meds and speedy delivery, im a bit worried about sending cash by post for orders, but i trust p4u so i wouldn`t really see a problem.
Great service as always, cash payment works fine as soon as you provide tracking number. The item[s] are sent straight away. No problems and always a top notch service although at the moment my order is on hold til tues as there is some management/company restructuring taking place over next few days. Let's hope they can still supply the usual great service for the forseeable future. Thank P4u.rnD, Ireland
I've just received my first order after using a Post Office card to pay. I'm a very suspicious person so was very surprised to receive an email saying the goods had been despatched before I'd even posted the card, never mind sent the PIN code. I think they did that just because it was my first order and I wasn't convinced. All I can say is thanks very much and I look forward to doing business with you and recommending you....
Hi everyone,rnrnI'm just about to mail my Post Office pre-payment card off to them. I don't do this lightly and have done some investigation into the company. I'm convinced that I will receive the same excellent service that others have been talking about. To be honest, I couldn't find any "bad press". The odd grumble that the goods took a while to arrive. Hardly much to complain about as they got the order in the end (not everything ever runs smoothly). When the transaction is completed (and I'm sure it will be). I'll be delighted to place a glowing reference here. I'll either be a repeat customer or £60 down. I expect to be the first one. Cheers.
Excellent service, emails are sometimes not answered but on the whole very happy. DW England
I have used the prepaid card a few times now and actually find it the easiest and most efficient way to do it. I would highly recommend P4U, i think they extremely efficient and never let you down. In the year I have been using them I have never had a problem with what they have sent. If anyone is thinking twice about using them, do not hesitate, they are honest and reliable.
Could someone please let me know the address I send cash for an order too? amazing service in the past and lovely customer service - a little unsettled about the changes of ways to pay but hey I have no reason to question! Just could do with the address by the end of the day as im on nights for the next few days.
Just received my first shipment today. From the start to finish the people at prescribe4u have been professional, courteous and prompt. All of my emails were answered within a day and my order was shipped out shortly after I sent my payment info. Total time from order to doorstep was 10 days. Thank you p4u.rnrnCB America
Places an order with them on 2/14. Payed with Western Union and I was a bit nervous, but I received my item in the the US on 2/25. They sometimes take 2-3 days to reply to email but they ALWAYS reply and are very easy to deal with. After I let them know I sent payment via WU, my item was shipped 2 days later with a tracking number. Great site, great people, A+
Another perfect order! Paid cash, order arrived within a week. Faultless, thanks guys.
I'm not sure why people are complaining. I had problems using my card way back in 2010. Since then I've used strictly Western Union with zero problems. I used to go to the local store, but in the past 6 months have simply been doing it right online. It does NOT take 3-4 takes 5 minutes.
I have been using prescribe4u for a couple of months now and they have never let me down. They are flexible with payment methods if you email them and I cannot recommend them highly enough. There are a lot of people out there who will scam you but P4U have always come good for me and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Really brilliant service.
Its pretty simple:rnrnGreat site....rnGreat people...rnGreat service...rnrnProducts ALWAYS arrived....rnrnPrices are reasonable....rnrnWestern Union is an inconvenience but it they now have a new option to transfer using Internet banking. This is very exciting and very convenient.rnrnAll my orders have arrived safely. All have arrived swiftly.rnrnI havent got one negative thing to say about this siternrn1 more thing: Im in Australia.... and every order I have placed over the past 12 months has arrived safely with no seizure letter (touch wood!). My most recent order of 60xRoche Valium arrived in 7 business days.rnrnI look forward to using this site long into the future. As long as you are sensible and only order small quantities obviously for personal use then the risk is minimised and theres a very good chance your order will arrive safe 'n' sound.rnrnKeep up the great work guys.rnrn-Garethrn(near)Sydney, NSW, Australia
Administrator's answer:
Dear Client, Thank you for your good comments. We wish you all the BEST. P4U
Brilliant site and sent efficiently and correctly. I have a query about my order though, and wish there was a phone number rather than waiting for email. apart from that they are the best! A.Y
I have used this site on and off for a few years. I have never had a problem.rnrnI am confused by the new payment policy. This change should be noted in the FAQ's. I would prefer to pay by credit card or paypal. I am sorry to say that I am not interested in having to order an ATM card then ship it to the specified address. rnrnI will check back to see if this changes. If it does I would remain a loyal customer. rnrnThank You
I have found that Rx4U is the singular, reliable source for DHC products in the entire internet. I have dealt with them for a few years now and have found the staff consistantly prof. and helpful. Their delivery times are incredile! 1-2 days in the UK! There are some current issues with method of payment, but I'm sure this will be resolved soon. I'm hoping they go back to cc's or better still PayPal. Keep up the good work! Graham.
Administrator's answer:
Dear Client, Thank very much for your brilliant appreciation. Best regards, P4U
rn Hi , rnJust wanted to say P4U is a superb company to deal with , the speed and effeciency they work is second to none!rnI run a online and retail business aswell ( electrical field) and i can from what i can make out , P4U is trying 100 percent to get things done in manner which suits us , the Customer. rnrnKeep it up P4U!!
I love this service but am having difficulty with the different payment choices being given these past 2 months. Are they ever going to be able to do cc payments again? It will be hard to find another service like p4u but I may have to.
I am dissapointed to be reading all the reviews about Prescribe4u's lack of DHC. This is just untrue. I have been ordering my much needed pain preions from this site for a long time. There has never been a time, where my item did not ship the day after I paid for it. My product is always sealed and of excellent quality. Sometimes they are not available to return my e-mails the instant I send one, but taking into consideration the time differnece, and amount of orders they fill....I understand. i am happy to continue to do business with prescribe4u for as long as I can.
Bought from here many times in the past with amazing results - The new system of payment is unfortunate for many people though. I hope you can remedy it for all the people missing out.
Internationally shipped meds arrived quickly and safely and are the real deal. No complaints here!
Soo many folks are wondering if you are still legit? I've never had any problems however recently with new system I paid and haven't heard response yet from you? I hope all is ok? I think you should send a message out to your loyal customers telling us if your still operating as you were in the past? Thanks!
I feel the same as many other customers, this website was amazing but now the payment method has changed to this pre-pay card which I had to apply for & am now waiting for which takes up to 7 days then more hassel after that.rnI have been a loyal customer & have had many orders.rnNow it seems to be too much carry on.rnPlease get pay-pal.rnregardsrnAB
Hi. I've been a customer of P4U for around 2 years and their service has been spot on for all of that - easy ordering, fast & convenient payment and orders received within 3 working days, sometimes within 24 hours!rnrnLike many other people when I saw the only payment option had been changed to cash I was a bit skeptical. But I decided I had built up enough trust with P4U to try it at least once. So I sent cash as per instructions last Saturday and placed my order (7th Jan). It's now arrived today (11th Jan), within 3 working days so to me that's business as usual.rnrnI'm sure P4U are working on implementing another payment system perhaps for cards again, so they must be very very busy, I can only imagine the volume of emails they get. I have heard via forums and this blog of some people having fradulent charges on their cards recently. I can only assume this is the result of the CC processor being compromised, not the P4U site (which obviously doesn't store CC details anyway, as they required you to enter them each time upon placing your order) and this is why P4U have decided to drop it (or due to some other reason). rnrnIf anyone would like to verify my post to a degree - you can go to the royal mail tracking site and enter my tracking number to see that my cash payment arrived. -> LY418708816GB.rnrnSorry for the essay! But I hope this has helped at least someone who needs their medication(s) and has been reassured by my post.rnrnThanks P4U. - LB, UK
You guys need to get your act together payment wise. You should list all available payment methods, and detailed instructions. Changing payment methods weekly doesn't instill confidence. I never had a problem in the past, but we live in a world of constant change.
Used for first time mid December and delighted to have found you however is it true that you won't be able to take credit/debit card payments anymore? That is the only way I have to pay.
Used for first time mid December and delighted to have found you however is it true that you won't be able to take credit/debit card payments anymore? That is the only way I have to pay.
I don't like the new payment option. i havnt been able to order because of it & i have ordered many times :(
Fantastic website, first order was delivered with no problems, however, am reluctant to place further orders with new payment system. Please review & revise, otherwise you will lose customers.
I have used the new cash payment system and it works perfectly. I was anxious at first but my anxieties were ill founded. I posted the cash as requested and have received my meds. Please be assured that this new system works well.rnrnJD UK
i put an order in but hear nothing from you on how to pay ? whats going on? you still in business ??
Administrator's answer:
Dear Client, If ever you place an order and no response, please email us directly at surely, you will receive an answer. Sometimes it takes time to answer all your emails due to lots of hassle sorting out problems with the payment system as you can see the payment system keeps changing. But we are still here to serve you. Many Thanks, P4U
I have just received my latest order after sending cash.rnExcellent & super-speedy service !rnAnyone with any qualms about using this method should think again.rnIt's easy.rnP4U still maintain a very high standard in customer service, & Claire always answers any queries promptly.rnCW - UK
yes the new payment methods are annoying, howvever what would people do without this site ? i placed an order on a Friday, went to the post office to send the money, gave PSU the tracking details and it was delivered Saturday, it took maybe half an hour longer than normal out of my day, which isnt really a hassle.
I have been a customer for years and have never been disappointed with the service. This is the best Online Pharmacy bar none. I have have just read some of the comments below and a lot of people seem to be getting worked up for some reason. Delivery has always been quick and products are of the highest quality. I placed my most recent order on the 5th January. Yes, I was asked to pay by cash. I trust this Pharmacy 100% so I had no problem sending cash. I sent payment by Airsure just after 4pm on the 6th January. My order arrived early Saturday morning, the 7th January! Really what more can you ask for? It may be an inconvenience to some not being able use a Credit Card but at least the P4U team have offered alternative payment methods. I for one am extremely grateful as I depend on this pharmacy. Maybe you should relax a little, as P4U are obviously having some problems but are still striving to fulfill all customer orders. My order was for Martindale DHC by the way. Again, A big Thank You to Claire and everyone at P4U. David R, UK.
Paid by cash for the first time (used to pay by debit card). I received my order before they'd even received the money. I've been using this company for a while, you can trust them and (as they say) trust goes both ways. J.S England
Have been with these guys for coming on 6 years now and i cannot recommend them highly enough.Their communication is fast, the staff are efficient and they are a godsend to me. Happy New Year Prescribe4u Team...Rob from UK.
Have to say... DO NOT let the new payment options put you off. True to their word, i posted cash by registered mail and emailed them the tracking number. 2 hours later i received an email to say that my order had been processed. 2 hours after that i received an email to say that my order had been shipped. Great turn around. Looking foward to carrying on with many more orders from p4u.
I still trust p4u as I ordered meds and sent cash payment on wed 4/1/12 sent p4u an e mail with tracking no got goods to-day 7/1/12
Just want to let everyone know that all the bad rumors circulating around P4U...are just that, BAD rumors from bad people which puts people off ordering! P4U has been my best place to get my meds, with great communication and excellent delivery time(UK often next day!). I was surprised to see the no credit card processor and its a slight inconvenience but I believe it's in our best interest to trust P4U's decisions. I've dealt with P4U regularly for well over two years and they've always seen me right. Please have patience and trust with P4U regarding orders etc..they're very busy.. The more trust, the quicker the services. I want this IOP to stay around. Thanks Claire, G!
Let me say this...when a third party payment processing center has a mess up, a responsible and trustworthy iop will offer an alternative just like p4u has done. I put real money in a real envelope and mailed it. They have always been great to me, and genuine in all respects. Might be a tough time for them right now, but until otherwise, I will trust p4u all the way. There is no better iop out there,and that is from my three years experience with them shipping nicely to Seattle USA. God bless you guys df from seattle
Let me say this...when a third party payment processing center has a mess up, a responsible and trustworthy iop will offer an alternative just like p4u has done. I put real money in a real envelope and mailed it. They have always been great to me, and genuine in all respects. Might be a tough time for them right now, but until otherwise, I will trust p4u all the way. There is no better iop out there,and that is from my three years experience with them shipping nicely to Seattle USA. God bless you guys df from seattle
Was concerned about sending cash-however after three years of dealing with P4U I needn't have worried. Sent cash Tuesday, product arrived Thursday. Considering the fantastic service over the past few years, I can over look the current payment problems as they appear to be temporary. Deb. UK
I read some rumours on one of the "website" forums, one stated that someone falsely stated they owned pres4u, the other was that they (prescribe4u) was hacked, most people took that as like hacked into email names, addresses, not true it is a few people who are disgruntled over their orders. So ignore all of them r runner
To those saying the payment is confusing, how is it confusing? Send in a bubble pack, cash payment (20% off btw!!) by registered mail to the address specified. The second they receive your email of the registered number they will ship your package TRUSTING YOU that you really sent the payment.
I have been a cutomer with p4u for almost 2 years i have nothing but good to report that i why sent my 1st cah payment this morning as i have full trust in the company. There customer service is 100% they always reply to my emails and even go out of there way to help. A total god send. Thank you p4u. MS UK
1-5-12 I'm a long time customer with P4U. I've had nothing but positive experiences here. As a chronic pain sufferer, I'm relieved and thankful they are offering a cash payment option in the absence of a CC processor. I've placed an order today, mailed out payment and emailed my postal tracking numbers to them. I have every confidence they will come through for me. In fact, my order will ship faster, as there is no more 24 hour delay for CC processing, and they will ship upon reciept of postal tracking number via email. That's going above and beyond reasonable expectations, and one really can't ask for more that! Thanks for such great service P4U. Michelle S.USA
My family and friends have bought our meds on Prescribe4u for some years now and I have been delighted and amazed to do business with such a professional, reliable and completely honest far the best site on the entire internet. However this new policy of accepting only wire cash transfers means that we can no longer buy our meds from this company on which we depend so much. One of my friends attempted to send cash by wire transfer on two occasions and lost his money both times. This of course has nothing to do with the people at prescribe4u as they have proved their honest is beyond question so many times over the years. Now a local bank employee who I am friendly with has advised against sending cash transfers as the chance of a dishonest person getting their hands on the cash somewhere along the line is getting greater all the time. Maybe prescribe4u could accept payment by cards from long term repeat customers who they can trust as we have always trusted them. If not then it's going to be a very difficult and no doubt expensive search throughout the internet for another reliable med-site although none can ever be as good as this one. This has really hit us hard in our situation and if prescribe4u cannot accept cards for whatever reason then I can only thank them for such a great and reliable service over the years and wish them all the best for the future.
Sent cash payment sat, received my order thus! Once again p4u came through! Great service, keep up the good work!! Bw uk :)
What a fantastic site , I've had my orders perfect every time ! The problems with cc payments panicked me at first , but I sent cash payment as advised and received my order before they've even received their cash . Great customer service they answer every email I send , and fast delivery times too . I cannot fault this company at all Jp uk
Sending cash is safe. I send cash registered on Tuesday and received my order on Thursday (UK to UK delivery). Not sure of the time for overseas shipping. I'm also awaiting meds from abroad - will report back!
Very impressed. Order received within a day of sending payment. Highly recommend. Many thanks.
I have had cash only dealings with european companies before without a hitch. The issue comes down to trust. Prescribe4U has been in the business long enough to trust; especially given their extremely generous terms for a cash only transaction; big discount, and ship on verification of tracking number - this is huge! This 'inconvenience' saves me the hassle of getting cash to load up a debit card that charges me 5 bucks a month and 5 bucks to load it, or Western Union with a hefty transaction fee. I'm just saving money on the deal! Thanks P4U! John W.
This site is the best but i would like to ask if you can pay with paypal which could be better keep up the good work
Have used P4U for three years now. Have sent cash payment today from UK to Sweden via registered mail costing £7.00. Have sent email with tracking number however haven't received any notification back. After all their great service I'm hoping this payment pain is only temporary and that goods are forwarded. Will let you know if and when product arrives. Deb. UK.
I and several others have been depending on prescribe4u for a few years now and they have never left us down, not once for which we will always be grateful. However the decision not to accept credit/ debit and only wire transfers means that our relationship is at an end. A friend of mine lost his money twice since this new system came in, not by Prescribe 4u who are completely honest, but by someone along the way. So for us and it seem many more, wire transfers are a non-runner and now the search goes for another reliable source on online meds. Finding someone as honest and reliable as Prescribe4u might well prove to be impossible but we've no choice. Last week I purchased Valium and sleeping pills from Kwik Meds uk. and the goods arrived in Ireland from Romania in exactly a week, all were perfectly genuine and suitably potent but the price was a complete rip almost twice what Prescribe 4u if payment by card in not somehow reinstated I'm at a loss to see how Prescribe4u, the most honest and reliable online store for meds on the entire internet can survive. I have even heard that customers are being advised by their banks against sending cash by wire transfer for any the meantime we will to pay the Romanians double what the meds are worths!!
Hi P4U, I've been a loyal customer for more than 3 years. Your service & products are FIRST CLASS. However, can you please bring Debit Card/Credit Card payment? I'm finding the process of sending cash a real hassle. Kind Regards, Mark. UK
I have sent cash payment and am awaiting my order, p4u has always been a very reliable source and I think they still are just having a few probs with cc! I trust them and will happily say so! Nh uk
This site is a godsend, although im finding it frustrating that I cnat use Debit card and now have to send a western union gram, Please help bring back debit card as My family use this site a lot Thanks
This new pymt policy has me confused and irritated. There has got to be any easier way for those of us in US. Pymt by western union takes 3-4 days just to get your verification code. Any plans on changing the current method of pymt? Kim H
my credit card was hacked and they took all my money out then got a letter saying to send cash to some place in sweden tshoes[john corey}
Administrator's answer:
How can we took all your money yet we don't have CC processor.?This is not true! Sending cash payment by postal is the alternative payment method to help our loyal clients who need their medications.
Prescribe4u is a great company with not only great customer service, good products, fair prices, but Great Leadership
is anyone be asked to pay in cash now? i have always used credit cards in pass and got email asking for cash.
Sent Money Western Union.Shows money being picked up.Hoping i get my shipment soon.
I have been a loyal customer for a very long time; they have always come through for me. I am awaiting my first order via bank transfer. How fast are people getting these new orders? Thx.
I'm disappointed that I was not able to use my VISA card for my purchase on 12/26/2011! Credit cards are one of the most convenient ways of making purchases online! Paypal is easy as well but now, apparently I can only pay using If that was an error on you webmasters part then so be it. Or, if I am forced to sign up for one more internet financial intermediary then so be it, but I'm waiting to here back fron if Credit Cards or Paypal are payment options as well. Maybe should explain their reasons and/or process on this recent change and or have a more thorough explanation of all payment options on their FAQ page. I have made at least a dozen orders using my VISA cc over the last few years and the entire system was flawless but now I'm confused!
your service is the best !!! im having a little trouble with my order going through but i guess its because its Christmas. i hope everything is OK next week
Frustrating they changed their payment methods and do not accept credit/debit cards. This is the only method I am able to use and it's not offered anymore am going to have to find different site to buy from. It's a shame as I never had any problems in the last and also received my items fast.
I was a bit worried about using the new payment methods,but i needn't have been.Ordered on tuesday received on friday,amazing as always,thank you.
Tried Moneygram today; hoping the transaction goes smoothly. I have been using P4U for years and would highly recommend them to all. Thank you P4U!!!
I read this on a small forum so I will just paste and copy I have used them in the recent past but they can not accept CC orders at all any more as most of them can't with the new rules. They are also current out of stock on most all popular items as all my other sources are. The new CC rule I get but don't understand why so many are out of stock, especially on codeine. Anyone has an answer that that? DianaJH, 51 minutes ago #13
Have been using this service for over a year now and have never had any problems always fast and reliable,but now I cant use the service anymore as I cannot pay with my card now due to a problem thats out of my hands, please let me know if I can start paying with my card again as I have been a loyal customer.
I agree with 2011-12-10 What is up with declining transactions?! Very frustrating!!! I tried twice and didn't even get a chance to enter any cc info before being told my order was declined?? Why, an answer would be nice rr us
Received my order today, 5 days after ordering, however this was the fault of Royal Mail as I was given a tracking number as soon as payment was approved, so it was just the Christmas post that made it late I think. Everything I ordered was in my package and I am very happy. For some reason their payment service isn't working anymore and I'm a bit hesitant to use the direct wire transfer, but if their payment service is fixed then I will definately use them again.
I love your service, all of it, but right now I am very frustrated that there is no way to pay. I already went to the bank but I cannot wire money without an address for the receiver (Kickshaw Trading LTD), I have spent all day today trying to figure out how to get my money to you, a task I shouldn't have to deal with, All I need is an address or some other way to pay, it should not be this hard, seriously.
cant process my payment, automated email system says i can pay with moneygram, western union or wire transfer, but i cant get any info as to go about this, frustrating!!
Ref "What is up with declining transactions?! Very frustrating!!!" P4U now have a problem with Visa - basically they cannot process visa anymore.
always a good proffesional service
What is happening with my latest order?
I,ve said it before,but P.4 U. I believe is simply the best! It seems shipping times have even gotten better. I hope they,re always around! Long time customer. W.K.
What is up with declining transactions?! Very frustrating!!!
What can I say...another fantastic order with P4U. I live in central Scotland, and we were hit by the worst winds since the biggest storm of the decade and the decade before that. Schools closed, offices shut, etc. 150mph winds recorded not to far from here. Yet, the postal service managed to deliver my order today (9th) which I only ordered on the 7th...Was expecting to wait at leaat until next Monday but thanks to the great communications from P4U and efficient processing and shipping of my order, it ensured it reached me asap. I can now have a stress free weekend, please accept my sincere thanks to Claire and all the team from my family and I.J.
Ordered, shipped same day, received the next. Couldn't ask for more..P4U are lifesavers, very helpful when I need to contact them.
Again I have to praise this site which is without doubt the most reliable on the internet...I live in southern Ireland and when I place an order on a Monday the item arrives without fail on the following Friday...or if ordered or Thursday it comes on the following Tuesday..all products are top quality. I have bought my meds from this site now for over two years and have never had the slightest problem. This site is the best on the net and makes my life so much easier, thanks for such great service.
shipped on the 1st and arrived the 7th. another successful order. thanks again p4u. mr do:)
The orders keep freezing at the payment stage?? have tried varios credit cards and left the order page open, all i get back is an email saying payment abandoned???
Just wanted to say my first experience with you guys has been awesome, very pleased! Had been looking for a safe site for awhile, glad I found someone I can trust. Shipping was faster than I expected! ^_^ Again, thankyou so much, I'll definitely be back for refills! ^_^
Brilliant service i got texts with updates of my order every step of the way then i revieved my goods in 3 days genuine sites like this are hard to find highly recommended!! thanks again P4U.
Prescribe4u have been brilliant,orders usually come within a couple of days by recorded mail, more special offers would be welcome!!!!!!!! kev from uk 27/11/11
Placed an order towards the end of October, it was shipped on October 31, and received November 25. Prescribe4u did their part: they dispatched the parcel in a timely fashion and sent me a tracking number so I could follow its progress. Unfortunately, my local post office dropped the ball - big time - misplaced the parcel and bungled the tracking number. Its a wonder it arrived at all, and even though I have it in my possession, it does not show up when I enter the tracking number! My point is: After Prescribe4u dispatches the parcel, it really is out of their hands, and the postal service's inefficiency and incompetence can cause you all kinds of frustration. If your package seems to be delayed, this is the fault of the postal service, not Prescribe4u. I want to thank Prescribe4u for their great service and their swift responses to inquiries. I will use them again. Highly recommended.
Latest order doesn't show in my order history - has it processed correctly or is there some issue?
First time I have used you guys and recieved my order today and exactly as described. 100% recommend using these guys! James
Feeling a bit frustrated,the declined transactions seem to be a regular thing,my bank is blaming the payment proccessors,the processors are blaming the merchant and the merchant are saying its my bank! I'm disappointed and not really sure what else I can do! K uk
First order received today. Very impressed with communications and prompt delivery. Excellent service and the product just as described. many thanks
Ordered 7 days ago and received it today. Excellent, everything I expected. 7 day shipping to mid-US. Thank you!!!!
Sorry, cannot contact you via email. I ordered an item on 11/6, #06111166210. Is there a problem with this order? Thank you.
I have been a customer with p4u for nearly 1 year now. excellent service and great customer service. These guys are 100% trustworthe and the products are 100% genuine if you are reading this and wondering if you should place an order trust me you have nothing to worry about sometimes the orders arrive within 24hrs if you are in the uk you cant ask for better than that can you.MS uk
This site is without doubt the best site for meds on the entire internet. I live in southern Ireland and when I place an order, usually on a Thursday, it's at my front door without fail the next Tuesday morning....six days, every time and always a top class product! A fantastic site for people who need their meds without the hassle of dealing with some uppity chemist. Trying to buy a box of nurofen plus here in Ireland these would get you looks from the chemist as if you were some kind of sub human creature!
awaiting my delivery, but impressed so far, have recieved emails updating me when shipped etc, but couldnt ask for better service so far, full of confidence and happy :-)
not getting any reply to my emails... please can we get this sorted as i am urgently waiting for my meds!
What a great place! I have finally found a place that meets all the criteria I need from an IOP/ Great products,excellent selection of products,reasonable prices and shipping times, (you state above that you are already working now to improve shipping times.) Most of the time, a package arrives in the states (middle) in ten days. Sometimes it even arrives in 7 days. That beats your competition by a lot! So keep up the good work and great customer service ellr60
Once again,superb service.Placed the order on tuesday,got medication on thursday,no problems whatsoever.Excellent!!!!!
Prescribe4u is one of the most reputable, reliable and service-oriented of all on-line pharmacies that I have utilized. They deliver authentic products at a reasonable price, and are very responsive to questions or concerns received from their clients. I highly recommend this organization-you can trust that they will deliver what they promise. kw US
For anyone experiencing "declined" orders when using their credit cards, take this advice. It is not TTOPAY you should blame. Instead, it is your own credit card company. Most USA credit card companies do not allow oversea purchases and the sale is blocked or declined...this is to protect you from bogus purchases by crooks. To resolve, simply call your credit card company and ask them to release the "hold" for oversea purchases for 1-2 hours. This will open your card to oversea purchases and allow you to complete your order. They may ask you from what part of the world are you making the purchase and I just say, "The FAR EAST" since TTOPAY is located somewhere in the FAR EAST. Hope this helps all you frustrated purchasers.
Just placed my next order with P4U. They are, for me, the best IOP I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. They provide a friendly, caring service, fair prices and legitimate products. 10/10, A+++ Keep up the good work guys, Jonathan
great product and service BUT and a big but the card service is the worst ever, and P4U have not listened to anyone who have left feedback about this, it is not my card it is TTOPAY, they are not even contactable to ask why, the emails bounce back, it is such a shame. PSU please please listen to the feedback about the payment merchant and do something about.
P4U does it again! I'm "across the pond" and my spouse ordered on Friday--we enjoyed the weekend and early this morning (4 days later) I learn my P4U order is moments from being delivered! There are plenty of bogus on-line pharmacies-and-there are a handful of legitimate operators but none of that select group have the same items (and most of all) prices as P4U. I track oversea delivery's using one of several tracking services available on-line, free of charge. Tracking eliminates a lot of questions about delivery times.
I have made numerous orders with P4U any never had any problems, the package even comes the next day!!! They are a fantastic company and 100% genuine I would recommend this site to anyone. ED - Leeds
I recieved my medication within 4 days and very impressed. Will deffinetly use p4u in the future. Meds came properly packaged with clear instructions. Couldn't ask for a better service.
excelent and trust wothy company to deal with 11 Wii continue to use am USA
Highly respected place here. Superb.
Great service! Horrible credit card service, I've been trying to order for over two weeks now, I place two orders a day and each time am declined. This happens every time I try to get refills. Any suggestions? I've tried multiple Visas, all with permissions for foreign purchases.
Superb service. Thank you
My younger brother broke his back playing sports in college and he had to leave school to come home and couldn't leave his bed for a while. On top of that the doctor that first saw him at the college messed up and didn't properly diagnose it as a broken back which later when he came home where we have better hospitals and better doctors, we found out he had broken a part of his spine but by then it was to late and his back healed wrong. He is not even 20 yet and now has a permanent spinal injury for life and is in pain 24/7. He was on vicodin for almost a year before his doctor pulled him off it because he thought he was to young to be on meds. He can't afford anything from here but I can. Thank you very much because now I can get him something to help and I don't have to watch him live in pain everyday. On another note you guys are also amazing never had a single problem with any orders from you, your great and love that your back and better then ever!
P4u is great. They maintain a proficient system for ensuring their product is posted very quickly; I have not one complaint of them. This is legit---either that or I'm just another cog in a massive conspiracy to provide good reviews of a company that fails to deliver complete satisfaction. What do you think is most likely? A side note and concern about mail delivery at this time (Sept, 2011). The delivery time to Canada is markedly slower since the end of the Summer. This is the doing of Canada Post (I believe)-I have orders after 5 reported days in Canada (according to UK Royal Mail) that have failed to enter the system. Canada Posts tracking shows no info for 3 letters--I retain tracking history of previous orders for reference and comparisons sake and the current situation is most unusual. Is this a post-Summer run on the mail? Any others experiencing the same? I'd love to write about earlier than expected delivery's. I apologize for this "strayed" review--the 2nd half.
Without P4U I would be in pain... P4U rocks!! Thank you P4U!!
Absolutely brilliant service! Item arrived next day which is just what I needed.I will definately be using all should be so proud of your excellent service,cannot praise highly enough.thank you.LS uk
execellent service fast delivery
Its been some time that i have been purchasing medication due a Medical Issue (recommended by a friend) and the service P4U has offered me has been impecable i can not fault them for one moment. Delivery times and Customer service has been excellent and i can not fault them, Professionalism to the core. Keep it up P4U B Beaumont
Let me start off by saying this is not the first review i have submitted, but it is one of much gratitude towards p4u. Not only have i been a patron of p4u for over 2 1/2 - 3 years, they have more than willingly extended their gracious arm to me. They have helped out my family, and myself. They are extremely kind to the point of which is usually no longer found in this day and age. Extremely reputable. Their quality has always been 100% They are now not only my pharmacy, but my friend. And i care for this company alot. I am sure it benefits thousands of people worldwide. Without this company alot of people would not know what to do about costly medication, ease of getting it and other things that make this website even BETTER than a CVS or Rite-Aide. Theyre not only a vendor, but compassionate people that will help you! Ryan & Family.
Just wanted to thank P4U for a very efficient service yet again! I ordered Sunday evening and have received the meds today (Wednesday). First class, please try and keep Co-Proxamol in stock as it is a life saver for me! CZ, U.K.
I have been a customer of P4U for a bit over 2 years, and I owe my quality of life to them. I live in Australia, and unfortunately we have very tight customs security. Sometimes packages go through without issue, sometimes they are checked and allowed through, but on 3 occasions customs have confiscated my meds. Although P4U's policy is to replace confiscated orders, I do not pursue this because it is not P4Us fault and I dont want Australia put on a "no delivery" list. Thankyou P4U, you are honest, reliable and a life saver :-) DM Aust.
Amazing service,they emailed every step of the way and provided tracking numbers.Can't fault the service or speed of the dispatch. Highly recommended.
I am sorry that T.K's post stated that he did not get his order. Yes with any business, this can happen occasionally but in my experience with Pres4u,,it is not the norm. The tracking component is not that great but that is the fault of the USPS (postal system in usa), not the company's fault. I am sorry that he is missing out on becoming a customer of yours because your products and customer service are second to none. el
A very professional service and take a lot of care when prescribing medication to patients/customers, I think the restriction amount on certain medications that contain codeine i.e co-codamol is very sensible and shows how our health is very important to them and is their main priority. I would also like to comment on the delivery service which is really excellent! JP.UK
P4u good, credit card company awfull! Keeps declining my card which i have used before and has plenty of credit on it. Will have to shop else where now as im sick of trying and being declined! Shame
I just want to say THANK YOU for your incredible service. Your meds have truly increased my quality of life, and I am forever grateful. Never had a problem with delivery, (knock on wood!) Thank you for all that you do, your fast service, kindness, and it is clear that you care about your customers. Been a client for a long time and I just discovered this blog :) Thank you Claire and co! Cheers!
To the previous enquirer about Co-Proxamol, admin at P4U have advised me that Co-Proxamol should be available again in September, so just keep an eye on their site and it should re-appear soon! CZ, U.K.
Great products and Customer Service! My 1st order was lost in the postal system but the replacement was here within 24hrs (UK). Will use again and again, thanks team! 1st Class all the way!
have ordered many times always recieved goods p4u is one med site i can trust to deliver i would like to ask them if they stock pethidine
I suspect prescribe4u is the premier source for medication on the internet. A friend of mine is currently being served by two other UK based on-line pharmacies and their service has been excellent. Using nothing other than regular letter-mail postal service they've managed to ship all 6 orders since July without any trouble, problems or interference. My friend (mf) lives in a rural section of Canada and all orders have been received before the 11 "work" days indicated as that which one should expect to receive their order. Most have taken 7 days and once, "mf" ordered on a Monday and the medicine was in his hands by Friday of the same week. The problem is, however, the medication my friend orders is 150% more expensive than the exact same product on prescribe4U. Since P4U has access to the same delivery services in both UK and Canada, he expects P4U would have the same success in shipping experienced by their UK on-line competition. Why does he not 'deal' with "P4U"? Well, P4U currently maintains a policy of not shipping to Canada. At some point in the past there was a problem with Customs and many orders were prevented from entering Canada. P4U states that until that situation changes they will not be shipping to Canada. My friend does not begrudge p4u their right to determine their policy and can sympathize with their reaction in seeing their product rejected and returned--however--it would appear the stance of Canada customs has changed since the earlier event and "mf" wonders aloud when P4U will similarly change their stance and reinstate their service to Canada My friend suggested writing on this blog, on his behalf, to explain his dilemma in the hope the message would be seen by P4u and their policy amended accordingly. hey--thanks for reading--
Hi i recomend this sight for its fast effective supply of medication but notice that it is a bit hit and miss for Co- Proxamol which i rely on to keep my pain at bay as i have athritis. Can any one help with what is happening to the supply oif this?
Can two people who live at the same household use this site?
I am been a customer just under a year and until recently I have never had any problems, the service has been brilliant, however for the past 2 weeks I have been trying to place an order and each time my card is declined have checked with my bank, and there is no restriction on my card. There is enough money in my account, I have actually tried 3 different cards and they are all declined am now very frustrated as know body seem able to help don’t think I have any option except to look elsewhere. Another thing I can’t understand is why the deliveries are not sent special delivery to addresses in the UK, if I were PS4U I would find another handling merchant for their payment or they could find customers haemorrhaging to the competitors.
Tried two different Visa cards. Both failed. There doesn't seem to be any way to find out why. The failed processing message says, "details sent to your mailbox," but nothing is sent to email. It worked before, but doesn't now. It makes no sense.
The Modalert suppled has literally changed my life. I have been on various medications for over 10 years and had to result in finding the solution myself as there was no real diagnosis despite speaking to a number of different doctors. From seroxat and venlafaxine,mirtazapine and trazodone, seriously the health system is ridiculous in thie country. Strangely enough on the day my parcel arrived I got a new Doctor who used to work in psychiatry and is on the level, a double blessing. You guys are doing a great job and I hope you continue to operate for a long time to come. Thank you guys, my best kept secret - JM
I've been using PS4U for about 3 years now and gotta say they always come through on my orders. I've had shipping take anywhere from 5 days to over 4 weeks,on the same exact product. Keep in mind this has nothing to do with PS4U , they always shipped the same day or next day when I order. It's the U.S. customs center that takes long sometimes. If you live in the U.S. Your order may be in 'origin post is preparing shipment' for weeks. Just be patient you'll get your order. Overall the product is always top notch from PS4U , it's just to bad our shipping centers in the U.S. can be slow .
Thanks for this opportunity to comment. I understand you do not ship to Canada. Please be aware that I have successfully received 5 shipments in the past 3 months into Canada. All took less than 14 days and most of them take 6-8 days. I monitor and track these shipments (airmailmeds and airmailchemist) and typically customs inspection is a formality. In light of my experience I have trouble believing that shipment to Canada was ever a problem--apparently it was--but it's also apparent that the situation has changed and Canadian customs is allowing pharmaceuticals in. The packages (btw) weigh between 70 and 120 grams. They usually come in a 2" by 4" corrugated cardboard "box" and the customs declaration is always: "Home health".The shipper is the Canadian postal system and it gets it from the Royal Mail in UK. It's handled and paid for as a "letter". Why not give it a try? Let me know and I'll happily act as a "guinea pig". I'll order something I need-pay for it-and I'd keep you informed concerning the progress and time of delivery. I'd greatly appreciate this as I rather desperately require the medication I'm attempting to get. Your price for the medicine is extremely good and I have trouble affording the other on-line pharmacies. Regards! Andrew
I received my Anxiety medication order approximately 10 working days from ordering, and I cannot rate this service highly enough. Great care was taken with discreet packaging and I was kept informed of the progress of my order throughout. As for the medication, it is of the highest quality and has improved my quality of life significantly in just a few weeks. Before I discovered P4U I had lost my job and home due to crippling anxiety, and now I with the help of P4U am I taking positive steps forward to regain my life.
Superb service...ordered on a Sunday night and the product was with me first thing tues morning...excellent delivery times and excellent service...thanks again and I will definitely be using you again. Mark c Wales.
Great website, but please take different payment methods than visa!
2011-8-8. I,ve used P4U many times and have to say they are the BEST! Products, shipping etc. Just a GREAT service! Please don,t go away! A loyal customer. W.K. U.S.A.
I have used the services of P4U for some time now. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending their services to friends and colleagues alike. The ordering process is extremely simple and the website is easy to navigate. Once an order is placed and received by their dispatch team, an email is sent to confirm successful acceptance. An email is sent when the order is being processed and then a final email when the item has been dispatched for delivery. If ordering from within the United Kingdom - the dispatch email contains a tracking number which can be used to confirm the item has been successfully posted at a UK post office. It is then just down to the local postal teams on whether you receive the item the following day or within 48hours etc. I have never had to wait longer than 48hours for delivery. Of course, if ordering on Bank Holiday weekends or other country specific holiday periods, it is to be expected that the postal service will encounter a back log of post, and you may have to wait a day or two longer. This type of delay is out of P4U control as the postal service is ultimately responsible for delayed mail. All in all, a very professional approach reflected by the convenience of being able to order online, with no fuss and a speedy turnaround. SI (UK)
I have used P4U for roughly a year now, and not once during this period have I been disappointed with my product. Nor have I had to wait longer than 5 days for my delivery to arrive (and that was an foreign delivery), but normally I get it in 3 days. The quality of the pain meds are exceptional. The anxiety meds are fantastic. And I can't wait to try the new muscle relaxer (Carisoma) which I expect to be just as good as everything else you have supplied me with. If I could add anything to the product range it would be:- (in order of importance) - Midazolam - Pentazocine - Nitrazepam - Oxazepam - Temazepam Thanks for everything and keep up the good work. CE WMD UK
the card payment merchant is rubbish, keep getting declined on a perfectly good card. will have to look at other pharmacys.
I have purchased from prescribe4u 4 times now and I must say this company has proved to be exceptionally reliable and has surpassed my expectations. Each order I have placed was shipped within 24 hours of placing the order and arrived within 3 days. I commend prescribe4u on providing such a reliable, efficient and cost effective service. D.F, Ireland
I have been with P4U for almost 2 years now. There are no words that can describe how they have changed my life, and I don't use that word loosely either. Because of them, I have a life, my children have their mum back and my husband has his wife...I owe you everything. Less than 24 hr turnaround is the norm for me,I never have to email, though when I do, Claire is one of the nicest people I have ever spoken to. You'll never know what you have done for me, and despite me being a pessamist, and believing that nobody is in this game out of the goodness of their hearts, I sometimes wonder....thank you...for everything.. D.C ..U.K
My review is this ....Florida. Ordered July 4, Roymail shipping notice July 5. Today July 14. USPS Tracking shows "NO RECORD OF THIS ITEM". Either never made it to the US or seized (doubtful as I would have had a a LL by now) Response from Precribe4U was, of course it shipped. Having 10 years OLP experience I have NEVER recieved such a message from USPS or ever heard of anyone receiving such a message. It appears somewhere between the UK and the US my order disappeared. Just like magic ! I am a little skeptical of the last post, From Florida, indicating the lightning speed delivery reported. indicates several posts with a much different story. Sorry I cannot give this this site any positive comments and would suggest looking at some of the other UK providers (well known) that are spot on with tracking, commmunication, and shipping times. And especially customer serive and proiblem solving. TK...Florida, USA
excellent service! placed second trial order on codeine just now. i hope package is as fast as the last one, which got to me in eight days including 4th of july weekend! shipping is okie dokie and quick! product is of great quality and competitive pricing. thank you prescribe4you for your great service and product to help curb my chronic pain and insomnia! you have a long term and satisfied customer here! NL WI, USA
Shipping was EXTREMELY FAST considering I live in the USA, specifically South Florida. I placed my order on Friday (July 1st) and was shocked when I received my package on Thursday (July 7th), which is 6 days. And this included a weekend and a holiday (July 4th)... unbelievable to say the least. And to top it off, I used the cheaper shipping option (Registered Mail NOT AirSure). I should also mention that when you order from prescribe4u, you will definitely receive QUALITY meds that do the job. In other words, prescribe4u does NOT sell FAKE or WEAK meds. W.H. / USA / South Florida
I have been using Prescribe4u for almost one year now. After I place an order, I follow its progress, and I have noticed that Prescribe4u is extremely quick when it comes to processing and shipping orders. I currently live in Los Angeles, and I have received orders in less than one week, although one order took almost two weeks. In the case of the two week order, Prescribe4u processed and shipped this order a day after confirming and approving it, but the postal system(s) were slow about getting it to me; this is NOT the fault of Prescribe4u. In addition, prescribe4u has very good customer service; when I have emailed them, I have always received a useful and courteous response within 24 hours. I have never seen this combination of good prices and superb customer service in other online pharmacies.
P4U is the most reputable, reliable, honest and service-oriented online pharmacy I have found. I have never been disappointed with the service, product or delivery times (which can be outside of their control due to customs). You can trust this professional, caring pharmacy, without worry that your hard-earned money will be lost. It is difficult to live with chronic pain in a country that is so conservative with pain management while expecting those with chronic conditions to live productive lives. It's wonderful to have found a company that I can place my trust in, time and again. katnip U.S.A.
Shipping was EXTREMELY FAST considering I live in the USA, specifically South Florida. I placed my order on Friday (July 1st) and was shocked when I received my package on Thursday (July 7th), which is 6 days. And this included a weekend and a holiday (July 4th)... unbelievable to say the least. And to top it off, I used the cheaper shipping option (Registered Mail NOT AirSure). I should also mention that when you order from prescribe4u, you will definitely receive QUALITY meds that do the job. In other words, prescribe4u does NOT sell FAKE or WEAK meds. W.H. / USA / South Florida
Shipping was EXTREMELY FAST considering I live in the USA, specifically South Florida. I placed my order on Friday (July 1st) and was shocked when I received my package on Thursday (July 7th), which is 6 days. And this included a weekend and a holiday (July 4th)... unbelievable to say the least. And to top it off, I used the cheaper shipping option (Registered Mail NOT AirSure). I should also mention that when you order from prescribe4u, you will definitely receive QUALITY meds that do the job. In other words, prescribe4u does NOT sell FAKE or WEAK meds. W.H. / USA / South Florida
i have been trying to order for over 1 week now each time my transaction failes. There is enough money in my bank and not a thing wrong with my card as i have been on the phone and in to baranch several times. Getting nowhere with emails either. I have been a customer for over 6 mo0nths and never had a problem and all of a sudden it wont except my card. i dont even gget to the verification by visa bit. it is so so frustrating and i hope to god it gets sorted out as i am left without meds for over a week now.
Administrator's answer:
Hi Hazel, we have tried to email you many times but our emails failed and returned to us. Please check from your bank if your card is still authroized to pay a foreign purchase.
I put my first order in thu it was with me mext am (wales u.k) less than 24 hours! this weekend For the first time without back pain, i took my dogs for long walkis. thank you so so much:-) M J u.k
Was worried at first as most these sites are scams, recieved my order next day and product seems genuine, will 100% use again if all is o.k.
I lived in a mid-Atlantic state in the USA. I placed an order May 2, 2011 and it has already gone through New York. It's May 7. That is incredible speed. If all goes as normal with priority mail leg of the trip, I could get my order in as little as a week. A week. For an international order. I'll post back again to report the total time taken and on the item itself. So far, so good. The staff has been excellent in answering my questions and aiding me with any problems I encountered ordering. This company has caring support staff. They understand their clients' positions and are so helpful.
I placed an order on 31/05/11 based on positive feedback on here, and it arrived this morning 07/06/11, i am in ireland and yesterday was a bank holiday so it took 4 days to get to me, absolutely brilliant service that i will use again and again and again... thanks u so much. G waterford ireland
Have used prescribe4u for about seven purchases now and could not give them less than 10/10. Every purchase so far has arrived within three days of placing the order except the Valium which was shipped from overseas which took five. The quality of the meds are brilliant and pretty decent prices but at the end of the day, you can't put a price on reliability. Packaging so discreet I get mine delivered to work. The only thing that's disappointing me at the moment is the lack of anxiety meds. Come on prescribe4u, please get on it!! ABSOLUTE QUALITY SITE.
I Ordered the 5-20-11 recieved item today 5/27, gotten 4 emails regarding approvel, I am very happy and do not want to work with doctors anymore on my condition from my car accident cause theres nothing they can do SO says..I just want to feel better and make those headaches go away..The pain is so real! This will help a bit. Thank you for being reliable..u.s.a
A bit concerned, placed order Monday and still not received my Processed, Shipped emails anyone else had the same problem AP England
Fantastic Service - Small Trial Order placed on a Friday, goods received 2 working days later on Tuesday. Very pleased with quick and professional service, and regular updates about my order. I am very happy to find a service that allows me to be in control of my medical needs and look forward to a long customer relationship. J.J (UK)
I placed a small order on 19/05/11 based on positive feedback here and hopefully if all goes well I can make larger repeat orders. Payment went through fine, no confirmation email yet but order status says "Approved" So far, so good!. Will update when order arrives. (UK)
Guys, Where are the anxiety meds? =( SL, UK
Quick delivery time to France (6 days). Good packaging, discreet. Got DHC 60s and are working well. Will use this company again, hopefully they'll have so V's for my 'anxiety'. Takes a while to find a good o.l.p and going on all the other reviews and my first purchase, this is one.
Very pleased with the services of this place. Cheap, fast and secure and reliable. Top notch. /J (Sweden)
Best on the Net. Fast and reliable with guaranteed quality and service.If you have any problems making payment notify Claire at admin and she will sort it. Highly Recommended. Garry (UK)
Getting very frustrated my orders wont go through ive tried in excess of ten times i have more than enough money in the account and have used this cad many times before with p4u an no problems an now ttopay just keep declining!!! i have tried to message p4u and no reply or answer as to what to do or why this is happening.
Everything was fine until today. It appears the old "ttopay" site is having problems once again with perfectly fine Visa Cards. 5 declines in a row makes me think they are down for maintenance. I wish someone would post that info so we can know "when" to order! Once they go through, however, the service from precibe4u is the best! All orders are received in 7-11 days outside of X-Mas. Keep up the good work, but look into ttopay for the benefit of us all. It can be very flaky sometimes. Thanks, K. across the pond
Very happy..reliable. This is my first online experience and I am truly satisfied. JW USA
If you are having trouble with a Debit Card purchase you may need to call your bank and have them release the hold on international transactions. This was the case with Chase in my first attempt to order.
Used you guys for about 18 months now and just want to thank you for your service in this time. Excellent products, fairly priced and most importantly, you have been totally reliable. Every order has reached me within 3 days of placing order (occasionally received parcel the next day!) A few times, the system/my computer has played up on the payment page and I have had to email you to check whether order has been processed/payment gone through twice etc. Where a problem has occurred, you have confirmed and sorted out for me immediately. You are very efficient and in my experience to date, totally reliable and trustworthy and I would recommend you unreservedly. Ref stock - I notice that the availability of diazepam with you (in whatever form) seems to be problematic. No doubt you are trying to sort this out and I hope you are able to do so soon. AR, UK
i just ordered pain relief as i have a chronic pain and multiple sclerosis . i ordered my tablets 2 days ago and they have arrived today i have been in so much pain all the time so a big thank you to this site hopefully i will get some relief now .
Are there any sites that Prescribe4U might recommend for other meds. Wow, what a concept. They actually do what they say. This type of service can only cause them to have loyal customers. I just wish they offered more meds. thanks, E.S., U.S.A.
Thanks P4U Team, Order placed 10am Friday 1st April, to my suprise delivered the next day Saturday 2nd April at 8am!! Always great service and never any problems. Highly Recommended
Hey, always had a great service. Just would like to see Alprazolam back please. You are the only reliable place to buy I have found. You have made my life worth living again as I am from England and as the previous poster said you can get no support for this. Thanks again and I hope to be able to buy from you again soon. R. England
Why can't I use MasterCard!
Failed my legit debit / credit card 5 times for no reason, what's going on! over £20000GBP in my account to I know for a fact it should go through extremely disappionted
The service and the meds are very good! FAST shipping!! placed my order and 7 days later i limped in pain to my mailbox and there was my package of DHC, popped one and instead of limping, i did hand springs back to my house.. Thanks P4U! EVERTKING.
My card was also declined twice and I called my bank and the money is in there. I have ordered from this company successfully and happily many times so am very much hoping whatever problem is going on will be worked out soon. T.O. (U.S.)
Who needs to order elsewhere, pr4u is the best, I noticed on the forums that their are many positive things said about them, one in particular had 29 pages on over a year ago and now have over 149 pages which equates to over 1,400 posts. Can that many people be wrong, I doubt it. You place an order, it goes out in less than 24 hours, good products, good people, good customer service, wish our postal system was that good. Who needs a 10% discount when they have fair prices and treat people right. other iop's seem to be doing you a favor by "letting you place an order with them) and have limited products and high prices Am I a part of prescribe4u??NO, but I sure would like to have some of their stock or have my own business do as good as prescribe4u. Bet you can't order just once wizard59
At last I have some effective pain relief when I need it. The DHC 120mg will probably last me over a year as accute pain is not that frequent. Very fast service. will see how i get on with these in the longer term.
I'm wondering why the server failed my credit card transaction twice, but both went through on your end with a succesfull rating. Three email responses and no reply back have now made me suspect.
Well to use the current cliche, they did "what it said on the tin." A great service. Many thanks. PE UK
I am writing this blog because there is no other pharmacy like prescribe4u anywhere! They not only have great products, but the customer service is an award winner also. It is a place where you can feel comfortable going to and getting what you paid for with no strings attached. They always come thru and after you place your order, it is usually sent out the same day. Any shipping problems that arise are purely the fault of our united states postal system. Pr4u get it across and then it is in the hands of our slow postal system. Again, a great company if you have not tried them rlm usa
You guys are THE best! Please,Please do not follow the trends of the price gouger and raise the price of the DHC!
Thank you for an amazing company :)!.at. ! Job well done LC - USA
I report the de riquer good reviews on product, delivery and customer service! Now, however, we have a wild card in the mix. A 10% discount for DBers. I welcome the helpful discount, but i found no place to enter a discount code. I mentioned it in the " Notes" section of my order. Not surprised that the 10% did not kick in. Can we ( yes, i have a frog in my pocket) get the 10% code to work on orders? Thanks, as always, a customer from across the pond.
jude u.s.a. great service will continue to use them.hope they get benzos back in stock.i give them a 10
Great reliable source for DHC, DF118 rule... Fast and discreet shipment, in the future will try some other meds from this site. 3/3 delivered spot on. Nothing else to say but keep up the good work p4u... Dr.G-The Netherlands
Great service. Ordered 02/02/11, shipped 02/02/11. Arrived in S.E. USA 02/09/11. Everything as ordered and intact. Thanks, CHG; S.E. USA.
Great site for people with medical problems and while all on line prescription seem expensive this is definetly cheaper than the rest could do with more sleeping meds like nitrazepam and temazepam i personaly feel the dihydrocodeine the best value one american site wanted over$800 for 100 120mg DHC some of these companies are just short of a balaclava anyway well done to prescribe 4 U. cm scotland
great service.will use again. jude u.s.a.
Once again, the P4U team have come through for me. Kind, courteous, and so reliable. Although I can't change ailments, I am able to cope so much more, and find relief from symptoms thanks to Prescribe4u. Cannot thank you enough! Best regards, Kristen F. USA
These guys are REALLY good. The automated communication is wonderful. You know when your prescription is reviewed by the doctors, processed and shipped. Now, if only the Postal Service was this good! The shipping delays are not their fault, in my experience they ship right after the order is approved. John USA/UK
My order took a little longer than usual but that's expected this time of year and patience is key. I must say that Ps4u provides the best customer service I've experienced from an Iop hands down. I don't get this level of service from my local pharmacy. Shipping delays are no fault of Ps4u and they ship when they say they do and they take very good care of their customers as long as your considerate enough to let them do what they do best. Wishing the team at Ps4u a Happy and productive new year. W. USA
I just want to express my appreciation to you after 2 years of outstanding service. Love ya :) SL from the uk :)
I have used P4U for several years now, and the reviewers don't lie--this is THE most reliable, honest and reasonably priced IOP I have ever found. They do what they promise, and deliver what you order. It is so nice to find a company that one can rely on! KWC U.S.
I have to say that sends out all orders usually on the day ordered, what is hard to predict is whether united states postal service is on the ball or not. On good days it can take 6-10 days to arrive in mid u.s.a. On bad days it can take up to 6 weeks. This is not the result of any fault on pr4u's side. It is the usps. The codeine is great as is the dhc. I usually alternate different weeks with one week dhc then the other week codeine, this keeps the tolerance buildup at a low amount. Please do not mix together and take dhc and codeine at the same time. As usual, the customer service is something that should be admired with this company, They are great. RLM usa
I'm posting this query here, as I'm not getting any answer via e-mail. Have P4u stopped stocking Co-Proxamol permanently? You did stock it again briefly in December, but it is no longer available on the website. I'm keen to know what your future plans for Co-Proxamol are. Thanks very much. C.Z. UK.
hello i'm a regular customer. i find your site and product very easy to use. I'm looking for a supply of distalgesics, or other similar products such as darvocet, co-proxamol, or capadex. there are some US based suppliers that provide this, howevr i'm reluctant to change suppliers. I believe you've mentioned in the past that you'd be supplying these. I've been trying to get a response from you for sometime via your email, but so far to no avail. are you able to help? kind regards, G
I am in the Seattle area, and my meds usually take between 5 to 8 days. Well, I see the long delays, but am not worried at all because P4u has always done an amazing job at filling the orders, shipping within 2 days at the most, and offering the best products I have ever received. I am a real person, who is very careful who I order from, but would never, ever have a qualm ordering from P4u. You can believe in them. I am a little bummed my orders have yet to arrive....its been 17 days...and that left me a little short on meds....but I knoww the problems are with the mail. We love you p4u!
I have ordered many times and so has my husband and we are so thankful to have P4U there to help us. It's so nice knowing you are there and that we are helped so much by your products. It's a life saver, really. I can't express it enough how much that means to so many of us. I know shipping has been behind, but like others have said...P4U shipped when they said. It's USPS with the delays. Even so, 21 days is not so long to wait (my last order) when you consider that you used to have to wait 6 weeks to get orders from some of the old companies we had to deal with. P4U is upfront, professional and on the ball. No worries here, ever. Thank you Claire, and P4U. A Very Happy New Year to All of You at P4U!!
Happy New Year to all of your team. You are doing a great and a fast job. Regards Antti P Sweden
You guys are great! All the best for 2011!!! P.M.
Meds took a bit longer to arrive this time, BUT it MUST be due to the weather. This is the first time I've had to wait for longer than a week for my order. I've been a regular customer for 2 years and have to say that P4U have the best customer service and are the most reliable. MD, U.K.
This IOP is, without a doubt, the MOST reliable I've ever used! I'm crossing my fingers that they stay around a long time! Thanks!! MMM, SE USA
i wrote a review stating the delays after my order had reached th u.s. postal system. well my order finally arrived after the u. s. postal service took 2 weeks to deliver. i want to thank p4u so much fo their great service and reassurance. you guys really make a difference in the quality of my life. a.b/u.s.
The delays in shipping are NOT P4U's fault. Watching these posts helps patients have faith that their orders are coming. I ordered 12/2. Normally it takes exactly 8 days to the SE USA. Received today 12/17. The postmark has the 12/2 date. P4U shipped immediately. HAS to be the postal system. I've got 1 more order coming. As far as I'm concerned P4U is perfect! You guys hang in there. It'll show up!MMM SE United States
I'm delighted to see that you have Co-Proxamol back in stock. I have placed an order today, and have already been impressed with how quickly my order was approved and then processed. I look forward to the arrival of much needed effective pain medication! CZ, U.K.
great delivery time until my last order of nov.26. it shipped to the U S nov. 30, but now has not been delivered after 10 days after transport to the U S. NEWS ON DELAYS WOULD BE BENEFICIAL TO THOSE OF US WAITING. thanks for any updates. a.b/ u.s.
I would like to contribute another positive review to this blog. I've received my first order today and I'm satisfied with the product. From placing the order to receiving it, it took about a week in my case. So in conclusion I can recommend this IOP. Greetings F.P DE
Been very impressed with the fast processing and quick communication from you folks. I ordered yesterday and it has been approved and processed within 24 hours and is to be shipped tomorrow. Don't know how long it takes to get to the United States but so far I have been very pleased. Will keep everybody updated on how this progress. T.S. USA
Thank you for just being in business. You are one of the most customer oriented companies I have ever had the pleasure of ordering from. There is an old saying that says you can find anything you want on the internet. That is far from the truth, you cannot find good old fashioned service based on customer loyalty. Customer service is not something that you pay for, it is either there or not there. I thank you and will to continue to stay a loyal and faithful customer for many years to come Thanks, Wizard in the U S A
Very Professional Pharmacy. Ordered much needed pain medication and received it within 2 working days.They will ensure that you get the correct quantity at the proper time and they have your well-being at heart.Certainly better than my GP who has ' a good walk should cure it' mentality. Would recommend this pharmacy as a secure trusted partner who will help when you need it most. In this particular market reliability is in short supply but these friends have it by the shed load. Communications are prompt and dependable.Words cannot describe the relief that finding this site brings - it really does restore your faith. Thank you. GS 25-11-10 UK
i placed my first order on thursday morning and recieved it on sat morning all exact what u c. it may b a bit pricy but ad rather pay the extra for piece of mind knowing that i aint getting scammed. kp up the excelent work prescribe4u. ty ms uk xxxxx
I spent a long time reading reviews of different pharmacies on the usual forums and decided (after a lot of thinking and procrastinating) to go with prescribe4u. I'm glad that I did, the products arrived incredibly fast (2 - 4 days) and they're good quality. The customer service is excellent, with details by email of when the order is processed and shipped. If you're reading this and wondering whether to give them a try, you won't regret it if you do.
I received my order today. Very very good quality, and very very good service. Believe the hype people, these people are the best! Ordered Friday and they arrived today (Monday). MJ, UK.
Just ordered from P4U for the first time today after hearing many good things about them on DB. I hope I get the same great service I hear so much about. Im in soo much pain and my meds will help a lot! Thanks guys. MJ, UK.
I have suffered from chronic migraine since I was a teenager. I also am plagued with terrible anxiety problems. The various medication my GP has put me on over the years [anti depressants, and other pain meds] have been mostly very disappointing.GP visits are also very expensive. When I found this site I was relieved to be able to order tablets that could help me cope with day to day life a little bit better. Prescribe4U have always been efficient, and prompt in dealing with my orders. Their communication is excellent. Being polite in communication with Claire and colleagues is paramount, and being respectful of order limits and not trying to abuse the system is important. Just like your GP, they will not dispense medication that exceeds a months requirement. They are providing a much needed service. Thank you Prescribe4U. DM, Ireland
My grumble is that when buying in GBP you get charged in EUR and this can make a big difference in the total you expect to pay in GBP because of the poor GBP vs EUR rate!!
Received another successful order. Pleased to say that the order-notification system has been improved! Y.B UK
I am located in the U.S.A., have degenerative disc problems in my back and neck, recently had an operation to put a pin in my right leg. I cannot say enough about how prescribe4u has given me the excellent customer service and attention to detail that I have received. The products that they sell are far better than what I get here. Don't know what I would do without them rlm
I'm still hoping that P4u will start stocking Distalgesic again, and will keep an eye on the site for its return. You are the most reliable providers I have come across, I have recently been ripped off by another provider, meds never arrived, e mails were never answered, and I appreciate the reliability and honesty with which you operate. Please, please hurry up and stock Distalgesic again soon!! C.Z., UK.
I am in the US , and I use dhc for lower back pain..... my package arrived in just a week ,, and in perfect condition.... Thank you Prescribe4u for your great service. E.S. USA
Hi, im doing this as i cant seem to get in touch with you through email, just wandering if Order ID: 11101039680 has been sent
I have used this site over 10 times now and every single time I received my medication within 2-3 days.
Definitely the best IOP in the world! Getting on for 2 years now (personally speaking as a customer) with only very minor hiccups which were sorted out efficiently. As for suggestions regarding the site, It would be great if there were any way of knowing which country certain meds were coming from so we have an idea of delivery times. Keep up the great work Claire & all at P4U. Rich, United Kingdom.
This site is compassionate and the Doctors are generous to those with legitimate issues. I like the fact that the Napp 120mg Continus does not have any acetomenofen (or paracetamol as or UK friends call it). I was paying $250.00 to a US doctor monthly to write me 120 count Oxycontin and those meds since they are brand, cost me $240.00 USD with insurance. I was paying $500.00 USD a month an until I found Now I pay $90.00 for Napp 120mg Continus, which don't give a euphoric effect but actually stop pain. I would say to any Chronic Pain Patients that this is a really good product. If you are merely a drug seeker for a "buzz" this is not for you. Claire and the whole staff are professional and do what they say guaranteed. The Teva dyhydrocodeine 30mg IR works well to supplement the Napp 120mg continus. I have used other IOP's but they are are by far the best, and you will not be "scammed" or feel slighted any way. This is a real treat since they do what they say and are kind. I use no other IOP or US doctor for this reason. JD USA
My appreciation and gratitude goes out to Clair and her staff at Prescribe4u. I have placed numbers orders, and all arrived in perfect condition. All were properly boxed, labeled, and sealed by the manufacturer as shown on the web-page. The expiration dates were fresh and with this company, what you see is what you get. Clair responds to my e-mails in short time, and you can sense her caring and smile in her correspondence. I live in Israel, and receive my orders in about a week. G.B., Jerusalem, Israel.
Hello, I have been looking for a reliable online shop where I can buy DHC quickly and discreetly for chronic pain in my shoulder following a riding accident a couple of years ago. I was recommended this website by a friend and placed my first order last Wednesday (9/29). I had hoped to have received it by now (Monday (10/4), I am reassured by the feedback on this website and my friend promised me that the meds were genuine so I (ambitiously) ordered two boxes. This is over £100 which is a lot of money to me, so I am on tenterhooks as to whether they will arrive. I am sure they will.... fingers crossed! DCUK
Finally a legit company! Not being used to ordering meds on-line, I have been ripped off twice in the past month. Prescribe4u not only came through, but I received my order in seven days just like most people claimed in the past. I ordered DHC 60mg. and after taking one, I realize that the drug is so powerful that I only need to take half. I was really concerned about quality...not anymore. I will definately be a return customer! Thank u guys for making life a little easier for me. Jen U.S.A.
A fabulous service. However, it's unfortunate that you no longer deliver to Canada. I placed several orders and all of them were received, so I don't know what has happened recently. I did notice that, with the last order, the contents were described as "computer parts" (which didn't seem very plausible). All previous orders had been described as "toiletries" (which made more sense). Anyway, congratulations on providing a superior service and I hope that the "Canadian problem" is resolved expeditiously.
Claire, your sweetness, kindness and wonderful customer service are what keep me coming back to P4U. You're an honest and reliable vendor, which make you one of a very select few. I never worry after I've placed my orders because I know that I will get them. You've been generous to me and I will always be a loyal customer. Thank you! J.M. Canada
Quality Meds received on time, as per usual. When I use Prescribe4u, I am 100% secure and certain of getting my meds on time. I have a two day wait usually. Excellent quality. Thank you team.
Great Service!
Hello all from P4U! I would just like to say thank you for honoring your word and keeping your promise that when what I ordered, which was out-of-stock at the time, you said that you would keep me informed as to when my order has been re-stocked and that I would get an email when the stock arrived. You did exactly that.... I was patient, only emailing you when you said that you were expecting the stock to arrive as to not bug you or flood you with emails as I know that only slows your whole process down. Nevertheless, even though it was a few weeks later than originally thought, I know that's not your fault at all but the suppliers. I have now received all expected orders and thank you greatly for the kind gesture of some added Kindness ;). Anyone who is thinking of ordering from P4U or has and you are waiting for a re-stock to come in because they were out of stock at the time of ordering, do not worry! P4U is a very reputable company and they will make you whole no matter what, whether its a refund, another product or if you decide to wait. It is worth it... And if you don't flood them with emails and are patient, who knows? Maybe they'll be as nice to you as they were to me. I just wanted to pass on the good news in case anyone else is where I was a month ago, waiting for an order that was out of stock. P4U is the real deal. They will make you whole. But I cannot stress this enough - Be Patient! (I know, easier said than done, lol:) Thank you Claire and all involved in the P4U team. You definitely have a reoccurring customer in me. Until next time, take care. J
Thanks again Claire & P4U.The money from the order which had to be canceled was refunded back to my card within a week & I was able to place another order with you guys the same week. Well done for the great service,customer service & communication that you guys provide.Thanks to you guys I can at last have peace of mind,knowing that my meds will arrive. Thanks again guys. Stu UK
Just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Prescribe4U (and to Claire) for what can only be described as a FIRST CLASS SERVICE!! As a new customer, I placed my first order on Sunday (01st Aug) at 11pm at night. Claire wrote to me first thing on Monday morning to say my goods were being shipped. They arrived this morning (Tue 03rd Aug. WoW.. thanks for a first class service.. Anyone who is thinking of placing an order.. Just Do It!! You won't regret it, I promise. There are so many fake/scam sites out there but NOT this one, I can trust it 100%. Dave
I have spent many hours checking out online websites, even going to the extent of emailing and asking questions just to check out the replies or "LACK OF REPLIES" By far, the quickest replies are from prescribe4u, within 24 hours. Claire never even seems to sleep. The replies may not even be about an order, but you can tell that the customer service is there. No one else even comes close. I have many friends in the focus groups, posting sites, forums, and the same reply comes from all of them. Customer service comes first, next excellent products, fast shipping, and everything else. If you have not ordered, do so, you will not be disappointed. Very fast delivery time even here in the States. Claire and company, YOU ARE THE BEST. THANKS MERLIN THE WIZARD
What can I say! Placed my first order on 20/07/10. E mailed claire twice that day with a couple of questions and got both replies the same day. Package arrived today 27/07/10 so five days total excluding weekend, came box and with patient info sheets. Pleased to say my anxiety levels are now zero after taking the Valium I ordered after 4 weeks of hell and not getting wot I needed off of my doc. Now looking forward to my first decent nights sleep in ages! If only I had found P4U earlier. Will def be using again. So many thanks P4U NW in UK
For someone that lives in the UK it has always been hard to find a reliable IOP with good quality medicines and decent customer service. I'm on my 4th order and everything has gone perfect. The management seem to get back quickly in response to inquiries, and the delivery times have been super quick. so to summarise, I hope prescribe4u is here to stay! On the flip, it would be good to get discount codes emailed thru after repeat custom, or to simply lower the prices of the pain medication. I would be inclined to but more in one go if this would be possible. D. UK
Thank you for you reliable service and fast delivery times :) I will recommend you! T.L. Germany
Hi, I would just like to say that I was a first time customer here this week, I was so pleased when i received my 1st order in 2 days and then my 2nd order in 2 days as well, you guys are giving a fantastic service while improving my quality of life with some much needed pain medication that actually works!! P4U are brilliant, And i hope to be doing business with you for a long time to come. Many Thanks and much relief, D.S. North Shields.
Absolutely amazing! Ordered twice now and both orders received within 3 days. Fantastic quality! Thanks to everyone at J-UK
I think that prescribe4u is the best though I looked for a lot of online pharmacies. You politely answered my question that happened one after another, too. I wish to express gratitude. ordered 7/7 received 14/7. Thank you. ASIA
Another delivery within 2 days! Customer service, quick, polite, efficient...I just hope P4U stays around for a long time. - N. Ireland
Just wanted to say thanks again. Another order received in record time just as ordered. Please keep up the good work. D.R.USA.
2010-06-25 Wow! The Team at is amazing! I have had so many successful orders in my short time with their company, I have almost lost track. Claire always goes well above and beyond normal outstanding Customer Service, and she most certainly deserves a raise in Pay for all her hard work! It also appears that Payreason has worked out all of their previous "bugs" that were frustrating some customers, so "if" you have "ANY" problems at all when paying for your order, please contact directly by PHONE, and they will ensure your order goes through. Their contact info can be found below: Remember, Claire and the Team have no control over payment, so if you email Claire about Payment Difficulties, you are just slowing down everyone else's orders, so Please contact directly as above. Thanks a million! K. U.S.
Thank you again Claire and the P4U team.... I never waited over 10 days for my order (Don't want to jinx myself here:) and the fastest order was just 6 days. You are a shining light in a world of shady businesses on the net, and thank you for that. As always, the quality of the meds are very good, I can only speak to the benzo's as thats all I order. For the price, quality and customer care, no site is better than P4U. Thank you very much, J - States
I'm a bit concerned at the disappearance of Destirol and Co-Proxamol (both Distalegesic) from stock. Claire has advised me that they're working at trying to get Co-Proxamol back in stock, which I really hope they do, as Distalgesic is the only effective painkiller for my neck and shoulder problems. Added to that, it is totally impossible to get Co-Proxamol from my GP and has been for a few years, as it is not a prescribable medication in the UK. I just pray prescribe4u can get it back in stock! CZ, UK.
Hello friends Had an earlier problem with several orders involving Customs, however my last two orders have came through brillantly! Thanks, Peter
Hi, I'm just waiting on a tracking number. I placed my order on 6/11 and haven't heard a thing. I'm not even sure if it's shipped or not and it's been over 7 days.
thank you Prescribe4u for your excellent service and very fast delievary.and for your very professional service. your doing a great job and thank you again Kind regards L.M United Kingdom
I have been a customer of this company now for the past 4 months and I can't say enough wonderful things about them. In this day and age it is hard to find an honest reputable company that actually cares about their customers needs. Claire in customer service is the best, always takes care of any questions I have within 24 hours! What a rare find! My quality of life has improved 100% since I started buying Dihydrocodiene from them for my excessive joint and back pain sustained in a horrible accident 2 years ago. This medication is the only thing that works for me. I have days where it is too painful just to walk across the house, I take the Dihydrocodiene and I feel like I used to feel before the accident. You can't put a price on the quality of life. I have been prescribed American medications like Vicodin and Norco, it only works not even half as well as the Dihyrocodiene works. Being a single Mom I can't afford the operations needed to correct the problems I have at this time. So it is a relief that I have been able to enjoy life once again, thanks to Precribe4U! I have never waited more than 12 days for an order to arrive. The big hold up is always good ole US can sit there sometimes for 10 days but once it is released it is delivered immediately! Thank you so much for such an awesome company, you have a faithful customer in me! M.R. Chicago USA
Thanks again Claire & the Prescribe4U team.I just received my second order from P4U (only 6 Days from Greece) & everything went very smoothly.Thank you so much for helping me achieve a hugely improved quality of life.My Dr is under really restrictive new guidelines concerning the amount of a "Therapeutic Doses of Benzodiazepenes" he is allowed to prescribe.I used to get prescribed everything I needed with no problems for the anxiety,insomnia & PTSD I suffer from but my Dr is cutting me down(to fast) to appease the Health Board who are putting pressure on him to reduce his Benzo prescribing in all his patients.He told me(between me & him) that if I could find an alternative source of meds,he would continue to prescribe me what he could.Its not right that Drs are being dictated to over what they can prescribe & to whom by penny pinching Health Authorities Im just so glad I found P4U as now I feel I can lead a "normal" life without having the constant stress & worry of not having enough of the meds I need. I will definitely be ordering from Prescribe4U again.Thanks again for the great service and communication.Well Done P4U!! Stuart,Scotland
Placed my first order late on Monday, received 8:30am Thursday. Ordered the DHC 30mg 100 pack. All in perfect condition, standard UK pharmacy stock. Had a couple of tablets this morning and experienced my first real pain relief for my broken wrist since my "kind" Doctor told me a week was long enough on Codeine and to "Grin and bear it" Discreet packaging, and surprisingly a dispensary label on the box. Very happy with 1st purchase, will be back for some Diazepam when my bout of root canal work starts next month. Thanks to all at P4U :)) Regards, IJA. United Kingdom.
I have been taking df118 (dihydrocodiene 40mg) for 10 years now.As this medication causes dependancy i am now on the highest dose doctors can prescribe.My choice with my gp is to change med to something else, but this pain killer would be my 1st choice. It took me a while to find this web site and i was Worried they could take my card details, cash and i'd never see my order for TEVA dhc 30mgs Just recieved my 3rd order now and have always recieved my order within 2 working days. Parcel has No clue to whats inside. And the web site's picture is true to what i've recieved. Although this is my 3rd succesfull order i still get anxious about my order but pharmacy4u seems to give no concern. I used to think there blogs were made up, but i'm writing this one lol I dont know who clair is, as a lot of people mention her name. Let my blog reassure you to make an order... TP in UK
Thank you Claire & all at Prescribe4U.I was a bit wary of ordering at first as Id had some bad experiences with "overseas" based pharmacies.Things were always getting "lost" in the post & my emails were never replied to. Prescribe4U really does deliver in all the areas where their competitors fail.It really means a lot to be able to trust someone after being let down in the past. Thank You,Prescribe4U for offering a top quality,reliable & dependable service with excellent customer support.Order with confidence from this company. Stuart UK
Just a quick note that pretty much echoes the majority of comments on this blog. Placed my order on Tuesay, arrived Thursday morning. Truly amazing delivery, customer support and products. 10/10 for customer satisfaction and not for the first time either. Thank you to Claire and the whole P4U team. I am truly grateful. D.R. UK
2010-06-15 I was initially having a terrible time in getting orders processed through Payreason, even with a Platunum Visa CC in perfect standing. After receiving no return emails from either site, I figured my best shot was to set up an order and call Payreason myself. I was fully expecting the order to be declined and have the Customer Service Representative "watch it happen" from their end, but low and behold, the order went through perfectly! The gentleman from Payreason was also very nice and helpful, and he said do no hesitate to call in the future if you encounter any problems. He explained to me they that are working diligently to resolve their past difficulties. Then, my 1st order arrived to the U.S in only 7 days, which is absolutely outstanding, especially considering my Shipping was FREE! Thus...the Bottom Line is that this not a "good" pharmacy, but a truly GREAT one! Claire was very appreciative that I called Payreason, so if you are having any Payment issues, please CALL THEM directly and do NOT email Claire. This will save her valuable time and will not flood her mailbox with a bunch of items she cannot control. This will also help to improve everyone's shipping times, so as loyal customers, let's do OUR best to make this the #1 online Pharmacy. Their prices for many items just cannot be beaten or matched. I am now completely on board, and wish them tremendous success for many years to come! Payreason's contact info can be found here: Sincerely, K. USA
Got my first parcel opened by customs this morning but they re-sealed the parcel and sent it to me with everything in tact :) I'm not really sure what sanctions the UK have on delivering painkillers, but they obviously knew what was in the package but still delivered it anyway.
hi havnt ordered for a long time but am now considering placing an order just a bit concerned about the new laws on codiene pescribing and will this affect my order, not that i approve of the stupid laws, i think we should be able to choose when or where we order our medication from we are not children, sick of this nanny state that trys to dictate to us when we have to be in pain and we cant get the meds Good luck S R London
Again, I would like to say thank you to Claire, Jane and the whole P4U team. Order arrived to the states in 7 days. I love you guys, you have top notch service. - J, States
My order was received in only 7 days and was EXACTLY what I ordered. Your company is a life-saver. I normally NEVER recommend any company, but yours is great and I endorse it. Thanks for the FAST service and great product. Hopefully more products will be offered in the future. It was SO NICE not to get ripped off. Thanks Again. -Charlie USA
Excellent site and service! I received my order within 2 days of placing it and had emails every step of the ordering process. I shall deffo be using your services again. Thanks!
Such an efficient, reliable pharmacy. I never have any worries when ordering from prescribe4u, and the delivery times now are first class. If you are thinking of ordering from here then go ahead, you are dealing with professional people. Many thanks to Claire and all the team. CZ, UK.
Claire (and the rest of what must be a great team of staff at prescribe4u): I wanted to express my gratitude for several a: the quality of your medications, truly amazing (yes, shocking, no more rip off company here at all!!!). b: the immensely fast shipping time to SE Asia where we cannot even obtain some or a lot of these products (I think one week total to my door?). c. Claire's prompt and fantastic communication with emails, always! d. Finding a comparable med as an expat from the US, that is not even available here, and finally. e: Shipping "REAL" medications vs. some of the "other" crap we know is out there. I truly hope I am able to continue a mutually beneficial relationship with your company two too many surgeries later. Being in health-care myself, I would recommend this company to any one of my friends, family or colleagues without a doubt. Please, please may this site stay just as fantastic as it is! You must be helping an immense amount of people! Great Job! All the very best and with continued success, DA, SE Asia PS: thanks btw to Drugbuyers as to where I first noticed this in a thread, fantastic! I can only hope the rest of the order is just as quality as the first half! Many thanks, DA
Just wanted to say a big thank you to Claire and everyone at Prescribe4u for such fantastic service and products. I received my first order today, and got it as promised within 3 working days. Claire couldn't have been more friendly and helpful. I will defintiely be ordering from you again. R.T. United Kingdom.
We worry everytime we place an order and cross our fingers ,thinging ..did I do the right thing,,,,did i miss something, will it arrive,,will i be scammed...if it does arrive,, how does the packaging look, is it going to take 3 months of waiting, will it be the right product or a fake,etc Well I can tell you from experience that all of those questions will be left behind after you order with claire and gb, they are the best of the best. from my very first order I was treated with kindness and respect, had all my questions answered, and the product did arrive on time, was what I ordered, good packaging, and excellent product. However without the extra time that Claire and Gb put in, is what really makes the difference. I know a change is hard to make, a first order is hard to make, because we worry too much,say it is too much hassle, etc. but just really all you have to do is make that first order and it takes away all the doubts you had about ordering. Believe me, I have had the same fears and assumptions, and did it. You will be pleased with working with them on your custom orders, It's like the old dorito commercial that says "bet you can't eat just one", I say bet you will reorder many times with them after the first order rlm in usa
Hiya Claire, so I am still not clear if I am waiting on a tracking number or if a package will just show up in my mailbox as normal delivery? Is their anyway you can confirm. I sent you an email though imagine you are tremendously busy getting orders out...last time I bug ya, moving forward, promise :) Cheers, tgd, SE Asia
As ever absolutely brilliant and efficient service. Can't recommend highly enough. F.C. United Kingdom
Hi, Claire is indeed quite helpful and responsive. I have read some of the review and can't help but wonder a couple of things as I too await my first order(s). the cc processing triggered a call from my cc company b/c it was processed (out of the UK), elsewhere, with a different name, so I was/am a bit confused, but the amount was similar; is this normal for the "world wide pharm" part of this distribution? Also, with the additional cost on shipping, does the customer get a tracking number or is it just sent "priority"...or do I just sit and "wait" ? Any advise from anyone on the matter would be great. Thanks, tgd
What a good site, the bestaround. Ordered on Thursday received by Saturday 100%. Could improve on returning email's thought. Would recoommend to any1. Productsa are great the real thing. Prescribe4u you have just gained a loyal customer amanda
I received order 20021027779 for DHC, and the bottom 1/2 of the bottle was aspirin. However, I have written to the admin and feel sure this problem will be resolved, as they have always provided excellent service. E.Perdue, Acworth, GA
Still no mastercard facilities available.Had to cancel again! cg scotland
good site but got to checkout only to find that it would not accept Mastercard total bummer. CG Scotland
Without a doubt, the best of the best, even with some things out of your control, I still sometimes get delivery in 7 to 8 days in usa rlm
consistant 2 day turn around, Please don't ever stop trading your the best, MPH UK southern area
Prescribe4U is without a doubt, one of the finest and most efficient organizations I have ever done business with! Claire in Cust Svc, is the nicest individual and most helpful! In 6 months I have had not one problem with their product or service! I can honestly say, this is the the most honest & dependable online Pharmacy & Crew I have ever found! From what I can see, the only problems people are experiencing are things Prescribe4u has absolutely no control over; credit card processors, the weather, the airlines, the postal services and an over-abundance of ignorant customers with a severe lack of patience!! Can't Thank You Enough Claire & The Whole Prescribe4U Team!! ~L USA
I'm wondering what impact the Icelandic volcano will have on P4u's deliveries? My meds are always shipped to the UK from Cyprus by air mail, of course, so with the flight restrictions continuing indefinately I can't see them being delivered for a fair while. CZ, UK.
Ordered Co-Codamol's on April 8, they shipped on April 9. Received them on April 16 and I live in Ontario, Canada! Great service and product, definitely buy from here again, Thanks! S.B
Claire is really swamped right now, it is taking several days for an email reply, other than that, they are still the best roy texas
got an e.mail from clair today that still has me scratching my head. so thanks claire and the whole ps4u team.yuo have a lifetime customer now. thank you so very much. larry u.s.a.
today april 11 2010 claire and the prescribe4u team did something for me that has me scratching my head.they have the best customer service long as they are open for business i will be a customer.thank you from the bottom of my heart. larry u.s.a.
Hi, Just wondering if you can get Fiorinal c1/2. It's a migraine painkiller... Besides that, I ordered on March 30 and found the site very easy to use, I'll update when I receive my order! Thanks! TT Canada
These people, here at prescribe4u, especially claire whom i deal with the most, are the most respectable people. They have helped me and my family through many situations reguarding pain including shoulder surgery, emphyzema, and cancer(among other things). They - prescribe4u - have increased the quality if my families life 10 fold. If it was not for these people, we would not be able to do half of the activities that we do in our daily life as a family today. I am extremely greatful for their fast, kind, and prompt business. If you are planning, or looking for medicine of this nature, these people are top notch, and know what they are doing. They are also very very considerate!!! I am fortunate to be able to order from a website like this. If it was not for this website, i would not get to spend 1/2 the time that i do with my mother because of her illness. If you have doubts about ordering,dont! and if you need to ask questions, ASK! they always answer politely and promptly!!!!!
I just wanted to leave a big THANK YOU for such a wonderful first experience! Everything was outstanding from beginning to end - from the ease of ordering, the great communication, the speedy shipping time and delivery, and the fine quality of the medications. After being burned by another company, working with P4U was extremely refreshing, and I so wish I had found you sooner. Once again, many thanks! You have certainly earned a loyal, long term customer here. P.P. from USA
Dear UK friends. Since you started the new site, everything has been awesome and professional. You have been a Very good fried in hard times since mine return from UN-service with a bullit wound i my shoulder and the hard time after. Because i Sweden the so called debriefing sucks. Now I can work without bigger problems in the IT-area and that gives me a great joy. So thanks to all the crue at your company especially Claire and Jane. Many hugs to all of you,, and we keep in touch. Regards AP M Sweden
Great service. Reasonable time from order date to receive date. Name brand products at reasonable prices. I would definitely use this site again. Oh and for admin: I received my first order of UpJohn Xanax today. E.B. in UK.
This company is definitely top-notch. Claire is always on top of things, responds quickly to questions, and is always very pleasant. All of my orders have been accurate and received in a timely manner. I give Prescribe4u very, very top ratings. So glad I finally found a reputable place with integrity to order from. I highly, highly recommend them. Thanks so much!!!!! C from USA
Great service, always communicate by email on status and selctions of meds is good. Been customer for nearly a year now and no issues so far exceptone minor glitch in C.C order process but Claire resolved it quickly. Other than the sneaky Trojan horse some idiot stuck in the old site and "Blowdaddy'" dropping P4U web site (not P4U's fault), service and delivery has beeen excellent. Three suggestions: 1) How about offering Tramadol? Sometimes all I need is a 'light' pain dose. 2) How about offering Modalert or similar? 3) Place "comment" box at the top of the blog instead of the very end? That would help many of us (or at least me) by eliminating having scroll through 2 years of posts which is tedious on an i-phone or other hand-held device. Once again, kudos to the whole group that make P4U work seamlessly and one of the best virtual pharmacies out there - Cheers! Njoy. US
Hello, - my order has just arrived as promised – BIG THANKS.. In time for easter as well! – Thought it wasn’t coming though, as the postman delivered some other stuff and disappeared, but came back 15 mins later and said he’d forgotten this one!! Once again guys well done.. – you ARE the best. Happy Easter, Regards, SB - UK.
I agree could you obtain perduretas(60 mg time-release). Great place though, fast shipping, reliable and has product information in package. I received my order in 10 days, was very happy! ~USA
I have to say that I was surprised at how quickly I received my order. I ordered on 3/18/10 and recieved half of my orer on 3/26/10. I was a little nervous that I did not receive the entire order, but when my mail came on Saturday 3/27/10 the rest was there. I was very impressed by this. I think that your prices are reasonable and delivery time was exceptional. I also liked the fact that I did not have to sign for my order like I do when I order from other companies. I work during the day and would always have to go pick up my packets which is not convenient at all. I recommend ordering from your company and will definitely order again. Thank you!
Iv been using this company for a very long time, and receive everything in pristine condition. I love that Iv know a visa and that I can get at almost anytime I need it, a pain med or at least pretty close to it It'll with me within one or 2 days. Regarding someone mentioning a natural/medical dependency, I found them not that bad to quit in a period free pain time last year. My only fault I could ever find with p4u was that certain anxiety meds were from abroad, and take a bit longer. I rarely need them and when I did it was five or six days. Great Stuff!
Order process was smooth and are well regarded by some friends.Can't wait to test quality of product.K.L. USA
It's relieving to see that P4u have resolved the issues which dogged them for the last couple of months. In keeping with my prior experiences, the customer service was prompt and helpful, and needless to say, the product and delivery were also first rate. Y.K. UK
Just a quick question on a product. I was wondering if by any chance you guys would be able to carry or find a supplier for buprenorphine or Subutex being the brand name in the USA. Just curious. Thank you for all that you do, this is a top notch site and I would advise anyone thinking of ordering from here to be free of worry. Claire really takes care of her customers and keeps you informed on what is going on. J.B. USA
Thank you guys so much for being an honest and reputable business. I ordered the Remedium Valium and everything went as expected. I am a very satisfied customer and look forward to doing business with you in the near future. Thank you Claire for all the emails and updates, you have made the quality of my life better and a bit easier. I sincerely appreciate everything you do. Thank you so much, J.B. USA
Hello, Will you be getting 40mg DF118 again? I've been waiting for them to reappear, Keep up the good work, Your the Best Online pharmacy I've ever used fast delivery and good prices, I've had a few issues with payment but have all ways got there in the end. MPH, UK southern area.
Umm... I'm assuming the P4U team is well aware that that your email service is currently disabled. Customers should not have to contact you by posting questions in this testimonial log, hoping one of the team members will happen to glance through this thing. I'm not angry, just extremely puzzled that's all. Thanx.
I'm in the U.S., and this site is the best please I have ever seen they are kind and tell you exactly what is going on unlike others even in the US, all I can say is thank God your in the job to help people and keep up the great work tambria U.S.
great to ssee you guys back. Seem to have problems using order system with Firefox but not IE. Anyone else?
Hi UK friends. Very nice that you are back in business and it´s working pretty well. Sometimes I have problems with the VISA payment site that shows an error message but later om the same day it works again. Otherwise it´s super as usual. Regards AP Sweden
i have been trying to email you but with no joy .what is the proper address. dc ireland
Hi. Just wanted to say that your company has been outstanding to do business with! Excellent service, products and shipping. Also, I noticed that the DF118 Forte 40mg is no longer listed. Is that because you are out of stock or because you wont be carrying that product anymore? If it's out of stock, how will it be listed when you have more? Will it be on the Napp page or another? I just want to know where to look. Thanks!
~Glad you're all OK !! GoDaddy is a BlowDaddy!! ~~Leslie :-) ....SE USA
~Glad you're all OK !! Go Daddy is Blow Daddy!! ~~Leslie:-)
Hi UK! I have just a little problem - I ordered DHC Order ID: 05021027068 almost a month ago and still have not received the order, and I have not been contacted by the customs. Please check up this matter - otherwise what I order cames fast, especially from Cypros- Regards AP Sweden
I haven't posted on here for a while, simply because Prescribe4u keep on efficiently despatching and delivering my orders in very good time! I just wanted to say that the service is first class, Clare is always very helpful, and delivery times have certainly improved of late. To anyone who is considering ordering their meds from Prescribe4u, I would certainly say go ahead as they are a most efficient and reliable company! CZ, UK.
First time client here! Absolutely awesome service! Outstanding delivery, product exactly as described. Best service I have ever used by far! I shall look no further! Thank you for the service you provide. I would rather not go into my medical condition, but I can say I have already had a significant improvement in functionality thanks to you! BK USA
Remedium received in under 1.5 weeks from international pharmacy no problems, well packed, genuine product with box/insert and tablets in blisters well within useby date with batch numbers, would buy from again.
I have just recieved an order placed 3 weeks ago.the order was dispatched within 2 days and between the postal service of cyprus and ireland they contrived to add 21 days for delivery.Ibelieve this is due to cut backs in allcountries and there is nothing p4u can do about it So if your order is alittle late arriving dont blame p4u blame the postal system
2010-2-27-Dear, P-4-U. Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your reliabilty,promptness and great service! As a chronic pain patient I,m really greatful! Warm, regards. W.K. U.S.A.
I am about to place an order, and have a question. I see other codeine products listed, could you obtain perduretas(60 mg time-release)? Thanks, BP, USA
I dont usually write reviews only read them, but somehow i feel the need... After continually saying no to anti depressants (why is everyone on anti depressants) as i have good life? just a harder one a live.. now i understand anxiety and i know only me knows whats best for me..and you have gave me the chance to medicate myself. and it feels good.. i have hope and am getting better with communicating.. thank you for your service ....H
This was my first time ordering from P4U, and I cannot say how grateful I am to have been recommended to you. Not only is the website incredibly easy to navigate, and payment methods secure, but the prices are more than reasonable and the delivery is very quick (I placed my order on Thursday and received it on Saturday!). I am both delighted and relieved to have found such a reliable and helpful site, and would not hesitate to recommend you. Thankyou so much. Jen UK
I was wondering if you're ever going to carry any male enhancements like viagara or cialis? SPR US
All I can say is OMG!!! Awesome service!!! I am located on West Coast of USA and received my order within 6 days of ordering!! I am still in total shock! I placed my order at 9pm on Wed the 17th. Claire informed me that my order was shipped out on friday the 19th. I received it today the 23rd. That time has the weekend (sat and sun) in it!! Thank you so much for your fast and affordable service. This was my first order with you and I will definately order again!! C.N./USA
I am writing this post to thank the whole P4U team. This was my first time ordering from this website. For several weeks I could not place an order but I have to say both admin and the tech support at P4U went out of their way, offering me advice and help to try to remedy the problem. Thankfully on Monday evening I was able to place an order. My order arrived on Wednesday. The quality of my order was first class, it came exactly as described. Speed of delivery was unbelievable. I am no shill for this Company just a very happy customer. So again thank you to the P4U team, in particular to Claire, who was always polite, friendly, helpful and quick to respond to emails. Thanks Claire and all the best. D.R. UK
I am a new client and placed my first order on 2/17. I would like to know how long it takes to update the status of my order? Right now its still showing "payed". Just curious as to when it will actually ship. Thanks C.N./USA
All I can say about prescribe4u is "a lot", but I will try to keep it short and close to the point about why I highly recommend them and order from them. First and foremost is the very caring customer service oriented attitude that they give each and every customer, they treat each person just as that says "individual service", Next, the quality and nature of their products is next to none, and they take great pains to communicate with you after the order..making sure it arrives. They take care of you, I wish our doctors would give us that level of service From RLM in USA
Administrator's answer:
Thank you so much RLM in USA, for this very positive feedback, its very much appreciated and helps us so much when other clients are ordering. Best regards, Claire (admin)
Sorry Mau????o about your complaint, but it was down to our P4U team making a mistake on the manufacturers and product as you can see below our UK PHARMACY DID NOT MAKE A MISTAKE. Our apologies to them they are very very careful and professional when dispensing. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we have now corrected this item as below. If you require a full refund please contact Claire on Regards P2U Team.
Administrator's answer:
I've just been reading your website comments and I saw the one about DHC 120. 'DHC 120mg' is the trade name and they are dihydrocodeine sustained release 120mg and they are manufactured by Napp Pharmaceuticals - they are the only company which produces them. Martindale manufacture DF 118's. There had been no mistake made at the pharmacy and I would like you to inform the customer of this. ---------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- Sorry G & S UK, this one slipped through. Claire, PS. not there yet should definitely have tomorrow 23/02/2010 sorry!
The only thing I have been disappointed in is that the very first order to the USA got here in about 5 days. The rest have taken much much longer. Of course, I can say this: I had ordered an offer not provided by P4U about five or six days apart from my P4U order, but they both literally arrived at the same time. I am considering paying more to have tracking, to go through the other system (don't remember the name--not Royal Mail). One other thing. Those of us who go to the site called need to stop describing Claire's packs, or else there are going to be seizures within a month or so, I would guess. And someone needs to contact the administrators of that website and ask them to take these posts off!! It could end the whole damn process, pardon my language.
Administrator's answer:
Hi ?? thanks for these comments, was it EMS that you used before? also would it be possible for you to point out the Blogs used that you mentioned you of course are (right about your comments) and we will remove. Thanks once again. Best regards, Claire (admin)
Fantasic! Fast! Best internet ordering experience yet! Good prices as well. Thanks, Peter
Administrator's answer:
Thanks Peter, for taking the time to post this blog much appreciated. Best regards, Clair and P4U team.
prescribe4u is a superb reliable source. Never fails to delivery. Very fast and reliable shipment. The problem i have is that the payback points never reduce ur order value. It says on the final pay.. reduced order value.. However the CTO pay actual billing remains the higher unreduced value. The payback points do not work :(...
Administrator's answer:
Yes your right ?? we noticed this ourselves yesterday and contacted our programmers to put it right, which we now believe to be done. We have removed the points system as it was confusing some of our clients. Best regards, Claire.
received my order within 3 days which is the quickest delivery yet. my pre paid creit points havent been updated,for last order ORDER ID: 06021027102 Items Ordered: 1 x Dihydrocodeine (Martindale) - DHC Forte 120mg (56 Tablets) Time Released - i should have 16 not 10. great servce as usually kind regards miss uk
Administrator's answer:
Hi miss uk, thank you for your comments and sorry about the points. we have taken these off our website as they were confusing a lot of clients. Best regards, Claire
Hi - just wondering if there are any plans to stock Zolfresh again? By the way, great service in the past & I look foreward to continued business with you guys! P
Administrator's answer:
Hi "P" thank you for your patronage, yes we are going to have Zolfresh on the website soon within the next zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Sorry "P" we just tried some and fell asleep they are very good aren't they.... No were just having a bit of fun, but seriously, we are going to place them on our website within the next 2-3 weeks. Thank you once again, P4U Team.
WILL SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME OUT TO GET AN ORDER PROCESSED??? I have been trying for 3 days to get an order processed and I keep getting an error message. I have emailed a bunch of times but no one answers emails. HELP!!! M.C. USA
Administrator's answer:
Hi, M.C. USA sorry about this problem we seem to have a few like this happening as you can see below. Please contact me at with a copy of this problem and I will put the order through for you. i have sent a copy (again) see below to our programmers to sort out. Thank youfor bringing this to our attention. You can contact me at prescribe Best regards, Claire (admin)
Hi Claire, Apologies as this is off topic but I have no other way of contacting you. I've e-mailed you 3 times in the past 24 hours i am getting this response: "Failure Notice" Hi. This is the qmail-send program at I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses. This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out. That e-mail was sent by YAHOO.COM. Who is this person and why am i receiving this message. D.Rooney, Belfast.
Administrator's answer:
Hi D.Rooney, Belfast. we have sent thismessage on to our programmers to sort out. Sorry you have had this problem its baffling us as well, because we have large volumes of clients who have no trouble at all, then we hit a spot where things go a little wobbly. Please contact me at with this comment and I will make sure your order goes through. Best regards, Clare (admin)
Can someone please help me?? I have emailed you three times and I still haven't heard back on what I need to do to get an order to go through without getting an error message each time right at the end. I am not a new customer so I have ordered before from you. I am using a Visa card and the order goes through without any problems but right at the end of the payment sequence I get an error message stating "Data too long column temat in row 1" and then on my order page it shows the order failed. I just tried again today to place an order and again I got the same error message at the end. Will someone please tell me what I need to do to get an order to go through? M.C. USA
Administrator's answer:
Sorry ?? I have copied and pasted this message and sent it to our programmers, we have had some little problems over the last couple of weeks, but our programmers assured us they had been fixed. Please contact me if you have another problem at and will personally make sure your order goes through. best regards, and sorry once again for your order problem. Claire (admin)
Does anyone get a reply when you e-mail Prescribe4u? I've been trying to place an order for over a week now. My Visa card had been declined 6 times. I've has also used a different Visa card. I've e-mail them for help about 6 times with no response. Any ideas?
Administrator's answer:
Sorry ?? we hit a bit of a problem with our emails over the last couple of weeks but our programmers assure us that it is now fixed. Please contact us at with your details and I will make sure your order goes through. If it helps we can do the order for you, you can receive your order, then you can pay us after if you have any more problems. Best regards, Claire (admin)
I've tried to send an email to claire to let her know that i've still not received my order, but when i tried to send it to your email address:- it came back straight away as undelivered so i've tried your other email address:- so i hope you've received it and can sort this problem out for me can you please email me back Many Thanks, Simon Alexander, UK.
Administrator's answer:
OK Simon, sorry you've had this problem I have passed this comment over to our programmers and now its sorted out (hopefully) Best regards, Claire.
I wanted to try something for lower back pain so I purchased the DHC Continus in different strengths. I am new to purchasing items on line and have been ripped off too many times. I tried and am happy with the results. Order came in full nice clean dated boxes and it came in an acceptable time. No problems and I know where I will purchase from again. Good clean honest business transaction, good product. Thanks!
Administrator's answer:
Thank you for these positive comments ??. Sorry to hear about your pain I hope our products helped you. you are not the only one to be ripped off most of the staff here at P4U have been in one way or another online. So this helps us to understand our clients when they are a bit skeptical, but its comments like yours help us tremendously. Best regards, Claire (admin)
Just a quick update. My order came yesterday, 6 business days to U.S. My order was for the Renax alprazolam 1mg. I thought it was pretty good quality, and would like to thank you for the quick service and quality product. J.D. United States.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you J.D. United States. we are very happy you like our service and product. We appreciate you taking the time to inform us and our clients. Best regards, Claire (admin)
I have tried twice to check out and pay for my order and each time I get an error during payment processing. The error says "Data too long temat column 1". Please let me know what I need to do to pay for my order. M.C. USA
Administrator's answer:
Sorry youve had a problem M.C. USA if this is still persisting we can place your order for you. Our new contact email address is... Best regards, Claire.
Hi-just wanted to thank you for your wonderful service. Everything arrived as ordered in 11 days! Customer service answered my questions within 1 hour of my email. I will be ordering from you again! D.R. USA
Administrator's answer:
Thank you once again, D.R. USA we love to hear great comments. Our new contact email address is... Best regards, Claire.
I've been with this pharmacy for nearly 2 years now, and I can Honestly say this: If you place an order with, your guaranteed to receive your order, with very fast shipping times and incredibly friendly customer service. If your one of the small minority who has a problem with their order, then Claire (who I can say with all my heart is the most genuine, understanding and helpful customer service employees i've ever met, throughout the entire WWW!!) will have your problems solved in next to no time. To those of you who are worried about the quality, I've tried every benzodiazepine and a large amount of the pain meds, and they are all 100% legitimate, quality products, and by far, the best you can buy anywhere on the web. I mean, why else would I keep coming back after 2 years!!!!! To summarise, If you want a fairly priced, fast delivering online pharmacy, that sells 100% quality meds, with the friendliest customer service advisor, then this is the pharmacy to buy from. A.C. United Kingdom..
Administrator's answer:
Wow what can we say A.C. UK only thank you very much your fantastic comments, they are very much appreciated by all of us here at P4U and of course by myself Claire, your making me blush. Our new contact email address is... Love, Claire.
Hi Clair, I am still having technical problems placing an order. Error message: Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'urodziny' at row 1. You told me your tech support were looking into this problem and had fixed it. I still can't place an order. I have emailed you several times regarding this problem without reply. I fully understand that you are busy, however I would appreciate it if you could contact me to explain exactly what the problem is. Thanks. Regards, D.R. United Kingdom
Administrator's answer:
Hi D.R. UK sorry for this problem but now fixed. Our new contact email address is... Best regards, Claire.
I was hoping to see an e-mail stating my order was shipped, any updates?
Administrator's answer:
Hi ?? sorry we had a little problem with our confirmation emails, but this has now been fixed. Our new contact email address is... Best regards, Claire.
Hi, Just a quick note to say a very big thank you to Clair and all the staff. The tablets you offered in lieu of the overcharge by you merchant have arrived today. Top marks. 100% customer service. E.D. United Kingdom.
Administrator's answer:
Thanks E.D. UK this is the type of remarks we love to receive here at P2U , ... all the best Clair and the gang at P2u. Our new contact email address is... Best regards, Claire.
Ordered some DF118 Dihydrocodeine and Renax 0.5. DF118 arrived in amazing time, ordered evening arrived morning 2 days after. Still waiting on the renax though so if you have any update on its wherabouts it would be much appreciated but i feel confident that this site is the real deal and that obviously small delays can occur so thanks anyway and hope to receive them soon and carry on purchasing from you. JW United Kingdom
Administrator's answer:
Thank you for your patience and understanding, JW UK if you do not receive in next couple of days contact us and we will reship. Our new contact email address is... Best regards, Clair.
To I placed an order on the 18/1/2010 for 2 boxes of Renax (generic Xanax) 60 x 1mg pills its now been 15 days and i've not received anything! I placed this order many times with you in the past and the most its taken is 5 days from ordering to delivery! I know something has happened to my order somewhere along the way can you please email me back and let me know when my order will be shipped out to me please? as i've already paid for it over 2 weeks ago! My email address is:- I look forward to receving your reply with news on when my order will be shipped. Many Thanks To You All Simon Alexander, UK.
Administrator's answer:
Hi Simon, sorry for the inconvenience you have had. This comment has now been passed and sorted by our admin team. Our new contact email address is... Best regards, Clair.
Hi I just want to say that I appreciated the email expressing your concerns, I like that. I tried to use my master card and noticed at check-out you need a visa card. I had to make sure my visa could cover my bill. I'm glad to say my order has been placed today and I can't wait to receive my item. Once I receive my order I will post... Thanks P4U You are a true blessing for me.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you?? , we really appreciate your comments and continued support . Our new contact email address is... Best regards, Clair.
Hi! I would like any info on when Coproxamol/Distalgesic will be back in stock?? Good luck to you.Anna, Cyprus.
Administrator's answer:
Hi Anna, Cyprus. Thanks for writing to us but unfortunately we cannot supply in Cyprus. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Best regards, Clair. (admin)
I had an issue with my payment and Claire responded to my issue within 24 hours. Payment issue was also resolved with in 24 hours. Great website and service, thanks for everything Clair! B.H. United States
Administrator's answer:
Hi, B.H. United States, your comments are much appreciated, and comments such as this help other clients to decide when they are hesitant. Our new contact email address is... Best regards, Clair.
HI Claire - Heard so many good things about the service and product on this site. Unfortunately I am suffering from credit card denial on a perfectly valid card. From the previous posts i've read: you are either lucky or your are not with credit. If you are unluckly with the merchant system no amount of wrangling seems to fix the issue. Any advice Claire? I have am just too jazzed to use your service, so much good feedback. I hate my credit card right now!!! Help!
Administrator's answer:
Hi ?? sorry for this problem some clients dont have any trouble while others do... its baffling us too. We can order for you if you prefer... Our new contact email address is... Best regards, Clair.
Thank's again another order received in 5 day's Keep up the good work, Thank you, MPH, UK
Administrator's answer:
Thank you MPH, UK your comments are much appreciated. Regards, P4U
Today I placed my third order with prescribe4u, but I've been having a lot of trouble with your payment merchant. Hopefully you can help me sort it all out! The first 2 attempts to place this order failed; the reason given was "insufficent funds", despite the fact that I have more than enough money in my account to complete the transaction. My third attempt seemed to work, as I received a "transaction confirmation from ctopay" e-mail. However, I DID NOT get an order confirmation e-mail from prescribe4u, which I did with my first 2 orders. Also, instead of the status under my order history for this transaction (ID #28011026565) reading "payed", this time it just reads "APPROVED". Could you please let me know if this order has actually gone through? If not, what needs to be done in order to complete this transaction? I'm concerned because I have not received an order confirmation from you. Any help you can give me to clarify these issues would be greatly appreciated! That said, I must tell you that I have been very impressed with the results of my first 2 orders with prescribe4u! Thank you so much! E.A., USA
Administrator's answer:
Hi E.A., USA, Sorry youve had this problem, but its now sorted. Our new email address is
Hi, I was wondering if you would be able to stock Nitrazepam or Lorazepam? T.J. United Kingdom
Administrator's answer:
Hi T.J. United Kingdom, We will contact our UK Pharmacy and ask.. Best regards, P4U Team
Hello: I have tried several times today to place an order for Co-Codamol caplets with 2 different valid VISA credit cards, and both orders failed. I am not sure what the problem is, as just before I received an e-mail saying my order failed, I finished a call regarding this order with my credit card company to verify that this was a valid charge. I don't want to try to put in my order again if I'm just going to have it fail. I've sent you an e-mail about this as well. Could you please help me with this order? K.W. USA
Administrator's answer:
Hi K.W. USA your message has been passed on to our admin team, sorry for this problem. Our new email is.... Best regards, P4U
Everything has been timely and delivered in perfect condition. Meds have been of good quality. Will definetely buy from again. This was my second order thanks again---- J.F. Buffalo NY
Administrator's answer:
Hi J.F. Buffalo NY you are most welcome, and thank you for your positive remarks, this gives our new clients more confidence to order from us. Best regards, PFU Team.
Hi,I placed an order here over a month ago and i still haven`t gotten it. i know its not been stopped by customs since i haven`t heard from them.I sendt you an mail with the details a few days back.whats up? M.J Norway
Administrator's answer:
Hi M.J Norway, This comment has been forwarded to our sales dept. They will look into it and sort the problem out for you. Sorry youve had this little mishap but it will be sorted and you will either be sent a new replacement or your money will be refunded. they will contact you by your email address. Best regards, Clair.
Hi Clair, I contacted you on 29/12/09 to let you know I had been getting overcharged on my credit card as the amounts you quoted were not the amounts deducted from my account. You asked me to contact you and let you know how much and you would deduct these overcharges from my future orders. I have been unsucessfully trying to contact you with these figures as you have given me an incorrect email address! Please advise me of the correct address or perhaps you do not want my custom any longer? E.D. United Kingdom.
Administrator's answer:
Hi E.D. United Kingdom. i have sent you an email regarding this today, hope this clarifies this situation. Best regards, Clair
I just want to say thank you for delivering my order of dihydrocodien quickly and efficiently, this was my first purchase and I am very please with the service and will be ordering again in the future. Thank you.S.A. UK
Administrator's answer:
Hi ?? thank you for your response to our service, its very much appreciated.. Best regards, Clair
I wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful service! I know you are EXTREMELY busy - the products and prices and service you offer is the best, so why wouldn't you be?! If you get a chance, I was wondering if you know if you will be restocking the DHC 40mg Martindale in the future? Thanks again for everything you do! Special thanks to Clair! - Tiffany from N.E. USA
Administrator's answer:
Hi T.......any, we now have the DHC 40mg in stock, thank you for your patronage. best regards, Clair
My Remedium was said to have been shipped yesterday. Is there a way of tracking it? Regards, S.R./USA
Administrator's answer:
Hi, S.R./USA yes it was sent out to you with a tracking number but this number only tracks your parcel to our local airport. After it arrives in your country we cannot track anymore. Sorry but we are only a very small country, bit like one of your States really. You will receive but allow up to 10 days. Best Regards, Clair.
Dear GB, The Remedium that was shipped on Monday, is there a tracking number available? It seems that other people are getting tracking numbers, and I would like one as well if possible. Regards, S.R./USA
Administrator's answer:
This has been answered! Best regards, Clair.
I have been ordering from your company for about 3 years have always come through for me.......A Big Thank you for your great service!!!! I will continue to order from you for years to come............ Thank you so much...K.L. United States
Administrator's answer:
Thank you K/m for your kind remarks, we try our best, and hope to serve you for years to come. Kind regards, Clair.
Hi P4U, - I don't normally leave comments like these as I sometimes don't believe some of them (both good or bad), BUT I just wanted to help you re-assure anyone out there who maybe wondering whether to risk a purchase or not - that this site/company definitely does deliver and looks after it's clients. I have had many orders with you in the various incarnations of your site and had very few always minor problems that really - just need a little patience with usually. My last order was actually astonishing, - I ordered on weds lunchtime 30th dec and it was here the morning after!! Yes NEXT DAY on new year's eve!! OK I am in the UK so that helps I know, but all the same! Keep up the good work! Best regards, S.B. (UK)
Administrator's answer:
Thanks S.B. (UK) you've made our day with your very positive remarks, and your right about it helps being in the UK as its posted from our pharmacy there and they do a great job. Thanks once again for taking the time to write your comments. Clair.
Hello. I actually just have a question I hope you can answer for me. When ordering dihydrocodeine 120 mg, is the limit one box PER MONTH or one box PER ORDER?
Administrator's answer:
Hi, ?? For the time being the limit is one box per month. Best regards, Clair
I should've known your company was a scam all along. Thank goodness my payment didn't go through because I still have not heard anything back from anyone from your company. MO/USA
Administrator's answer:
Hi, MO/USA, Sorry you have had problems ordering, and the answer to your comments is that we are not out to scam anyone, just think a little about it, if we were trying to SCAM you wouldn't we have TAKEN YOUR MONEY FIRST,as we believe this is the way that most scamers work?? Our record speaks for itself. yes we have encountered a few problems with our merchant processor who are a bit over cautious sometimes with new clients. We noted that you tried 3 times to order but failed, we are very sorry about that as we dont like to lose clients for any reason. We can proccess your order ourselves if you like and when you receive you can then send us the payment. We hope this way will restore your trust in us. if you would like us to send your order please copy and paste this comment to.... addressed to Clair. Best regards.
Whoops, I forgot to sign my post there. TCJ, United Kingdom.
Administrator's answer:
Never mind TCJ, United Kingdom. but at least you tried... If you encounter any problem, please contact Clair on this is very confidential. Regards, Clair.
Just wanted to say a big thankyou to the team at P4U. I have been a customer throughout the various incarnations of the site for several years, and have never had anything but a first class service. It's a great feeling to have a pharmacy you have 100% confidence in, and a team who are so dedicated to the well-being of their clients. Thanks again, and all the best for the New Year.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you for your comments ?? Very much appreciated. best regards, Clair
Dear GB, Thank you for being so wonderful in seeing that my two boxes of Remedium went out as promised. When I receive, I will be placing a LARGE order of Xanax and pain medication. Prescribe4u is the best place to order much needed medications in my opinion, and I hope you stick around for a long long time! Sincerely, S.R./USA
Administrator's answer:
You are very welcome S.R./USA Thank you for responding. Best regards, GB
Dear GB, I can't thank you enough for your kindness and generosity in resolving this issue. You have restored my faith in Prescribe4u,and I will certainly be ordering in the future. I will let you know when the Remedium arrives. Have a great day! S.R./USA
Administrator's answer:
Hi S.R./USA, you are most welcome, and thank you for your positive remarks, this gives our new clients more confidence to order from us. Best regards, GB
Dear GB, Yes, you did say you would be sending the Remedium yesterday, but I have been told two different times from Jane and Clair that my orders had shipped, only to later discover they were canceled. I just wanted to double check that it truly was shipped this time. Is there a tracking number? Regards, S.R./USA
Administrator's answer:
Hi, S.R./USA yes it was definately shipped yesterday by express post, there is a tracking number but this only tracks shipment to our airport. But rest assured it was shipped yesterday. Regards GB
I am attempting to use a credit card I have used with the site and repeatedly the transaction fails. I am using a card I have used previously. I have also tried a new card. Each time I enter all of my information correctly into the CC processors page but am denied for some unknown reason. I have called my bank to make sure they are not stopping the transaction. This is frustrating.
Administrator's answer:
Sorry you have had trouble about your order, our present credit card processor is ultra cautious.Please try again, and if it fails again please contact me at and I will place the order for you. Best regards, Clair (Admin)
Dear GB, Can you please let me know if the Remedium has shipped, either on this blog or via email? In case you didn't get my address, here it is again: My email is sair??? deleted for security (Please don't publish my private information!!) Thanks so much,S.R./USA
Administrator's answer:
Hi S.R Please see answer on this blog about your shipping. Best regards, GB.
Dear GB, My mailing address is, SarMy email is sair??? deleted for security I can't thank you enough for your help. I will let you know when the Remedium arrives. Thanks again, and Happy New Year! Sincerely, S.R./USA
Administrator's answer:
Hi, S.R thank you for your kind remarks and have a great year. Best regards, GB.
Thank you for the excellent customer service, quality of products, reliability, dependability. - Ryan B. , East Coast USA.
Administrator's answer:
Than you,- Ryan B. , East Coast USA. we very much appreciate your comments and custom, remarks like this that takes away any doubts from any new clients about purchasing from us. Many thanks, the P4U team.
Dear GB, Thank you so very much for your help. Do you need my mailing address? If someone would be kind enough to let me know when it ships so I will have some idea as when to expect it, I would appreciate that. Again, I appreciate your help and look forward to doing more business with Prescribe4u. Thanks again. S.R./USA
Administrator's answer:
Hi S.R./USA yes please send your mailing address to this Blog. it will remain private to all others as we have the option of publishing or not, and your address will not be published. I will ship on Monday 12th Jan so please allow up to 14 days. HI, S.R/USA, I SENT YOUR PARCEL YESTERDAY, OUR SUPPLIER WERE OUT OF STOCK OF THIS MEDICATION BUT THEY MANAGED TO FIND A COUPLE OF BOXES FROM ANOTHER WHOLESALER TO COMPLETE YOUR REQUEST. PLEASE LET THE P2U TEAM KNOW WHEN YOU HAVE RECEIVED. THERE HAS BEEN NO CHARGE TO YOU AND YOU SHOULD RECEIVE PACKAGE WITHIN NEXT 14 DAYS AT THE LATEST AS THE PHARMACY HAS SENT IT EXPRESS SHIPPING. Best regards, GB.
Dear GB, I am the one who left the blog comment on 12/31 and you promised me 2 free boxes of Remedium plus free shipping. I have emailed Clair countless times, and she is refusing to honor your promise and is going so far as to tell me that they have never canceled my orders, even though my history tells otherwise. She said you are out of Renax and Remedium, even though other people have ordered the same products within the same time frame and received. I don't know why she is being this way with me. I am a loyal customer and have spent a great deal of money at Prescribe4u. I don't understand how you can promise me something on your public forum, yet your staff refuses to honor the promise. I am very frustrated and hurt. It's not like I was trying to get something for free. I paid for my order, but it was canceled. Then you tell me you'll send me 2 free boxes of Remedium + free shipping, but Clair acts like she doesn't know what I'm talking about. Why is this so complicated?? :( S.R./USA
Administrator's answer:
Hi S.R./USA, please leave it with me.... I have spoken to Clair, I will send out to you on Monday 11th, please give it time for your parcel to arrive then be kind enough to let us know when you have received. Best regards, GB.
Remedium are excellent, I really need these for occasional use and the doctor will not prescribe them! Just having them in the cupboard is so re-assuring and I often find half a tablet is enough. Thank you so much for your very valuable service.
Administrator's answer:
Dear ?? Thank you for your comments we are greatful for your remarks, and hope to serve you for a very long time. Best regards, Clair...... (admin)
Me again, Sorry for my spelling error, An online pharmacy you CAN trust, MPH, UK
Administrator's answer:
Thank you MPH, UK its nice to be appreciated. Best regards, Clair.
2nd Order Placed 12/22/09 Postmarked 12/23/09 Received 1/4/10 12 DAYS! And with Xmas and New Year's I'm sooo pleased! Thank you so much, Claire & all! M / USA p.s. 1st order received in December (11 days)
Administrator's answer:
Thank you for your comments M / USA very much appreciated. Best regards, Clair.
5/1/2010 ThankYou so much for my complimentary order.i recieved it today. i was an nursing sister,and specialized in pain a cruel twist of fate now myself suffer from a degenerative bone,and nerve illness. It is only because of you i can still enjoy a small part of the things i used to enjoy doing,and keep reasonably active,and interested in life as much as is possible from a meds are always delivered on time as promised,and i do get what i order. even over the holidays you took the care to make sure i was not without.THANKYOU so much prescribe 4 u.i am glad i have stayed with you through thick,and thin GOOD FORTUNE to you for 2010. janet
Administrator's answer:
Thank you Janet, sorry to hear about the pain you now suffer with and were so happy to be of assistance to you. just keep your fingers crossed that the way modern medical science is progressing that they might eventually find something better to alleviate your suffering. Anyway for the time being were glad to be of some assistance to you. Good luck for the future. Best regards, Clair.
2nd Order Placed 12/22/09 Postmarked 12/23/09 Received 1/4/10 12 DAYS! And with Xmas and New Year's I'm sooo pleased! Thank you so much, Claire & all! M / USA p.s. 1st order received in December (11 days)
Administrator's answer:
Thank you for your positive reply, M / USA, its nice to receive letters like this from our clients. Best regards, Clair.
WOW next day delivery finally an online pharmacy I cant trust, Thank you. MPH ,UK
Administrator's answer:
Thank you for your blog to us MPH ,UK but we hope you have made a spelling mistake and mean you can trust us.... just joking we know what you mean, Best regards, from Clair and the P2U team.
I just wanted to stop by and say hello, and thanks for the great products and service. I have not had this many restful, enjoyable days and nights in a long time. N.R. USA
Administrator's answer:
Thank you for your comments N.R. USA were glad to be of service. Kind regards.....Clair
Placed an order back in April. of 2009 and all went perfectly except I was missing a box of Remedium, which Clair assured me would be included with my next paid order. I was overjoyed to see you guys back after your long break, and I was excited to place my first order with your new website. I received an email saying my order was paid for and processed. This was on 12/23/09. Then on 12/28 I receive an email saying my order was canceled. I cannot receive an explanation from anyone about this. No one replies to my emails and inquiries, and I've been completely polite and understanding and grateful for their prior services. It's frustrating to be ignored. I hope other people have better experiences than I had. I have not received my shipment and cannot get a response or explanation of what happened to my order or why the Remedium I am owed still has not been shipped. Other people seem to be having a great experience, and I did nothing that should make them ignore me, so I don't know what the deal is.
Administrator's answer:
Hi ??, Were sorry you have had this experience with our company, its one of those things that happen occasionally. Please send us your details address and name etc and we will send you 2 free boxes of Remedium and free postage as compensation. We want to keep your custom for a long time. Please send a copy of your above complaint together with your name and address details. Please send to the attention of Clair at our email and please say that GB has authorized this transaction. Sorry once again. regards, GB.
What a great site, I'll keep everyone up dated with my order, MPH, UK.
Administrator's answer:
thank you MPH, UK. your comments are greatly appreciated. Regards, Clair.
I have sent repeated emails in addition to posting on this blog regarding an order that was canceled against my wishes that was supposed to include a product I was shorted several months ago. What does it take to get someone to acknowledge my inquiries? I have spent over $1000 USD at prescribe4u this past year, and I don't think I am asking too much to have this resolved. Please, please someone contact me! S.R. - US
Administrator's answer:
Sorry about this S.R. - US please send your above remarks for the attention of Clair at our email address..... and she will sort your complaint out for you. please bear with us as we cant afford to upset and lose clients like yourself. please inform Clair that GB has authorized you a 20% discount and free delivery on your next order as a little compensation for your problem. Best regards, GB/Clair
Dear Prescribe4u, I placed an order December 22 for Renax. I was also supposed to receive a box of Remedium that had not been included with an order back in the fall. I received an email from Jane Dec. 28 stating that the Renax was out of stock and my order had been canceled. I emailed back stating that I did not want the order to be canceled, and to please substitute another product for the Renax in addition to the Remedium I am still owed. I have yet to receive a response, and I've emailed at least three times. I am getting extremely frustrated. I've always had good service in the past and have been extremely patient about the box of Remedium that I have yet to receive after 4 months. It would be very easy to substitute the Renax for Zolaram or Pfizer Xanax...or even 2 boxes of Remedium. Will this ever be straightened out? No one will respond to my inquiries. S.R. USA
Administrator's answer:
Hi S.R. USA This problem has been addressed above, if you have any further problems (which of course you should not have) please inform us immediately. We would of course appreciate your comments whether good or bad at a later date when it has been sorted, as this gives us a better perspective on our clients treatment. Best regards, Clair.
Is there some reason I cannot checkout? I'd really like to place an order.. Hear good things and am trying to place a first order .. Thanks HN USA
Administrator's answer:
Hi HN USA sorry your having a problem with checking out, please try again and if the problem persists, please inform us at and we can place the order for you. Best regards, Clair.
Just wanted to say once again thanks. These guys..ermm..and gals, are amazing. Ordered over the holidays and one order took three weeks, the other, 9 days, which is amazing. Any problems or little hiccups I've encountered with Prescribe4u have been fixed immediately. I truly love this company, and if not for them, I would be in pain everyday, with no job or life. You guys have given me so much that words can't even say. I truly appreciate everything you have done for me, and you are my only sole provider now. By, the way, for that little mishap you so kindly fixed, I'll bump you up to that 10 out of 10! Hehehehehe.... Anyways, I want all the sales reps to know I truly appreciate everything you have done for me, and how much better your company has made life for me. You guys rock. If anyone's order's are running slow, just be patient, they will arrive, its just the time of year. The normal turn around to me is 6 days, which is as good as it gets. You guys rock!..Did I say that already???:D A.P, Canada
Administrator's answer:
Thanks once again A.P, Canada this is the type of remarks we love to receive here at P2U so we can show the boss and with a bit of luck he might give us a bonus, great to hear from you again... all the best Clair and the gang at P2u.
Hiya, I would like to wish all the staff a very happy new year and thank you for your excellent service which you have provided since you came back on-line. Just a little question - can you please tell me why, when I click the pay now button and you give a price in G.B. pounds and I confirm the payment, why does the amount on my credit card statement exceed the price you confirmed. Thanks for your help girls. E.D. United Kingdom
Administrator's answer:
Hi E.D. United Kingdom, this should not happen, we will pass this remark on to our programmers, to fix. Please let us know at our email address and address to Clair at how much we owe you and we will reimburse or send you your next order with the amount we owe you deducted. Best regards, Clair... thanks for letting us know about this problem.
You don't take MasterCard, and Visa is consistently denied. I know I'm not the only one with this problem. When, specifically, can we expect more payment options than the limited Visa option now. Credit is a great payment option, but not if it rejects all your cards without any more explanation than "denied."
Administrator's answer:
Hi, ?? sorry you are having a problem with our payment options.... some customers do and some don't but we hate to lose a client because they have a problem with our payment gateway. We are currentlyy working on a new gateway that should be ready at the end of February.. but in the meantime if you contact me at our email address.... i can sort out this little problem for you using a different method. Best regards, Clair.
You don't take MasterCard, and Visa is consistently denied. I know I'm not the only one with this problem. When, specifically, can we expect more payment options than the limited Visa option now. Credit is a great payment option, but not if it rejects all your cards without any more explanation than "denied."
Administrator's answer:
Hi, i have just addressed this problem above, and I hope i can solve it for you. Thanks for letting us know you and others are having some difficulty with payments, this makes us aware of problems and try to rectify them. Best regards, Clair.
Hi! Just looking for my first order that was place first week of December. Are there any delays to the USA? Thanks, ACE-USA
Administrator's answer:
Hi ACE - USA, yes their are some orders held up by the Christmas rush, just give it another 2-3 days then contact us again if you havn't received and we will sort it out for you. Many thanks, Clair (Admin )
My credit cards are being flagged as "high risk," despite having made successful orders in the past. Do you know what the problem is?
Administrator's answer:
Hi, yes the credit card people are being extra causious over the Christmas period because of so much volume,Please tryagain if you have further problems please contact us and we can sort it out from this end. Sorry youv'e had this inconvienience
Hi, Could you please confirm your contact email address? I have sent emails to the 2 different email addresses I know of about a missing part order but have had no reply in the past few weeks. up until that point I have had a really great service from you. Regards, R.C United Kingdom
Administrator's answer:
Hi, R.C United Kingdom sorry about the no reply, just sloppy service on our part. Please accept our sincere apologies! Our email address is..... Best regards and have a great Christmas, Clair.
My first order was processed in 1 day and arrived 11 days later! I'm VERY pleased with the great service! Glad to find you all; I'll definitely order again! M / USA
Administrator's answer:
Thank you M / USA....... Best regards and have a great Christmas, Clair.
Placed an order back in Feb. of 2009 and all went perfectly. Smooth transaction and good shipping time and great product. I was overjoyed to see you guys back after your long break, and I was excited to place my first order with your new website. I had a problem with payment, the same credit card I had used before in Feb would not be accepted, so I tried another. This card also failed. I did everything necessary according to instructions, but it still wouldn't work. So finally I recieved an email saying my order would be paid for and processed and shipped, and we came up with another form of payment. This was on 11/23/09. I have recieved nothing, and I cannot recieve a response from anyone about this. No one replies to my emails and inquiries, and I've been completely polite and understanding and grateful for their prior services. It's frustrating to be ignored. I hope other people have better experiences than I had. I have not recieved my shipment and cannot get a response or explanation of what happened to my order. Other people seem to be having a great experience, and I did nothing that should make them ignore me, so I don't know what the deal is. D, USA
Administrator's answer:
We are so sorry that you have had these problems D, USA. We have had a few problems with our payment gateway over the last couple of weeks, some of our customers have had no problems and some have, but it seems to be OK now. Please accept our sincere apologies and we will try to make amends with you. Please cut and paste this answer together with your full postal address and your item/s request, to.. We will then ship out your request immediately. when you have received your item/s please inform us, you can then send us payment, we will instruct you how to do this. PS.. we will ship you a free box (item) together with your order to help make amends. Sorry you have had this inconvenience and have a great Christmas. Best regards, Clair.
Hello, I tried to order today and when it came to the payment section i got the following error: The website is not available temporarily, please contact our cs support at for checking ! Please advise, Thanks. AD UK
Administrator's answer:
Hi AD UK, sorry youve had problems, everything seems to be OK now. please try again, if you still have problems please email us at... and we will rectify. Best regards, and have a happy Christmas, Clair.
Great place, decent customer service. I wish they would offer International priority shipping. My past provider used Airsure and I loved it, being able to track everything and always arrived in 6-8 days.My first order came in 6 days, and this one since its the weekend definitely wont show for another couple days, which so far brings the count to over two weeks. Its hard to order and stick within the guidelines when there is a limit per month, and some shipments take over two weeks. But all in all, I give them a 8.5 out of 10, it would be a 10 if they had priority airmail. Airsure!,Airsure!! Other than that, I highly endorse these folks and think they are great. C, you are awesome. Thanks P4U AP, Can
Administrator's answer:
Hi AP, Can, thank you for your comments, we will look into shipping by Airsure and to try and obtain 10 out of 10 with you. Thanks again, Best regards, Clair.
What are these pay back points and how are the used? dc ireland
Administrator's answer:
Hi dc ireland, its a new feature our programmers have come up with but to be honest it confused us as well so We have removed the points system as it was confusing some of our clients. Kind regards, Clair.
thanks team you always come thru l.w.u.k.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you l.w.u.k. for being a great customer, Best regards, Clair
Professional staff and courteous service with excellent products...nothing more needs to be said. Thanks...P.P.,USA
Administrator's answer:
Thank you P.P.,USA Best regards, Clair.
Why can't I place my order, there is something wrong with the payment process, thru all of nov 30th, please advise W.T. UK.
Administrator's answer:
Hi, W.T. UK. what problems are you having can you please explain. we have received a lot of orders over the last few days and no-one has had any problems with there order. if you like we can place the order for you. best regards, Clair.
You guy's are fantastic...I cannot thank you enough! In terms of quality, service,products and time from soup to nuts I give you guys 10 out of 10! Thank you so much and good luck in all your future endeavors! M.A.S. , USA
Administrator's answer:
Thank you M.A.S. your comments are much appreciated, and comments such as this help other clients to decide when they are hesitant. Best regards, prescribe4u team.
I have been trying to contactyou since last week re an order. I am wonering if any one else has had any problems or am I using the wrong e mail address.Maybe you have a phone no. i could use. DC Ireland
Administrator's answer:
Hi DC Ireland, our email address is Please contact us and we will doour best to help you. Best regards the prescribe4u team.
Hi i would just like to say what a wonderful site,honest,reliable,and always quick to answer emails or chats.Claire is wonderful trust worthy girl,i was owed an order from back in march this year when times were hard for site but i forgot bout this but there honesty sent what i was owed in september,amazing.How many would do that,,,,well id say not many,.This company are the most reliable ever and if i have a query or problem i can reassure you P4U sort it out.Well done P4U and keep ur great work up,,,i can honestly say i cant fault this company and the staff are brilliant,pleasant,and always get back to you when they say they will.Have been a customer 2yrs and will keep being customer for as long as its running,,.LC U.K
Administrator's answer:
Thank you for responding to us LC U.K its much appreciated, yes we did have some problems at the beginning of March for which we apologise but it was out of our control, but we have managed to either refund or send out all our clients orders and now we have finally cleared our backlog. thank you LC U.K for your patience and understanding. My very best regards, Clair.
I'd really just like to echo Y.K.'s comments about Prescribe4u. They are a really reliable company to deal with and you have peace of mind that they are providing genuine, branded products. The customer service is really excellent and they do ensure that any problems are effectively dealt with. Msny thanks to the team for all their help, you have a loyal customer in me! C.Z., U.K.
Administrator's answer:
Thank you C.Z., U.K. for your comments, its comments like this that gives others the confidence to place an order with us. Best regards, clair.
Other online pharmacies could learn a great deal from Prescribe4u. What really sets them apart from competitors (aside from their reasonable prices, reliable delivery and reputable brands) is their customer service. Despite the occasional hiccup, throughout their various incarnations the service has remained first rate. All of my enquiries have been answered in a timely fashion with helpful replies, and the one issue I did encounter was resolved and compensated for. I look forward to using this valuable service again. Y.K UK
Administrator's answer:
Thank you Y.K UK , we really appreciate your comments and continued support . Best Regards, Prescribe4u Team
Please advise when you are getting any more Roche Valium, Ativan or Pfizer Xanax, this would be much appreciated. Regards W.T. U.K.
Administrator's answer:
Hi W.U.K these items you have requested will be back in stock within the next 2 weeks, I willl email you as a reminder as soon as. Best regards, Clair.
Huge thanks overdue to the superb admin team, most reliable pharmacy service out there! Have tried other sites in the past only to be scammed out of lots of money! Pain is awful and your service and very quick delivery makes life bearable again! All my best wishes D.C UK
Administrator's answer:
Thank you for your support and appreciation D.C UK. We really try our best to give our clients the best service from an online pharmacy. We hope you will stay with us for years to come. our programmers are working on a facility to give our best clients an automatic discount on checkout, and of course you come into this catorgory. this feature will be ready within one week. Best regards, and thank you again for you comments. Clair. BY THE WAY TO ALL OUR CLIENTS! THIS ADMIN ANSWER FUNCTION HAS JUST BEEN ADDED BY OUR PROGRAMMERS. SO ALL BELOW FROM HERE WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY ADMIN COMMENTS FROM US, BUT WE REALLY APPRECIATE ALL YOUR COMMENTS WHETHER GOOD OR "erm" NOT SO GOOD. FROM HERE AND ABOVE WILL RECEIVE A REPLY FROM US. AS ALL OUR REGULAR CLIENTS KNOW, THIS IS A TRUE UNEDITED BLOG SO AS LONG AS YOU KEEP YOUR COMMENTS WITHOUT FOUL OR ABUSIVE LANGUAGE IT WILL APPEAR ON THIS PAGE. BEST REGARDS, THE Prs4you TEAM.
Hi there, I have ordered twice and so far all has arrived, No problems what so ever. All item's were in tact and quality items. Thanks for doing us a great favor. Warm Regards...R.C. In Canada
I have to say how much I appreciate your web site. I have been using this site for about a year now and it's a godsend. Thank you so much and keep up the good work, A.L. UK
Just wanted to post a belated 'thank you' to the admin team for arranging the re-shipping of my order via EMS Datapost. The original order has disappeared somewhere in the mess that is the UK postal service but the re-shipped order was sent out on 23rd October and arrived on 26th October which is greatly appreciated. The tracking facility on this type of delivery is very useful too. Many thanks prescribe4u, keep up the good work! C., U.K.
I have found the last few months delivery has been excellent. The only problem I have is that some products are deliversd by courier and you cant be sure of time or date of delivery. With the post office the track and trace works very well. Best of luck. dc ireland
After a much frustrating 3weeks, my order arrived an hour before i was due to go away thus giving me a less stressful holiday, posting a blog saying recieved in 24 hours.this realy sent me over the edge, but as usual xmas around the corner royal mail need sorting out, as there are many like us who depend on our orders arriving in good time.Lets hope it will be resummed and we can get back on track. thanks team for the reassurance L.W.U.K.
Well I don't know where your last blogger lives, but they certainly must be in an area immune from the postal strikes! Getting an order in 24 hours is pretty good going. By the way, it's over two weeks since my order was processed and I've still received nothing. Prescribe4u are kindly going to re-ship my order but God knows when it's going to arrive, given the current problems! How I curse the NHS's totally unfair decision to withdraw Distalgesic prescriptions. C, U.K.
Thank you v.much I placed my order & received it within the 24hrs specified!!
Thank god im not the only one waiting for my order, useless postmen. Been waiting 2 weeks now still nothing, postie walks past with a stupid smug grin on his face swear im gonna smack him soon, waitings killing me L.W. U.K.
Is anyone else in the UK being driven BANANAS by the current useless postal service? It's nearly two weeks since I placed an order and I am confident that it has been sent out, but it has got held up or lost somewhere in our postal system. I have suggested to prescribe4u that an alternative method of delivery be offered to customers given the current problems, e.g. courier service. I don't know about other customers but I would be willing to pay a bit extra for a courier service to ensure a timely delivery of my order. C, U.K.
Having dealt with other pharmaceutical vendors over the years, they have run the gamut from downright fraud to reputable professionals you would welcome in your own neighborhood. Prescribe4U is one of those great organizations that adds to my quality of life, and provides their services efficiently, economically, and professionally. I look forward to carrying our relationship forward for years to come. Thanks again for good work and quality products. WC, USA.
If yOu only knew how good that fealt that you appreciated me enough to send like that, after I had all that happened to me it really. REALLY IS THE BEST FEELING KNOWING THAT THERE ARE GOOD PEOPLE LIKE YOU!!!!!! I know what I can do. What in the world? WoW: It says two boxes for the original price O mYgd. IS THAT FOR REAL? I have enough in my account to pay for them now!!!!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll get people ordered.... if That's ok watch!!!!!!!!!!!!
HI, I have nothing but praise for the girls who have sent out my orders all within a week. The last order has taken just over 8 days and I believe it is because of the postal strike. Keep up the good work. E.D. UK.
Is anyone else in the UK experiencing delays in the delivery of their order due to the postal strikes? I have been assured by the admin girls that my order has been dispatched, but is taking much longer than usual to arrive, so I can only put the delays down to problems with the UK postal service. C, UK.
Hi I placed an order on the 9th September 2009 and received half my order byesterday the 15th which included a weekend in between. Thank you for your speedy delivery.
I've just ordered from you for the first time in six months and would just like to say thanks for an efficient and quick delivery of my order. I placed the order on 19th August and received it yesterday, August 24th. I am very impressed, it seems you have really speeded up your delivery times. Again, many thanks! C.Z., U.K.
Hi to everyone its nice to see this again like the person said dont ask for the pain meds codiene and above is a no no they are to dangerous and if you are asking for this type you should see you GP try to appreciate whats available L.
i have made loads of orders on this site & always received 100% of them, also there customer service was excellent! but would like any info on when kapake or if kapake will be back in stock??
I am very pleased. I ordered on 7/19 and received 1/2 my order on the 24th. I cannot afford prescriptions in the U S since I have no insurance. Thank you so much for helping me. CBE US
Hi dont want to be a spoiler, but asking for meds that are hard to get hold of or illegal, will spoil it for everyone. This is the best site in the U.K. for perscription meds.If you have got genuine problems go to the docs, the team works hard and when your meds are shipped you have a 100% of recieving them.Dont get all uptight if they have not arrived there are lots of factors involved think about it.I have ordered ten times and recieved ten times ok.L.W. U.K.
Thanks for fast delievary and i was compensated for a problem that occurred, all i can say is well done team much appriecated.Keep up the hard work, dont worry if all your emails are not answered, they do no if you have any problems so just perseveer and you wont be dissapointed.Very satisfied customer thanks team L.W. U.K.
I have used this company for over 2 years, they are the real deal, of course you are going to see some problems during their rough time, but they are getting it back together just fine, I hope you will be around for a long time!! Thank you for your great service!!! K.L. USA
I ordered twice when you were Prs4you .com first order was delivered in 3 days second order took 3 weeks but this was when you were having the problems. I'll admit i was a bit sceptical about ordering again but you have proved these worries to be totally unfounded. I placed my order on Thursday 25/6/2009 and as it was being shipped from overseas i didn't expect it to arrive for at least a week, to my suprise it was delivered first thing this morning Monday 29/6/2009 at 10am, 5 days after placing my order including a weekend!! To anyone like me who was having doubts don't the customer service, speed of delivery and product quality are excellent. Know i'm just waiting for you to get your pain meds back in stock!! Many Thanks Guys S.A. UK.
Fast delivery, but your e-mail isn't working. (Tech - you're running an IMAP server on your SMTP port)
I'm sorry to hear about the major changes that have happened to this website, I hope that normal service has now been resumed for everyone. I was a customer for roughly 18 months before the events earlier this year, and even though they were sometimes severely delayed, the products always arrived in the end. Luckily, I am able to get my Distalgesic on prescription from my GP after many conversations with him, so do not need to order online any more, but I wish the new setup and all customers well and hope you are able to continue to provide much needed medication for those that legitimately need it. C.Z. United Kingdom
Oh sorry you are irish ha ha deserve it even waste of time hope you are suffering how dare you tell people to not order what right have you got you winker and i mean that with a capital A ARSEHOLE
To the person who insists this is all crap, why did you order in the first place you are talking out of your backside .There are lots of satisfied customers your proberbly a yank and deserve all you get go and hassle some one else, as i would ignore you aswell ass.If you bothered to read the blog they are sorry for the problems they had in feb and march as i was one of the customers i persevered and was fully compensated so do us a favour and stop bitching.L.W.United Kingdom.
This is all crap. I am still owed £95 since the beginning of March and I have had no contact with your company despite my various e.mails. I don't suppose that this blog will appear either.
It's great to see you back. You have always helped a lot of people even after the old site went down Your products and service have always been top notch. Your medications have kept me out of severe pain every day and helped many in my same situation. Good Luck and it's great to see you will be helping many people out again. Thanks for everything, Oldman, US
Just to say you have restored my faith in you, i no you had problems at the start of the year but you have come through with flying colours.Last order took 3 days to arrive, no other med site can compete with the fast shipping times.My friends are well impressed ,dont believe all you read in the press and the forums, the proof is inthe pudding.thanks Prescribe4 U much appreciated L.W. U.K.
Do not buy from ths company. They owe me £95 since 3 March and are now not even answering my correspondence RM N Ireland
Why can I not get a response from you, Please email me back and let me know about my Orders, why are they being canceled ????? Kim...USA
Great to see back on line never had problems always have given me 1st class service never any complaints,hopefully they will have all there meds back online soon.I have been with company near 2yrs and thanks to company i can live a free and normal life,long may they expand and get more meds back on line,,excellent company,,,thanks for your service to me long may it continue,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,L.C,,,,UK.
Just wanted to say thanks for your honest, swift response & service. After a few problems, Medica2U sent me the medication as promised. Delivery was less than 1 week after I received an email. Ill definitely recommend you & will purchase from M2U again. M.D. United Kingdom
Like most people who have reveiwed this Pharmacy site. I spent many month's looking for a responsible on-line pharmacy, and eventually found Prs4you . I have had nothing but good service, and genuine meds. I have placed many orders, and i have always received waht i have asked for, and in good time. Thankfully the pain the site has gone through in the early part of the year has been and gone. I'm looking forward to a continued pain free life. Good Luck and many thanks. D.T United Kingdom.
Don't see my review that I posted last night. I am not surprised.
I amabsolutely disgusted. I placed an order on 3 March 09 and since then I have heard nothing. I have sent 4 e.mails trying to get my money back which they took on the sam day to no avail. I wonder how long this will sit in the blog R M
Is anyone else, like me, disquieted about the recent changes within this company? The webpage has appeared and disappeared constantly over the last six weeks or so, and it seems apparent that big upheavals have taken place. I think I will need a lot of reassurance before I'll consider making any further orders now. How do others feel? C.Z. United Kingdom
Despite their recent problems,i received both my orders.One took a little longer than expected but arrived after 3 weeks.All my emails were answered even when the pharmacy was off the net.The customer service is excellent and i will use again. CD WALES
CM, USA Note that these reports ended right around 3/01 when the whole website went down and phone calls & emails weren't responded to?
Excellent service, always delivers, sometime a little late but good quality goods. Good luck to you. A P UK
I have been ordering for about 6 months. In that time, my orders have been on time and complete. Whenever I have had a question, I have received a prompt and earnest response. I sincerely hope and pray that everyone recognizes that Prs4you are helping so many people around the world who desperately need this help. Thanks...US
After consistantly searching the internet and by chance coming across a lot of reviews for this company, I finally; although apprehensive, decided to order. I've been suffering from chronic pain from a few accidents, but the medications I receive here just don't work. The pain medication that I ordered from Jane was the best I've ever received. Not only, did it get rid of the pain, but it lasted the whole day without having to repeat a dose. On top of that I didn't get scammed, I received my order in due time, exactly as listed. I've only had the chance to order from Jane twice and as soon as I saw myself wanting to live life again, this happens. I'm in a lot of pain at the moment, however I am hopeful & confident that Prs4you 2 U will be up and running very soon. Pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase hurry & restock, I don't know how long I can live like this. S.O.S. K.D. Canada
I have been ordering from this Pharmacy for over 2 years, they are respectable and dependable, and they offer an excellent service. If you just stick to there rules and only order what they recommend then all should be fine. Good Luck to Prs4you , I hope you will be around for a long time, you have really made my quality of life better. Thank you very very much!!! :)
I REALLY HAVE BEEN WAITING LONG ENOUGH NOW,3 weeks and still no meds has some thing happened with the company,NO ANSWER ON THE PHONE,NO RETURN OF EMAILS.NOTHING.Have i needs these meds now this is a nightmare Someone do something. I THIS A SCAM???????????????
I am having a nightmare of a time with my first order with Prs4you having placed an order almost a month ago I still have not received it. That is bad enough but I was told it had been shipped out days after my order. I wrote and asked many times after that if I would need to sign for receipt on its arrival (as this would mean having to make arrangements to be at home when the postie called) and none of these requests for information were responded to which meant I had to stay home every single day waiting for the order's arrival. Eventually I got a response from customer services telling me that the order had NOW been sent out. Apparently it had not been sent out as I had been told in the first instance just after the time of order and I had waited in for days on end, totally unnecessarily. I emailed again and asked please for information about when it would likely arrive and if I needed to be home to sign for it. No response yet again to MANY emails. I kept writing and writing and all my emails were ignored. Eventually I wrote them and was very blunt in asking what was going on, were they intent on stealing my money etc. Why were they not responding to my emails, where was the order etc. I explained that I am a pensioner living on disability. £50 is therefore a LOT of money to me. There WAS a reply this time. No apology, no explanation. Simply a statement that they were now out of order with the product I ordered and had been told was on its way TWICE! They would substitute something else if I liked........ WHAT??????!!!! I have asked for my money back and will update on the response to this. Never again would I use this pharmacy, never again, it has been nothing short of acomplete nightmare from beginning to end. And it is not over yet.
Hi there, I placed my second order on the 27 Feb but have not recieved anything yet thats 16 days, the website was down and i have recieved no reply to emails and the phone just rings out, i noticed the website is back up and the product i ordered is no longer there im worried, but hope it was just out of stock and will come shortly will keep you posted RS uk
I am having a new problem after the restructing. When I try to order through the Paypal option it will not go through. I have even set up a Paypal account. As it took almost 3 weeks for my last order, I wanted to reorder as I am happy with the quality of the product, but this Paypal option will not allow me to order. Just wondered if anyone else is having these same issues. A.B. U.S.A.
I placed my order on 2-15-09, today is 3-13-09 and I still haven't received the order, or any response from the three emails I sent over the course of the last week checking status. The phone number listed for contact doesn't work. The charge for the transaction went through immediately. I have no problem waiting for my medication, it would be nice if someone would respond to customer inquiries. Looks like this site is another SCAM. I'll warn as many people as I can. A.W. United States
Hello - I have ordered several times from Prs4you 2 U and have always received the orders. Some quicker than others but still a reliable service! I've noticed that several of the pain meds that I previously ordered are not listed on the site anymore. I really hope that Prs4you 2 U is still carrying or plans to carry the DHC Codeine and Codeine Phosphate tablets again!! These meds help me tremendously with my chronic pain and the prices were great! I hope that I do not have to switch to the Generic Tylenol #3! I'm also having trouble getting a reply from my messages. L.H. USA
I'm sure I'm like many other customers who have been extremely concerned about this service recently. I had an order processed on 28th Feb and had my accounted debited the same day, but no order has arrived, and all e-mails have not got through to Prs4you . I'm seriously wondering what on earths going on, as the website disappeared completely for about a week. Does anyone else share my concerns? CZ United Kingdom
My last orders took 4-6 weeks to arrive with a minimal of e-mails to chase up. This is the key word, MINIMAL. Do not chase up on orders within the first week no matter if you think you live next door! P2U will prevail, I'm 7 out of 7 do far and happy with service overall. Of course it gets frustrating when you don't get a quick reply to your e-mail but I've always found they will respond within 72 hrs. Remember these people are just doing a job too and have to balance things we don't know about before shipping orders. The best things come to those who wait - to those who can't wait - don't come here! Keep it up P2U. I would advise waiting at least 7-10 working days before making a polite initial enquiry about your order (UK) and maybe 14 days for USA. C. (UK)
Has anyone every wondered why it seems all over the world so to speak, we the folks fighting the front lines are being told that pain is something we must live with, no more lorecets or hydro's, anything in this range....Is there a bleeding heart out there with tons of money paying dr.'s off to keep us hurting... PS I love you guys you have saved my life more then you'll ever know T USA
Have got 4/4 deliveries over the past 4 months, all excellent quality, and as somone who lives in the UK this site is a God-send, gives me peace of mind, and allows me to continue my life without the disabling anxiety condition that, in all my years within the NHS, they have refused to medicate properly. I even got some extra xanax to make up for the lateness of the last order. These guys are genuine and friendly, they aren't selling 100's of pills in one go like some careless online pharmacies, and the price of shipping is excellent. They had a lot of problems recently with suppliers and extra demand, which they were honest about with me, and was not their fault. I showed patience and understanding, received my products, and am once again very happy with the service. C.M. United Kingdom.
Excellent service from Jane and Claire! Would like to agree with posters who said about the changed status thing, it would save emailing and wondering what stage orders were at. All in all though cannot fault customer service from the team! CE, UK.
Firstly I would like to thank P2U for letting me get my life back on track after being unable to work for a while because of Distalgesic being taken off the market. The only negative thing I now find is that orders to the UK are now taking a lot longer to be delivered than ones to the USA. I placed an order on 18th February for Co-proxamol tablets and todate (2nd March 09) I am still waiting, but orders placed after mine on this site have been delivered. It used to take only up to one week to be delivered but now that time has tripled in the UK. KW. UK
Hi everybody i just wanted to say a few words,i have been with this company for over a year now,and i must say i have had excellent service in all.I have had one or two problems with deliveries and out of stock , but i think if you are a genuine customer you should allow for these sorts of problems and try to be a bit patient because they try to do their best.I've noticed there has been emailing backups ie. problems contacting and asking about meds , have they been shipped etc. if i may suggest to genuine customers please allow 5/7 days before you contact and don't be angry if they are out of stock , also you should follow their advice and only buy the recommended amounts so there will be enough to go around , i do not work for them i am a real customer , i just don't want to see anything go wrong with this company because they offer an excellent service , which alot of people would be lost without . Leon UK
Thanks Prs4you for my recent orders..last one was shipped very speedily, excellent quality product. It's such a relief to have Prs4you in the have given me back some quality of life with the intractable pain now controlled..thankyou so much. My only concerns are relating to the packaging firstly - it is not discreet - and I really hope you can sort this out and also perhaps update order status to "shipped", as someone else mentioned - I'm sure you would have much fewer emails that way! Apart from that, I will always order from Prs4you . Thanks!
Order placed on 11th feb but received today 28th feb after a couple of misunderstandings by email and items being out of stock but after clearing this up and sending alternative i received my order promptly and 1 extra blister pack for my troubles.thankyou phama2u. M.B. United Kingdom
I live in constant pain from degenerating joints. I suffer greatly. I was very hesitant to order pain medication overseas. This came as promised. I thank you greatly. P.B. USA- MO
hi, excellent site, amazing delivery. ordered 24/2 received 27/2. DHC just as described in sealed container, couldn't be happier will defiantly use again! UK
You guys are GREAT! Recieved my order today. It helps me tremendously as it is of excellent quality. Thank you so much P2U, I will be ordering again in the very near future! B.P. United States
Order received today. (Placed on 2/15/09) Fast shipping, excellent quality meds and packaging. Thanks so much! I'll be ordering again. SM USA
Once again Prs4you has come thru with flying colors. They were a little backed up, but my orders arrived in good time and great condition. Thanks again to the wonderful Prs4you staff. DK USA
Im pleased with my order. My only complaint would be slow delivery but I know youre onto it & I agree with below poster about the status being updated to "shipped". But all in all the service is good with friendly reliable staff. So buy with confidence. Thanks guys I will return. SL, uk.
You are providing a great service... I understand that you've been inundated with orders so one suggestion that I have is to update the status for each order in the Account area from "Paid" to, say, "Back ordered" and "Shipped" and have people check this for their order status. I would probably save you thousands of emails.
I want to offer my sincere thanks for the arrival of my medication! Its my first order so I was nervous at first, especially after the recent delay. But the fact is you guys honour the orders and that is what matters!! I shall trust you 100% when re-ordering. thank you so much.( S C, Bucks)
Dear Prs4you Just wanted to thank you for you services. I have a very painful procedure to perform upon myself and its such a relief to be able to get painkillers which make things much better. I will refer interested persons to your Pharmacy. Thank you very much. I am looking for some tuinol and sativex for my Manic Depression. Perhaps you will stock such meds in the future. L.I. United Kingdom
I'd like to give Claire in your admin department due praise. After enquiring about an order that had appeared to have gone missing, she advised me on 27th Jan that she would arrange the re-shipping of my order. It was delivered extremely promptly on 30th Jan, which is excellent. I would like to give the Prs4you staff all the credit where it's deserved, you have a very grateful customer! C.Z. United Kingdom
I must say that I haven't been too impressed with service recently. After two weeks of waiting for delivery of my order I was informed by a mass mail shot yesterday that no orders would be delivered until after Feb 1st. This was after being told by an e-mail on Jan 25th that I should have received my order by now, and that the team would look into why it hadn't arrived. I am now left without effective pain relief, and will have been without it for over a week altogether despite placing an order well before my last supply ran out. I am just commenting that the restructuring could have been made known to customers earlier rather than letting me (and probably others) expect the order to arrive on a daily basis. Just letting off steam, I will now patiently await my order! CZ United Kingdom
I must agree with the folks who give Jane high praise!!! I have had one issue with them however I believe it will be corrected as Jane seems to care and is "on top" of everything. This company rates a 10 out of 10 in my book!!!! JR US
Very courteous customer service. I would advise everyone who has ordered from them recently to be patient. Fabulous reviews on pharma review boards have flooded them with orders. Jane is the best and will answer any queries as soon as she can. I received my order today and was very impressed. Thank you! J, USA
Very courteous customer service. I would advise everyone who has ordered from them recently to be patient. Fabulous reviews on pharma review boards have flooded them with orders. Jane is the best and will answer any queries as soon as she can. I received my order today and was very impressed. Thank you! J, USA
Jane, Claire, and the entire team at Prs4you are simply put the best. There is no better site out there than Prs4you . Their customer service, products, and prices are tremendous. Should there be a problem of any sort mark my words they will make sure its fixed. Give them a try, you won't regret it!!! Thank you Jane!!! P.H., U.S.A.
Jane has come through once again. I reccomended this site to my elderly Mother and her order was received exactly when Jane promised. My past experience and my Mothers recent, excellent experience has compelled me to place another order this evening. I have no doubt that Jane and the other wonderful people at Prs4you will deliver as promised. From here on out this will be the only pharmacy that receives my business. Again, well done folks and Thank you kindly. DK USA
Excellent service! I was very dubious with the reliability aspect, but all my aprehensions where put to rest when I received my package! Excellent service! Thank You
I have experienced nothing but kind, knowledgeable, and expedient service since discovering Jane, Claire and the professionals at Prs4you .com. In an health care environment such as we know today, it is truly a blessing that Prs4you is there to help out those in need of professional pharmacy services. They are the best!! K.F. U.S.
Great customer service, fast delivery, good value for money and genuine branded meds. Will certainly be back. M.W. United Kingdom.
Order came, a bit longer this time, but still it arrived, thanks to all the team, at least i can cope with my chronic migraines, keep up the good work you folks we all need you to keep us supplied, thanks to jane for her emails and her hard work
I just placed my first order with Prs4you on 6th.Today is the8th of jan.I sent a message to inquire about when my orders would be will not believe the response time.I sent me question at 11:00 am and got a response in less than 15 minutes.Wow.I could not believe my eyes when the message poped up.I was reading the blogs on this site when the message poped up.I sent a thank you to jane,she is the one that replied to me,to thank her for her speedy response and told her she did not have to respond to my thank you as im sure she is very busy.Low and behold it was 2minutes later and she responded again.Unbelevable.she said my order was shipped 1 day after i placed my order and will recieve in the mail in about 10 days.I will update this when I recieve my meds.thanks again jane,I hope they are paying you well because you deserve every dime you work for.I hope they realize what a great asset you are to them. R.S.UNITED STATES
Jane, you and the Prs4you team have been consistently kind, discreet, and wonderful to work with over the past few months since I discovered Prs4you . This pharmacy is top-notch, and because of you I have been able to live pain-free. I can work a full day, and play with my sons without worrying about lower back pain. I agree with another blogger that sometimes responsible adults just need a bit of help in order to maintain happy and productive lives. A reliable company like Prs4you is a critical resource for us. Keep up the good work, and best wishes for a successful 2009! RW: USA
Well done! Shipment to USA within two weeks during the Christmas rush. Excellent products. Very happy with this service and will use again soon. I've even reccomended to my Mother. Keep up the good work!
Placed my first order w/ Prs4you on 12/16/08, a bit skeptical to say the least as many of us americans tend to be. Ten days later I have my meds and can say that Prs4you has just earned another customer for life. I suffer from chronic tension headaches and body pain which can be a struggle at times to say the least. The medications offered here are exactly what i need, reasonably priced, fast and discreet shipping, as well as unmatched customer service. A very rare combination. Special thanks to Jane who reassured me and answered all my questions very quickly. Will be ordering again. Thank you!!! P.H. / U.S.A.
I've now made three orders to date and each has arrived within 4-5 days of placing order. This is excellent service for an IOP and you can shop assured. C. UK
Excellent products and great customer service. One part of my order has not yet arrived but Jane (God bless her) has promised to make it right in the near future and I'm confident she will uphold her commitment Once this small glitch is resolved you can bet dollars to donuts I will do business with this fine company many more times in the future. Thanks for all your help Jane. I will be in touch. D. USA
Well This site save me literrally. I could not find a certain medicine anywhere that is such good quality and cheap compared to others Jane is the best be well
my last order took some time but jane gave me an extra box for my troubles. i ordered again and i was quite worried when after a week my goods hadnt arrived, but after the 8th day they came. very good service sorry for doubting you guys at all. thanks ac.
Vastly superior packaging to the usual Middle Eastern floppy cardboard paper was received from UK to USA in 15 days. Be aware that their prices are in UK pounds but it's the price in dollar equivalent you will be charged which can make things more expensive than the amount you may think you are going to be charged. Great deals anyway. Unlike any other site they list the brand and real picture of each product. A little research shows that they've been around since 2004. It turns out I need to take a sleep aid every night instead of the 20 a month limit that my insurance company and local pharmacy balk at the very idea of, even though my doctor and every book on sleep hygiene understands that a regular routine is best, and I will note that having rebound insomnia many days a month creates the opposite of the relaxed knowledge that maintaining a sleep cycle is completely under your power for those of us whose cycle slides forward an hour a night otherwise. Shame on the puritans who deny responsible people lifestyle-saving medications as if we were all pleasure seeking criminal types. Next they'll outlaw sex. Oh, they already did that, if it's paid for, unless of course you make a video of it and call it porn. But people who are needlessly made into outlaws are kind of dangerous to police, so they spend their days fighting people who simply desire MEDICINE that a tiny number of people may become addicted to in a bad way, compared to street drugs or fully legal vodka.
I received my order in the time promised ,medication is good quality and prices are low compare with with other pharms thank you p.s you have a customer for life
TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE? Seems that way, eh? If you're a newcomer to this website, you can be forgiven for being sceptical. There are many, many ultra-expensive online pharmacies, and a lot of them are unreliable and possibly even downright devious & dangerous. Prs4you .com are unique in my experience. Their service is every bit as good as people are saying - and then some. There is no longer any need to be at the mercy of either the cynically exploitative online pharmacies or a sometimes seemingly inflexible and unsympathetic NHS. There is Prs4you . C.W. - UK
Fantastic service and support. Suffered for years from agrophobia and ordered some Xanax which hopefully can get me back to being able to cope with the outside world. Thank you ever so much to the people you run this site. V.T. United Kingdom
I am a bit disappointed with recent delivery times, Destirol is now taking over a week to be delivered whereas it has previously only taken 2-3 days, is there any explanation for this? Also Distalgesic takes a very long time to get to me, even though I live in the UK. Can delivery times be speeded up in any way? Thanks C.Z. United Kingdom
Hi I've ordered Tramadol and Distalgesie and been very pleased with the quality of the medicine. I will definatley be a regular customer. When I was sent the wrong package, I spoke to a woman who was very kind about it and said to just keep what I had and they will re-send my order. I'm impressed with that level of customer care. Very many thanks Lucy UK
First ever order, won't be the last. Two days from order to delivery is the best of any online pharmacy, especially for us in the UK. Recommended A+ and order with confidence. Thank-you C. UK
Hi, placed second order and again 2 days amazing , can't believe how fast they are delivered,keep up the good work very relieved ....L.W.U.K.
hi,all big thanks to the girls there and the guys from phara2u,i have spent and lost alot of money with other on line pharmacists but finally recieved my meds from pharma 2u with no worries whats more delivery was only 3 days from placing my order to ,them arriving at door. the only negative is 1 pack of meds is not what i ordered although the name is VERY similar to what i wanted and cos of the great comms from jane i am sure it will be sorted a.s.a.p.thanks again L U.K
hi thanks for a super fast delievary 2 days for a first time order ive used other sites and waited up to 30 days very impressed can get my life back on track now thankyou reccomend to friends excellent L.W. U.K.
I have been using Prs4you for around 6 months now, and can honestly say they provide the greatest online pharmacy service second to none. The products, both generics and brand name, are of the highest quality. The customer service advisor Jane, is an incredible lady, and if you have any queries, she'll solve them often within a couple of hours. Plus orders posted to the UK usually arrive within two days, which is incredibly fast. To summarize, if you want an online pharmacy thats customer service, product range and delivery speed is second to none, then Prs4you .com is the place to go. A.C (United Kingdom)
Jane is awesome. I had one complication but she corrected it and straightened everything out that day. They are very reliable and can be trusted. I have chronic migraine's and the Co-Codamol helps tremendously!!! Thank You Jane
jane is a great help and Prs4you are a great service i only order co proxamol for the same reason it withdrawn from nhs market as i have had them 10 years thanx to Prs4you for making it possible for me to have access to this brillant pain killer again many thanx daniel - uk
Hi I have been using this website for over a year now for my husbands pain relief and they are fantastic. I have only had 1 problem and Jane resolved it within the day. I have to say that i would recommend them to anyone and they are reliable and safe. Mrs JH United Kingdom
Jane is one of a kind and emails back super fast. She got my meds here in 6 days & I'm 5000 miles away. They only sell safe meds & don't rip you off allot of people sell these same meds at four times the price they do. Or some of the other websites sell meds that are dangerous like say 15mg of codeine if you try to 30mg which you can take up to 8 a day see you are getting 500mg of paramactol so you would need to take 16 of some of the other sellers codeine to get the same amount & that could damage your liver from all that paramactol it's brand name is tylenol where I live. See like there benzodiazapines they limit you to how many you can get because they care about human life & want you to be safe. To the person asking for them to add Soma, that can be a very dangerous drug & I have a family member that is an M.D. & he says you wounldn't belive how many people have wrecks or go into a coma like state or convulsive like state Like Ghb & really have allot of people in the Emergency room. If you are going to take them I can't change your mind but atleast if you have never taken them please, please be warned. Also people please never mix Xanax with Methadone I here of someone dying every week mixing them even in small doses like 25 mgs of methadone & 1 to 4 mg of Xanax. So Pharma2 U is one of these online pharmas that really care about people & have the best of the best customer service I have ever seen in my life by far.
You guys really are the best. Anyone out there who has given up hope of finding quality medications at a very reasonable price which are also reliably & speedily delivered - despair no more. Prs4you is the real deal - it's the one you've been looking for. I never thought I'd find a service like it, and it's turned my life around. I bet that many people reading this will think that these reviews have been written by Prs4you . Not so - try them and you too will be recommending their excellent service! Many, many thanks to the team at Pharma2. CW United KIngdom
Hi my name is Leon, I live in South Wales, UK. Like a lot of other people, medicines keep my problems at bay. One day I was looking on the internet, looking for sites new or old I have been scammed a few times,and these sort of people leave me cold. Usually by now getting peed off, feeling fed up and feeling blue behold I come across a company, their name, www.Prs4you .com after checking out a few things what they sell branded and generic, normal check, a few things left me impressed, 1st, the amount they advertise to buy, and the generic meds, the manufacture I dont know if you have noticed this is normally taboo they are normally Indian or Iranian. (sorry lost the poetry a bit) why I said about the amount they sell , safety is the thing that springs to mind, they sell benzo tabs, 30 or 40, sleeping tabs 20, not pushing huge amounts so won't get this elsewhere, other stores are not this kind. I've been with them 6 mths, the goods I've had first class, valium/diazepam/sleeping tabs, branded , generic, top of the class end of poetry sorry. Let me just say, like you, I have looked at loads of pharma co's and their aim seems to be money first, quality 2nd no consideration for safety issues, ie.pharma 2u will only sell 2 boxes max per month, paracetemol products, and as I have said not pushing huge amounts shipping time is excellent you cannot get better. If new customer contact Jane Smith she is a lovely person believe me you won't regret it, you can trust this company . Leon - South Wales.
Thanks very much for a great service!. I have suffered with anxiety for many years and now to be able to get the drugs i need at great prices and super fast delivery is a great relief for me. Thanks once again to Prs4you .com and 10/10 for service!!..All the best N.D. United Kingdom
I would like to see Tramadol, Soma and Buscopan in you collection. Buscopan is perfect if you have eaten something bad and have stomach spasms, and you do not have call in sick then. Soma takes away you restless legs, which many elderly persons suffer from, and so do I sometimes during the winter. It keeps you awake the hole night and puts down your performance at work. And I have nothing against generics as long they are shipped from the UK. I think all meds, especially to the Nordic countries have to go through the UK. You can email Prs4you and request this with your order, to ship from UK specifically..... AP Sweden
I agree with the others, excellent service, and very fast! You can trust Royal Mail in the UK and also the very nice and professional lady, Jane. When i have to order some extra pain meds, due to a bullet in my left shoulder during my time as a UN-soldier in Lebanon 1986, I have it in my mail box in 5 days. My useless GP gives me paracetamol and Voltaren, he says it is inflammation! So I am lucky to have this on line pharmacy! Thank you UK-folks and my best regards. Ex, paratrooper from Finland, who lives in Sweden, unfortunately!
2008-07-06 I have been trying to get co-codamol 30mg tabs in a soluble form without any success. However now my hope has been restored after I tried Prs4you website after trying numerous online pharmacies without success. I looked on Prs4you website which stocked co-codamol but not in souble form so I sent them an e-mail and to my great relief I recieved an e-mail back (Jane) to say it would be on the website in 2-3 days. I am so happy as these are the only tabs that work for my chronic pain. I am going to try the website again tomorrow as it will be 4 days and I hope they are available. I will get back to you all if I get the product. Many Thanks LS UK
Six months of my life lost as my G.P. has taken the NO CoProxomol decision, months of trying substitutes leaving me ill and desperate. Found Prs4you on ME web blog and the service & help (Jane) second to none. My life is back on track and i can work again and look after my 90yr old Mum properly. God bless you and my thanks naturally. AB United Kingdom
Just like to thank-you very much, for your quality service. I have been on Distalgesic for years, for my Ankylosing Spondilitis. It was a complete shock, for it to be withdrawn off the UK market. I have tried Co-Dydramol etc and they have all wrecked my stomach. Co-Proxamol/Distalgesic is the only one that seems to help, with the pain. I did have my doubts about ordering drugs online, after hearing horror stories. These doubts have now been put to rest with your company. My tablets arrived in first class packaging and in perfect condition. E.F United Kingdom
7/5/2008 I live in South Wales in the u/k and like a lot of people I to have tried countless other online pharmacies, they either want you to join a club paying money up front , or they end up being some third world company manufacturing,bad copies in the case of valium/diazepam colourless ie white irrespective of strength at last I have found a company which stocks what i want and also give you a choice of quality branded goods ie roche pfizer etc and also generic which i must say are also very good, eg diazepam5mg coulered yellow right for the dose. i have ordered twice now i received the first order in 6 days and i was blown away by the second order i received it in under 48hrs discretly packed excellent at last i have found a reliable company it puts my mind at ease. one more thing i would recommend this company highly so stop looking elsewere this is the place ljw u/k
You guys are a ROCKSTARS as INTERNET TRADESMAN, I received my new order yesterday from the uk, just as you said it would only be 2 days, so thanks a million and i really appreciate it lot, that is so kind of you, as i have really been needing my meds desperately suffering from severe anxiety and the Valium using it short term has changed my life enabling me to cope. Thanks again and will place order later and recommend Prs4you to my friends, ok so you guys are NOT ROCKSTARS, but you are a SUPERSTARS, TO ME ANYWAY, thank you! C.F. Scotland
Hi Just a quick note to say thank you and how much I appreciate your efforts. I am more than happy with the service, especially your emailing long after normal folk have gone home. You really are saving my ability to work. You guys will get a medal from me, as I know and trust Coproxamol/Distalgesic. It has kept me off disability for all this time and the outlook was stark and bleak up until I found Prs4you .com. One of the webline forums put me in touch with you. They recommend your company very highly as they have had first class service. So I am very happy. I cant wait to get back to work and back to normal. My very best regards and thanks. RS - United Kingdom
I moved to the UK for work. I suffer from adult ADDHD and mixed with chronic pain that I have to live with for the rest of my life- well, let's just say it isn't easy. The UK doesn't have support for people on Xanax or other meds. I have finally, after tons of money spent and lost, being scammed and ripped off, finally found a source that REALLY works. They have brand named and generic products, awesome prices and treat their customers with such respect and consistency. I get my meds in 2-5 business days garanteed. I have been with them now almost 3 years, and thanks to Prs4you .com I now live a normal healthy life and am in a healthy relationship - and my job has improved as well. Check them out, you won't be disappointed - I suffer no more. And although being on medication is a commitment (because of natural dependency), at least I can depend on their service to make sure I'm always taken care of. L.R. United Kingdom
Please help me get my life back!!! I moved to the UK for work. I suffer from adult ADDHD and mixed with chronic pain that I have to live with for the rest of my life- well, let's just say it isn't easy. The UK doesn't have support for people on Xanax or zopiclone. I have finally, after tons of money spent and lost, being scammed and ripped off, finally found a source that REALLY works. They have brand named and generic products, awesome prices and treat their customers with such respect and consistency. I get my meds in 2-5 business days garanteed. I have been with them now almost 3 years, and thanks to Prs4you .com I now live a normal healthy life and am in a healthy relationship - and my job has improved as well. Check them out, you won't be disappointed- I suffer no more. And although being on medication is a commitment (because of natural dependency), at least I can depend on their service to make sure I'm always taken care of. Good luck to you. L.B. United Kingdom
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